Season 1 Episode 12

Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 19, 2005 on TV Tokyo



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    • Zabuza: (Referring to Sasuke) Well, Haku, it seems you have a rival.

    • Kakashi: Those who stray from the path of justice have no courage. But under the wing of a strong leader, cowardess cannot survive.

    • Sasuke: Sakura's right, Naruto's such a loser. He's probably lying out there dead somewhere.

    • Naruto: (After learning Haku is a boy) I've seen a lot of weird things in my life, but this takes the cake!

    • Kakashi: I knew he was still alive. He just couldn't wait for round two.

    • Sasuke: Let's go back.
      Naruto: All right.

    • Sakura: That was fast... (Eyebrows twitch twice)

    • Haku: You'll catch a cold if you sleep here. Wake up.
      Naruto: (wakes up, sits up.) Who the heck are you? Oh! (blushes) Hi there. Who are you? I mean what are you doing out here and all that?
      Haku: I'm gathering herbs.
      Naruto: Herbs?!
      Haku: Yes, that's right. They're for treating illnesses and healing wounds.
      Naruto: You start work early, huh sis?
      Haku: I like it early. It's calm, and I didn't think I'd find anyone sleeping out here in the woods.
      Naruto: I'm training.
      Haku: Hmm? So are you a ninja? Because I noticed that headband you're wearing. Or are you just trying to make a fashion statement?
      Naruto: You noticed that? All right! Only super-cool ninja get to wear these!
      Haku: Oh really? I see, that's very impressive. But why are you training so hard?
      Naruto: I'm just developing my skills so I can get stronger.
      Haku: How so? It seems to me that you're strong enough already. Isn't that enough?
      Naruto: No no! I have to get even stronger! There's also a certain person, a kid, I have to prove something to.
      Haku: So are you doing this for a certain person? Or are you doing all this training for yourself?
      Naruto: huh? (Haku giggles) Hey! What are you laughing about?! What's so funny?!
      Haku: It there, someone who's precious to you?
      Naruto: What are you talking about,sis? What do you mean, "precious"?

    • Inner Sakura: I'm gonna strangle you! Cha! You dork!

    • Kakashi: If I am still sane by the end of the training, it'll be a miracle.

    • Zabuza: So those brats are still with you, Kakashi? That one is trembling again, pitiful.
      Sasuke: I'm trembling with excitement.

    • Inari: (Upset) You don't know what it's like to be treated like dirt!
      Naruto: Listen to yourself whining and complaining like some sorry little victim. You can whimper all day for all I care! You're nothing but a coward!
      (Inari starts to cry.)
      Sakura: Naruto! You went too far!
      Naruto: Hmph! (Walks away in a huff.)

    • Naruto: So, you think it's noble to treat everyone around you like they're guests at your pity party? People like you should cry forever, you brat! You crybaby!

      ~Japanese version

    • Haku: By the way, I'm a boy.
      Naruto: WHAT?! He's even prettier than Sakura!

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