Season 3 Episode 10

Breakdown! The Deal is Off!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 30, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Because Orochimaru lied to her about not attacking Konoha, Tsunade begins her onslaught against Orochimaru and Kabuto. Orochimaru has Kabuto fight, but he cannot fight in such a close space, so they move to an open field. Kabuto eats a food pill and begins to attack Tsunade with his medical techniques. Kabuto takes out Tsunade's arm and leg and makes it hard for her to breathe. Can Tsunade win against Kabuto? Will Jiraiya, Shizune and Naruto show up in time to save her?moreless

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  • A surprisingly great battle!

    Honestly I never expected a great fight such as this to be presented in this episode since it was fought between medical ninjas, but the fight was Rurouni Kenshin esque in that the knowledge of the human body was used in order to trump each other. Kabuto using his chakra to cut important muscle tissues to suppress Tsunade's monstrous strength and then Tsunade coming right back and confusing all of the electrical signals in Kabuto's body to paralyze him. Happening much later on in the fight is Shi-zune when she pretended to catch a flying Naruto, and releasing concealed needles towards Kabuto. In an equally impressive twist, Kabuto blocks it with his forehead protector. This has been the best fight so far in a while and it more than delivered. Other than the great anatomy fight that has been going on, in terms of hand to hand combat aesthetics, this fight has delivered on those grounds as well.moreless
  • Tsunade and Kabuto fight. Naruto and Kabuto fight at the end of the episode.

    After Tsunade tries to kill Orochimaru and fails, Kabuto and Tsunade start to fight. I was interested in how the fight would end. Kabuto has great fighting skills and so does Tsunade so I liked the fight with both of them trying to make each other weaker. At the end of the episode $hizune, Naruto and Jiraiya arrive to fight. Tsunade unable to fight because of her fear of blood is cared for $hizune. Naruto fights Kabuto when he says that Naruto is no match for Sasuke and that Naruto has no ninja skills. I agree that Naruto is no match for Sasuke but Naruto has some ninja skills at least. This episode had a lot of fighting and also a little information about how Kabuto and Tsunade fight.moreless
  • Why I watch Naruto

    Another great episode!!!! I love the way that the fight scene is done. Tsunade and Kabuto show off their impressive skills. The different techniques that each one uses makes it very interesting. It seems like they are an even match for each other until Kabuto purpously cuts himself to draw blood and cause Tsunade to panic due to her fear of blood. Just as things were looking dire for her, Jaraiya, Nauruto, and company show up to save her. Naruto finally learns that Kabuto is working for Orochimaru all this time. Kabuto taunts Naruto and causes him to attack. Kabuto beats him off and the episode ends with Tsunade's assistant and Jaraiya facing off against Kabuto and Orochimaru......moreless
  • THE BATTLE IS ON!!!!! Jiraiya/Tsunade/Naruto/S h i z u n e vs. Orochimaru/Kabuto!!!!!

    Good episode!!!!! ^_^ One of Kisimoto-sama's finest!!!!! This is what happened: Tsunade was about to heal Orochimaru's arms that Lord Hokage had sealed just before he died, but Kabuto realized that Tsunade wasn't going to help him at all, she was gonna kill him!!!!! So Kabuto stopped her. Duh..... Orochimaru had offered to bring back Nawaki and Dan (her dead brother and dead boyfriend respectivley), knowing Tsunade would've given anything to see them again. Tsunade would've too, but she knew that Orochimaru was gonna destroy Konoha and all who inhabited it. She couldn't bring herself to let him crush it because Dan and Nawaki both died protecting it. Kabuto tries to take her by force, and the two begin to fight. Even though Tsunade is much older and had lots more experience than Kabuto, he manages to damage her. He is about to kill her when Jiraiya, Naruto, and S h i z u n e arrive to help.moreless
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    • Jiraiya: Well now we can get down to business. Shizune!
      Shizune: Yes.
      Jiraiya: I'll let you take care of four eyes over there. Just leave Orochimaru to me.

    • Kabuto: I'm a spy from the Village Hidden in the Sound.
      Naruto: A spy? That's impossible. You don't really mean it? But helped us get through the Chunin Exams. You saved our lives.
      Kabuto: Only to gather information about all of you. That was my mission. Indeed, I learned one very important thing about you, Naruto: you lack any ninja ability. You're not a bit like Sasuke.

    • Orochimaru: It's been a long time, "old friend".
      Jiraiya: Long time indeed, and I can't say it's improved your looks any, "old friend".

    • Naruto: Well, okay. Where's the grumpy old bat now?

    • Naruto: (After noticing all the demolished buildings) Whoa, what happened here?
      Jiraiya: I'd say somebody put Tsunade in a bad mood; she's got a foul temper.

    • Kabuto: Don't get your hopes up, you have to go through me.
      Tsunade: No matter. It'll be a pleasure killing you both...right now.
      (Hits the building that Kabuto and Orochimaru are standing on and demolishes it)
      Orochimaru: She hasn't lost any of her strength. It won't go well for you if she ever connects.
      Kabuto: I can see that.

    • Orochimaru: So that's your answer, Tsunade? After all I've offered you, you would repay me by trying to kill me? Fortunately, I can depend on Kabuto's loyalty. Good thing he arrived in time to see the evil intent hidden in those hands of yours.
      Kabuto: Yes, she and I are from the medical corps. I could tell she was building up chakra for an attack.

    • Tsunade: Hey! Orochimaru!
      Orochimaru: That's right, come to think of it I've never fought you before!
      Kabuto: How can you say that? I'm the one who's stuck fighting her!

      ~Japanese version

    • Orochimaru: A negotiation breakdown? Not much choice I guess...we will have to force you to do this favor for me!

      ~Japanese version

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