Season 7 Episode 20

Battle At Sea: The Power Unleashed!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Isaribi comes to her senses. Of course. *eye roll*

    Don't get me wrong, I love Naruto, and 95% of everything that goes on in the show. The 5% I DO NOT approve of mostly has something to do with Kishimoto waiting until now to tell us Itachi wasn't really evil and that SasuSaku will probably never be. Oh shut up about Itachi, you were bound to hear it sooner or later. Anyway, after making one of his world infamous speeches, Naruto passes out and almost drowns AGAIN. And Isaribi comes to her senses, of course, they always do, and has to save Naruto. Of course she can't, because she's just a fishy girl and fishy girls can't do anything. So Anko shows up and saves the day. And Shino kills Yoroi, who is super ugly, even more so when he's compared with the GORGEOUS Misumi, who Ino had to kill. :( And then they all climb into a boat, Isaribi included. They also took Amachi prisoner for haveing contact with Lord Orochimaru, who Anko is still on the hunt for. Naruto says that Lady Tsunade will have Isaribi fixed up in no time. And after some comments made on the boat, I can see why some people support NaruIno. I'm still partial to NaruHina, and I used to like ShikaIno before I decided I liked ShikaTema and ChoIno better. Although ShinoIno is fine with me too. Maybe even KibaIno?
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