Season 9 Episode 12

Bringing Back Reality

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • well this is a wrap up of menma history........

    well we find out in this episode menma was a bad guy who was a good person this episode is about tenten neji naruto menma go on a mission to find menma memory but all along he had it so the ninjas come to a country that mena clan attak and menma stop his stop clan from destorying the village but it coast him his life and naruto took down the leader it was a good ending excpt for menma dieing and the country was saved it was good i am not going to to a review for the next episode because it was a hoilday speacil so i am going to 2 episodes in 1 review oh ya happy hoildays and over all naruto rules!!!!!
  • slightly dissappointing

    Personlly, it would have been better if only they just kept it Naruto with Mema (sp?). But the fillers JUST had to incert Neji and Tenten. Why? If the need for additional characters was so bad when it comes to Mema, then it would have been better if they sent Sakura with Naruto instead.

    The only thing that overall kept me watching was that i think Mema's hot, er, I MEAN INTRESTING! *please ignore last sentence sorry* But unfortunately, he's just a filler character, so he'll probably only last out a couple of episodes. Too bad he wasn't someone like Sasuke or Lee, or else it would have been intresting to see how he develops.
  • On a mission by Naruto, Neji, Tenten alone with Menma (in search to regain Menma's memories). The four ended up in a village which recently raided by thieves, where they helped to restore and protect the village from the next attack.

    The battle in this episode was to simple and easy for Naruto.

    During the beginning of the battle when Naruto and the villain first fought, Naruto struggled but could not defeat the villain but in the end Naruto captured him in less than a ten second one on one battle with the Rasengan... I truly dislike the ending of the story (this is not when Natuto defeated the villain) when Menma came up with a plan to counter the final threat to the whole village that caused by the thieves..

    Overall, I think this episode wasn't all that bad. The story stays true to the purpose.

    I'm just looking forward to the next episodes in January!
  • The boy that lost his memories, Menma, goes out with Neji, Tenten and Naruto to find them. As such, they stumble upon a well known village for Menma. He learns about his lost memories little by little. Good episode, got a little clich&eacut

    As I expected, this episode (bundled with the next) wasn't all that bad. The story (filler, nonetheless) goes on smoothly
    and stays true to the purpose.

    I even liked how they mentioned Orochimaru and Naruto's real goal (He was reminded, finally).

    On the bad sides, this bundled episode's battles was over way to fast. They so fearsome enemies were pushovers, and Naruto won once again with the Rasengan... Gets a bit dull.

    Overall, I think this episode was alright considering the rest of the fillers so far. We should be happy about the next episodes in January!