Season 9 Episode 12

Bringing Back Reality

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • slightly dissappointing

    Personlly, it would have been better if only they just kept it Naruto with Mema (sp?). But the fillers JUST had to incert Neji and Tenten. Why? If the need for additional characters was so bad when it comes to Mema, then it would have been better if they sent Sakura with Naruto instead.

    The only thing that overall kept me watching was that i think Mema's hot, er, I MEAN INTRESTING! *please ignore last sentence sorry* But unfortunately, he's just a filler character, so he'll probably only last out a couple of episodes. Too bad he wasn't someone like Sasuke or Lee, or else it would have been intresting to see how he develops.