Season 1 Episode 33

Battle Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 13, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Team 10 comes to the rescue.

    Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji jump in to defend Sakura from the Sound Ninja. Ino tells Sakura to take care of her teammates. Zaku calls Choji fat and really sets Choji off. Choji becomes a human boulder and charges at Zaku. Dosu tries to come to Zaku's aid when Shikamaru traps him with his shadow possession jutsu. Then Ino does a mind transfer on Kin immobilizing her as well. Ino threatens to kill Kin, but Zaku and Dosu just laugh. Zaku attacks Ino as Kin and knocks her against the tree along with Choji. Also Shikamaru's jutsu runs out as well. Neji and Tenten show up but Neji sees that they need not interfere. It seems Sasuke is awake and has a strange chakra flowing araound him....
  • Team 10 comes in on the action.

    Sakura on the verge of dying, Sasuke and Nauto knocked out, and Lee wounded, what will happen? Yes, team 10 will come in! (random much?)Then Neji and TenTen come. (it's a full house!) Sasuke wakes up and then goes and breaks Zaku's arm because he has enough power to because of Orochimaru's seal. Sasuke, consumed in power, continues breaking Zaku's arms. When that's over with, then Sakura goes and hugs him and he stops. Why does Sasuke stop? I do not know that myself. Naruto decides to wake up (after all the xciting stuff happens) and asks what happening. The episode was good, actually. Alot of peple where there (9) and it had it's comic relief at the end. I liked it.
  • Team 10 put it together.

    I liked this episode. I got to see team 10 fight the Sound Genin, Sasuke fight with the cursed seal and what happened after the battle. Sasuke is unbeatable with the cursed seal. He didn't seem the same but he did have more power. My favorite part of this episode was seeing Sasuke fight with the cursed seal. The episode in general was awesome. The fighting style was great and The Sound Genin were defeated. They at first looked very powerful but when Sasuke awakened, the tables turned. Now in this episode Naruto also wakes up which is also good because his team will need him.
  • this was a great episoide it had everything

    this episoide was just awsome. i liked it so much. in fact it is one of my favorite naruto episoides. it was so intense. i couldn't keep my eyes off the tv screen. i was so happy when ino and her team decided to help struggling sakura. ino's former friend. it showed that ino still cared for her best friend. i knew from the former episoide that she could not stand watching sakura being beat up by the sound village ninja. all in all this episoide was great. i loved the flash backs it had. it was a joy to watch.
  • I loved seeing Team 10's special talents.

    Chouji's so sensitive about his weight. But hey, whatever motivates him. XP He has some interesting jutsu. Who knew he could actually fight? XD It was a little strange to have that happy-ish music in a serious fight. :P But whatever. Shikamaru? He's just plain awesome. 8) Ino's jutsu is sorta cool, but it has so many factors that have to be just right. Seems like it'd be hard to pull off sometimes. Woohoo!! Neji to the rescue. He's cool too. (For now. Then he's mean to Hinata and Naruto, then he's humbled and he's cool again. :P) Now crazy Sasuke comes into the scene. It's good that he's finally awake, but that evil look he has isn't good. (Duh because he eventually crosses over to Orochimaru's side.) Overall it was a good episode.
  • This one is my all time favorite. So far.

    OK, this episode was so freakin' awesome!!!!! And I do say that about every Naruto ep. Anywayz, my fav parts were at the end. Ino's helping Lee get up, and Tenten walks over to her and says she can take it from there. Then Tenten starts shaking Lee violently and telling him to snap out of it. And then Naruto is still knocked out, and he mumbling something about how Sakura's in trouble, and that he'll save her, and then Shikamaru says "Maybe we should kick him." Choji says, "Can I kick him first?" This is my favorite, so far.
  • I thought this episode was sad. But an exciting episode. Poor Sasuke! (Possible Spoilers)

    In this episode Ino's team helps Sasuke's team after seeing Sakura. They fight Dosu, Kin, and Zaku but they are surprised to see how evil they really are. Then Neji and TenTen show up to help but decide not to. This episode was painful for me to watch. Seeing Sakura so hurt and then seeing Sasuke being possesed. It just wasn't the Sasuke that I knew. He wanted revenge so badly that he was willing to be consumed by evil. It was cool that Sasuke was trying to help Sakura but I didn't like seeing Sasuke with the curse mark. When Sakura was crying it made me cry and that whole scene with Sasuke being like that made me cry too!
  • Team 10 to the rescue!!

    Sasuke is still unconscious, and he's floating around in a gold background. He hears a child crying and wonders who it is. But then the child comes closer and it's really Sasuke!! Sasuke relives the night his family was murdered and the younger Sasuke accuses him of letting them die and not being strong enough to protect them. Meanwhile, the dark aura around Sasuke's body only grows stronger.

    Team 10 starts to take on the Sound Team, though Choji's scared out of his mind. Dosu observes that more Leaf 'insects' have shown up. Choji screams at Shikamaru and Ino to get him out of there and Zaku concurs, calling Choji fat. This ends up being quite the touchy subject with Choji who explodes with fury. He declares a war between Leaf and Sound and Shikamaru and Ino are inwardly relieved he's fired up. Zaku's annoyed by them and Sakura's worried for Sasuke, but Ino tells her to watch out for Sasuke and Naruto.
  • It seems there more and more suspense each episode.

    It seems there is more and more suspense each action-packed and sad episode. Continued from the last episode, Sakura kicks some ass where as Lee couldn't and she falls next. Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji try and fight there best as Sakura falls. After they all fall, they form a handy combo: Ino-Shika-Chou!
  • This episode almost made me wet my pants.

    It was scary when Sasuke broke Zaku's arms.I thought he was going to ripp his arms off.This episode really really scared me.I never knew Sasuke could be so violent.I wished Sasuke killed Zaku.I hate Zaku.On episode 73, he and Kin will die.On episode 53, Gaara kills Dosu.Man, Kin is such a hottie and she's my age.I hate you Orochimaru!
  • Lovin' the suspense.

    The lowly Ino-Shikamaru-Chouji team finally reveal themselves on the battlefield, and intiate their assault. Chouji performs his special taijetsu style that allows him to turn into a gigantic meat ball, crushing and flattening opponents. Zaku tries stopping him, but the rotation of Chouji's style renders his power useless. Dosu was halted by Shikamaru's shadow ability to forcifully mimic the opponent into doing what he does. Ino uses her ability to control other people's minds. The plan failed however, and it seemed like the doom of everyone was about to near. Though to save the day, Neji and Ten Ten arrive. Before making his turn, Sasuke stood up, and attacked Zaku. He broke his arm off, and was going to do more damage, but Sakura stopped him with her tears.

    It seemed like the lowly Ino-Shika-Cho team was going to actually pull through for once this time with their rather impressive teamwork unique abilities. Once they were down, that feeling of hopelessness was ressurected, but was downed when Neji arrived. You knew from that point on that there's no way the sound ninjas could possibly win, though it was Sasuke who delivered the final blow in the battle. The direction of the episode was unpredictably, and there was some great character development on Sasuke's part, who seems to be being geared towards that bad guy but good guy type of character, like Vegeta and Piccolo of Dragonball Z. Though the difference in them is that they were bad guys at first, then turned good. Sasuke's the opposite, so it'll be great how this new approach will be handled.
  • Ino's team comes to Sakura's help since Lee,Sasuke, and naruto are down. Ino's team fails, and are almost beat when Sasuke wakes up.He looks evil. He asks Sakura who hurt her and when he finds out who did it beats the heck out of him.

    I think this is a great episode. Sakura's rival/friend comes to help her out after she shows how brave she was. And it was cool how even after he turns sort of evil that Sasuke shows he really cares about Sakura and beats up the ninja who hurt her. I think this is a real sweet and friendly episode. With cool action scenes.
  • sasuke uses his new powers for the first time.

    my comment on this episode:

    hmm-mmm, very interesting. sasuke were struggle in his dream when he saw himself when he was young.

    in next second, he has finally awake and turns into very evil and nearly killed sounds ninjas! sakura were begs for him not to do it.

    First of all, sasuke is now finally back to normal and sounds ninjas decides to leave and maybe will see him again in the next battle.

    I knew that they were so afarid of him, because he has this new powers that he can use against everyone!

    not bad at all.

    I really like this episode so far.

    I hope sasuke not going using his new powers again in the near future..very fiercer and very darkly and dangerous that I'm seek of him!


    this episode deserves to be 9.7. That is all.
  • Starts out in Sasuke's dream and how it was his fault that his clan died. Later, Sasuke wakes up covered in the seal's markings. Learning who hurt Sakura, he goes on a mad frenzy! Yay!

    Mwuhahaha! Sasuke turns evil and starts to be violent! Hooray! Yes, I am evil and I like evilness, so I love this episode. Sasuke asks, "Sakura, who the hell hurt you?!" which is so awesome because it shows that even if he is consumed in evil he still cares for Sakura. I know I sound horrible when I say that I laughed when he dislocated the sound ninja's arms, but it was so cool! Sasuke kicked but in this episode. I'm glad that the Naruto series doesn't follow the "killing is wrong" theme. Yay violence!