Season 3 Episode 25

Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto and Sauske were engagin in a fight becuase Sauske got so tired of Naruto being better than him and passing him up. They battled on the rooftop of the hospital. Sakura was running toward them so they will stop fighting. Kakashi stopped the fight.

    this episode was the BOMB!! I've been waiting for this fight for like forever. i've seen it in the amvs and i finally got to see it. Omg i was like no hew didnt just do that. When sasuke slapped the plate of food out of Sakuras hand i was like oh #3LL no. i wouldve slapped him myslef. Tihs episode just really had a lot of *gasp* and *ohhh* in it. Then when sasuke grimmed naruto omg i could fel the chill from his glare thorugh the screee. I thought sasuke was going to kill naruto because of what the damage the chidori had did to the FRONT of the water barrel. but nartuto would've killed sasuke. i was so glad when kakashi stpped in cause sakura would've got killed herself or even oblivated . why would u run with ur eyes close if u tryin to stop someone/something from fighting. no sense. but im glad that kakshi stopped it though
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