Season 7 Episode 20

Battle At Sea: The Power Unleashed!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Another end to a mediocre filler arc.

    The fights themselves were sort of entertaining in a way; Kyubi Naruto was great to see. Wish he would have stayed longer than just like 30 seconds, because his little session of beating up on Amachi was the best use of productions I've seen since Naruto's fight with Sasuke, sad considering that happened 40 episodes ago. The little senseless quarrels Boss Gama had with Naruto were a bit annoying though, you wish some of these characters would actually take a fight seriously. This alone would have just made the episode average, but then it drags on for another ten minutes. Anko's flashback dragged itself for too long, and Isaribi's change of heart is the typical Hollywood transformation of a confused villain turned good. Hopefully the next episode is a Naruto slice of life instead of these sad attempts of an action arc.
  • Isaribi comes to her senses. Of course. *eye roll*

    Don't get me wrong, I love Naruto, and 95% of everything that goes on in the show. The 5% I DO NOT approve of mostly has something to do with Kishimoto waiting until now to tell us Itachi wasn't really evil and that SasuSaku will probably never be. Oh shut up about Itachi, you were bound to hear it sooner or later. Anyway, after making one of his world infamous speeches, Naruto passes out and almost drowns AGAIN. And Isaribi comes to her senses, of course, they always do, and has to save Naruto. Of course she can't, because she's just a fishy girl and fishy girls can't do anything. So Anko shows up and saves the day. And Shino kills Yoroi, who is super ugly, even more so when he's compared with the GORGEOUS Misumi, who Ino had to kill. :( And then they all climb into a boat, Isaribi included. They also took Amachi prisoner for haveing contact with Lord Orochimaru, who Anko is still on the hunt for. Naruto says that Lady Tsunade will have Isaribi fixed up in no time. And after some comments made on the boat, I can see why some people support NaruIno. I'm still partial to NaruHina, and I used to like ShikaIno before I decided I liked ShikaTema and ChoIno better. Although ShinoIno is fine with me too. Maybe even KibaIno?
  • This episode totally ruled and rocked and it was also funny.

    What I liked about this episode was that when Naruto summoned his 9 tailed fox and broke and started to attack Amachi and it was cool how Isaribi realized that they are both alike and she saved him when he was drowing after doing the nine tailed fox. When Naruto summoned Gamabunta he had a rash and was around like crazy and he splashed Ino. It was cool how Naruto figured out how too lit the paper bomb kunai on fire and Gamabunta spit oil from his mouth and defeated the sea monster creature. We find out more about Anko's past with Orochimaru. And another funny part was when Naruto wanted to punch Amachi but Anko stopped him and punched him herself and Naruto started complaining about it.
  • Naruto summons Gamabunta to battle the Sea Demon

    Naruto has just unleashed the power of the Nine Tailed Fox. He charges at the monster, Amachi and dodges all his attacks. Naruto punches Amichi into the air and Amichi falls into the water. Naruto is now exhausted and falls into the water. Isaribi jumps in and brings him to dry land. Amichi tries to get away, but Anko catches him. Yoroi is about to jimp on Shino when Ino uses her Mind Destruction jutsu and causes him to miss. Yoroi gets angry and charges at Ino, but just before he can get to her, Shino's bugs get him. Then all of a sudden...
  • Sweet Ending!

    So we find out who is a monster and thanks to Naruto, what a monster is. I wonder what Tsunade could do to help that girl...probably not much.
    I'd have to say that the best thing about this arc is Anko's flashbacks. As she was regaining her memory this entire time, she found out the truth about her past. Her flashbacks were the most enjoyable part of it all. The last one with Anko finding out that she could have gone with Orochimaru but chose not to was the most awesomest one. So now we know that Anko wasn't abandoned but actually chose her own path. She chose the right path and Orochimaru targeted others who lived for revenge and chose hatred over goodness. Sasuke should've been like Anko. Go Anko!
  • this was a good ending

    lol 3 monsters in 1 episode... finally it's about time naruto used the kyuubi and summoned gamabunta ive been waiting like 20 episodes but anyways this was a good episode and anko got 2 find out a memory =] yay she wasn't abandoned after all!!!!!!!!!! i liked naruto's punishment 4 getting gamabunta into the salt water lol well this is my first reveiw if ur wondering y it sucked so... i'll just talk about how naruto's missions r basically all the same... ok here's how: almost every single one has a person that the group either has 2 protect or meets and naruto always teaches them a lesson on how 2 live a better life lol bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]
  • Good ending.

    This episode was a nice conclusion. The battle between Naruto and Amachi/Sea Boss was solid. Too bad Naruto lost Kyuubi the instant he slammed Amachi into the water. I expected the punishment to be much worse than that, but whatever. It was nice to see how Anko got to punch Amachi and Naruto didn't get to. And Ino controlling Shino's body to defend him was a smooth move although she is weak in close combat. Anko finding her past was bittersweet. It cleared up a lot on her part. It's good that she chose not to be all evil, and it would've been creepy if Anko was Orochimaru's body or something. So it was a great ending to a good filler saga.
  • Good episode

    Finally Gamabunta has returned. That bit with throwing NAruto in the air was funny. And Anko remembers her time with Orochimaru. Orochimaru loves torturing lives. I wanted to see Shino smile at the end but it was his dumb jacket. Naruto is one dumb ninja. He can learn a 3 three year technique but not one fire jutsu. Looks like he has more training to do.
  • A good conclusion this sagas.

    This saga was one of best filler episodes. This episode really explained a lot about Anko's past, and there was a lot of action in it. Naruto defeated Amachi with relative ease in his demon form. Then, he and Gamabunta were able to defeat Anachi's monster. I thought it was funny when Gamabunta threw Naruto in the air as his punishment for summoning him on salt water.

    After the battle, we learn more about Anko's connection to Orichimaru. We found out that Anko choose to leave him, and he didn't throw her out. I have actually gained some respect for Anko after this arc.

    I am glad that Naruto was able to save Isaribi from becoming a monster. Hopefully, Tsunade will be able to change Isaribi back to normal. I also hope she will appear in future episodes.
  • Much better than other fillers....

    I think this episode was much better than the other filler episodes. It wasn't a decent episode at all. At last we saw Oyabun and his moves. Dialogues between Oyabun and Naruto were funny and I remembered good old naruto episodes. If anime writers could keep good filler episodes like this from the start we didn't have to grumble so much!!!
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