Season 1 Episode 12

Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 19, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto has a dangerous encounter with Haku in the forest, but is Haku there to cause trouble? Naruto and Sasuke better complete their training, as Zabuza is alive and has returned for round 2. Will Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura be able to defeat the Demon of the Mist? And, can Naruto arrive in time to help out?moreless

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  • it is a reveal episode to me.

    A girl is gathering herbs in the forest. She recognizes Naruto lying asleep in the forest as the kid that screamed at her for killing Zabuza in the forest (Haku) and reaches over to grab his neck. She reframes and gently wakes him. They talk for awhile, and she learns that Naruto is indeed a ninja. He trains because he must become stronger to become the best ninja in his village.

    The woman has a flashback to herself as a kid. She tries to get food, but a dog fights her for it. She then kicks the dog to find two angry pups angry at her as well. Zabuza apparently took pity on her and befriended her. She tells him that when a person has something to protect, that is when he becomes truly strong. As she walks away, she tells him that she is a boy.

    Naruto doesn't show up for breakfast the next morning, so Sasuke goes after him. Sakura and Kakashi also head out to the forest. Naruto throws a spear at them to show them how high he can climb but nearly falls off until Sasuke comes to his rescue. Kakashi is quite pleased by both of their progress

    Tazuna asks Kakashi why they stuck around when he had lied to them about his project. Kakashi answers that to abandon one's duty is not courageous, and below courageous, there is nothing. Those are the First Hokage's words. Inari has a flashback to his dad and his words not to cry. He breaks down and asks why they would try so hard against Gato. It's pointless. Naruto tells him to shut up. He isn't like Inari. Inari cries even harder and demands to know how Naruto, who is so carefree, can possibly understand anything about him or this country. Naruto tells him that he's just playing the tragic character and that a sissy like him should just keep crying.

    Later, Kakashi goes out to the water to talk to Inari and apologize for Naruto. He explains that like him, Naruto also grew up without a father. He has never known his parents or had a single friend, but he doesn't complain or cry. He also does his best to get people to acknowledge him. For that, he'd risk his life. That is why he understands what it is like to be strong. What he told Inari earlier was probably the same thing he told himself many times.

    The next morning, the group leaves Naruto to rest and heads over to the bridge. When Naruto learns he overslept, he races to the bridge to meet the others. The others are greeted by several dead or critically injured workers, while two other henchman head over to Tazuna's house. The bridge becomes misty and Kakashi's belief that Zabuza is alive is confirmed. Zabuza attacks with water clone attacks, but Sasuke can see through them and takes the clones down.moreless
  • Zabuza returns.

    Naruto and Sasuke are competing to see who can reach the top of the tree by just using their chakra. Naruto keeps practicing to the point where exhausts himself. As Haku is gathering herbs in the woods, he comes across Naruto who has passed out from exhaustion. He wakes Naruto up and they start talking. Haku has a flashback to the first time he saw Zabuza. Haku leaves and he and Sasuke pass each other in the woods. Sasuke reaches Naruto and they continue their competition to make it to the top of the tree. Meanwhile Zabuza has almost recovered and plans his next move.moreless
  • Wonderfull Episode

    Zabuza returns and is wants to beat kakshi, sakura, naruto, sasu ke,and kill Tazuna.He and Haku are very skill full will naruto and his friends are still only genin.Will Zabuza win or will Naruto and Sasuke be able to defeat Haku and Zabuza or will they die.

    This is exactly why I watch this show.This is a great episode and it is great to see Naruto and sasuke working together for a common cause not they don't but they are show that they actually do care about each other and don't always have to compete.Although naruto competes to impress Sakura,Sasuke does it to prove he is better and to restore his clan.So will they be able to defeat Zubuza and Haku or will the fail.What will happen only watching the next episode will tell.Perhaps someone will die or maybe no one will die and everyone will live happily ever after but i doubt it.Someone has to die but who will it bemoreless
  • Naruto and Sasuke have to finish their training, Zabuza returns and the battle continues as Sakura protects Tazuna, Kakashi fights Zabuza and Sasuke fights Haku...then Naruto comes to try and defeat someone.moreless

    This episode was a good one. Sasuke and Naruto mastered chakra control. This part was really a great one because we see Sasuke accomplishing chakra control and yet making Naruto seem like an idiot which he is. The battle does begin. I enjoyed the end of this episode because that is where the battle begins. Sakura is protecting Tazuna, Kakashi fighting Zabuza and Sasuke fighting Haku. At the end Naruto did have to fight some people kidnapping Inari's mother. That was a good fight and I am glad that it happened because Inari is much more happier and is persevering to try and save his village. It was a good episode.moreless
  • Zabuza returns for Round 2.

    In this episode you will see Haku in the forest collecting herbs for her master and spot upon Naruto passed out. But don't worry, he doesn't harm Naruto in any way.

    It was kind of shocking for me when Haku turned around before leaving the scene and said that he is no she. Kind of creepy because he sounded and looked like a female rather than a male.

    Anyway, Zabuza will return at the end of this episode with Haku on his side. Naruto will be left behind in this one as he spotted some thugs taking on Inari. Watch the next episode to see the solution of Naruto and Inari.moreless

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    • Zabuza: (Referring to Sasuke) Well, Haku, it seems you have a rival.

    • Kakashi: Those who stray from the path of justice have no courage. But under the wing of a strong leader, cowardess cannot survive.

    • Sasuke: Sakura's right, Naruto's such a loser. He's probably lying out there dead somewhere.

    • Naruto: (After learning Haku is a boy) I've seen a lot of weird things in my life, but this takes the cake!

    • Kakashi: I knew he was still alive. He just couldn't wait for round two.

    • Sasuke: Let's go back.
      Naruto: All right.

    • Sakura: That was fast... (Eyebrows twitch twice)

    • Haku: You'll catch a cold if you sleep here. Wake up.
      Naruto: (wakes up, sits up.) Who the heck are you? Oh! (blushes) Hi there. Who are you? I mean what are you doing out here and all that?
      Haku: I'm gathering herbs.
      Naruto: Herbs?!
      Haku: Yes, that's right. They're for treating illnesses and healing wounds.
      Naruto: You start work early, huh sis?
      Haku: I like it early. It's calm, and I didn't think I'd find anyone sleeping out here in the woods.
      Naruto: I'm training.
      Haku: Hmm? So are you a ninja? Because I noticed that headband you're wearing. Or are you just trying to make a fashion statement?
      Naruto: You noticed that? All right! Only super-cool ninja get to wear these!
      Haku: Oh really? I see, that's very impressive. But why are you training so hard?
      Naruto: I'm just developing my skills so I can get stronger.
      Haku: How so? It seems to me that you're strong enough already. Isn't that enough?
      Naruto: No no! I have to get even stronger! There's also a certain person, a kid, I have to prove something to.
      Haku: So are you doing this for a certain person? Or are you doing all this training for yourself?
      Naruto: huh? (Haku giggles) Hey! What are you laughing about?! What's so funny?!
      Haku: It there, someone who's precious to you?
      Naruto: What are you talking about,sis? What do you mean, "precious"?

    • Inner Sakura: I'm gonna strangle you! Cha! You dork!

    • Kakashi: If I am still sane by the end of the training, it'll be a miracle.

    • Zabuza: So those brats are still with you, Kakashi? That one is trembling again, pitiful.
      Sasuke: I'm trembling with excitement.

    • Inari: (Upset) You don't know what it's like to be treated like dirt!
      Naruto: Listen to yourself whining and complaining like some sorry little victim. You can whimper all day for all I care! You're nothing but a coward!
      (Inari starts to cry.)
      Sakura: Naruto! You went too far!
      Naruto: Hmph! (Walks away in a huff.)

    • Naruto: So, you think it's noble to treat everyone around you like they're guests at your pity party? People like you should cry forever, you brat! You crybaby!

      ~Japanese version

    • Haku: By the way, I'm a boy.
      Naruto: WHAT?! He's even prettier than Sakura!

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