Season 6 Episode 23

Blaze Away, Byakugan! This Is My Ninja Way!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 22, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Solid ending to this very solid arc.

    At first it seemed like Shino was outdone by the Kamizura clan, but who knew that getting captured would have been part of his plan? His decisions are really on the chuunin level and he'd probably make as good as a leader as Shikamaru. Though it was Hinata that captured the episode with her new technique that seems to be on par with some of Neji's techniques. Seeing her ward off all those bees was fun to watch, but they spent a little too much time explaining how much hard she worked on it. Yeah it's great that she worked hard to work on it, but it felt a little milk. How it all ended was pretty hilarious though. Sakura capped it off nicely "I heard your mission was a failure because you farted?" A truly laugh our loud moment.
  • Hinata has come a long way. This is the best episode of the entire arc!

    Hinata manages to defeat the Kamizuru trio with her newest technique: Protective 8 Trigrams: 64 Palms, and saved Naruto, Kiba, and Shino. She's become stronger since the Chunin Exam, and has finally gotten the respect of father, her fellow ninja, and Naruto. Although I hated that Naruto ruined the mission, everything else was awesome. I hope we see Hinata grow more stronger and confident in the future. Yep, Another 10 out of 10 for a great ending for a great arc (even though it is filler). I hope the next few arcs are as good as this one. End of review.
  • Hinata's special Byakugan revealed!!

    Things look bad for Naruto, Shino, Kiba, and Hinata. A giant bee has sealed the guys in wax cocoons and Hinata has attempted to escape her trap but when she attacks the bees that are guarding her she gets 12 of the 13 bees, but the one she misses cuts the wax rope holding her from going down the river and over a waterfall. She tries to focus her Chakra and break out of the cocoon before she reaches the waterfall. Just as she is about to give up, she remembers that Naruto never would give up so she tries again as she nears the waterfall. Shino tells the three ninja that he will tell them where he hid the bug if they will take them to Hinata. They get there to discover that she is gone and the ninja assume that she is dead. They decide to kill Naruto, Shino, and Kiba, but as they start to attack Hinata shows up.....
  • I really liked this episode because it was so hilarious.

    Hianata saves the day because she makes up her own jutsu that saves the day from everyone getting killed and hurt. The summoning jutsu that the enemy did Naruto saved the day by using his Rasengan but the headband from Sasuke flew into the air and into a hole and Naruto gets it by accident he farts and that makes the beetle sniff Naruto not the headband that has Sasukes sent. At the end of the episode Sakura is chasing after Naruto and she is really mad at him. This episode was funny and I really lauhged hard at the part when Naruto farts.
  • Hinata saves the squad!!!

    Wow! If you've been watching Naruto from the beginning, then you know how the old Hinata used to be. She's really turned her life around since the Chunin Exam! As you know, Hinata has just saved herself from drowning, and now she must save her squad form the enemy Kamizuru Clan. Meanwhile, Shino tells the Kamizuru that he will tell them where the Bikochu is if they give him and Kiba and Naruto Hinata. They agree. However, they go to the spot in the river where Hinata was tied up, and she is not there. The Kamizuru assumed that she drowned. Naruto goes in a furious rage and begings attacking the enemy, even though he is tied up. One of the men steps on the back of his head, forcing his face into the dirt. Naruto throws him back, and lifts his head, revealing the Demon Fox has taken control of him once again. It was funyn at first; he looked like he was possesed. :P Then Hinata shows up!!! She is looking fiercer than ever, and begins her 64 Palms Trigram Jutsu!!! Naruto watches in awe, and Shino explains to him what Hinata's been doing all summer. Then it shifts to a flashback scene as Hinata begs Shino and Kiba to help her train. As they are sparing, Kiba knockes her down with a great force. He quickly runs over to help her up, but she tells him that if he truly wants to help her get stronger, he'll have to hit her harder than that. Then Shino finds a way to break the three of them from their cocoon, and Hinata destroys the three ninja. Later, as the three prepare the Bikochu to trace Sasuke's scent, the female Kamizuru ninjaattacks them. Naruto hits her with his Rasengan, and kills her. However in the struggle, he lost Sasuke's headband. He finds it, but not before farting on the Bikochu. Now they'll never find Sasuke!!! So Team 8 plus Naruto goes home empty handed, and Naruto faces the wrath of Sakura.
  • End of a great filler arc.

    I cannot express how much I loved this episode. First, Shino is really good with bugs, seeing how he cleverly avoided being eaten by getting into those wax cocoons... genius. Naruto is so stupid, but the ending was really funny! The reason why this episode was perfect is cuz Hinata!!! Hinata was so awesome with the new technique and everything! She probably worked really hard and everything she is an awesome character she should so get more screen time in Shippuden cuz she's awesome! Hinata totally pawned those bug people! She destroyed them! She just plain out rules. In the end when Hiashi asked her if she failed or something and she said "Yes, it was a complete and utter failure" that was so awesome Hinata rules! This was the end of a great filler arc, I loved it!
  • The whole mission goes to a waste. Funny episode.

    WTH Naruto ruined a mission because of a freakin fart! You gotta be kidding me. But aleast Hinata came out with a crazy attack. And she improved her chakra control, which doesnt make this episode a complete failure. To be honest i think Shino was a better team leader then Shika. Shino knew everything, whether it came to his surroundings, enemies or team mate's. I wanted Naruto to go kyuubi, but Hinata came. Naruto is one idiotic ninja.
  • Shino decided to make a trade: the Bikouchuu for Hinata. However, Hinata escapes making the deal null and void.

    In overall, I liked this filler arc.

    However, the reason that I gave it such a bad score is because this filler is building on the Naruto and Hinata shipper. I'm more biased towards Naruto and Sakura.

    Finally, if the filler ended, and starts with the Timeskip, all audiences will be confused that in every fight Hinata's in, she won't be able to use the technique she has developed during the filler seasons.
  • Dead end filler episode.

    This was a unique couple of filler episodes. I would like to see them get on with the true story line, but as far as filler episodes go this was the best. I actually had mwaning to the story line.

    There was good action in this episode. Unfortunetly it should have been split up into two. I would have liked to see a better climax to this this story. Too much build up not a good conclusion.

    Not another fart joke. The first one against Kiba wasn't funny (ok it was funny, but not funny enough to repeat) so why would a second be funny. If they weren't going to use the bikouchuu bug they shouldn't have done the episodes.

    The only good part was seeing how good Hinata has gotten, and you see how strong Naruto is even without the Kyubbi.
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