Season 2 Episode 4

Bushy Brow's Jealousy - Lions Barrage Unleashed!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 24, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Yoroi is to sucks as Sasuke is to cool.

    Sasuke is getting is doing bad against yoroi at first and I didn\'t get it. Isn\'t Sasuke the best of the rookies? I like the Lion\'s Barrage attack. It was cool.:D Yoroi\'s chakra sucker thing is cool. One thing I don\'t get is how Yoroi is so tough yet dies in 5 hits. Yoroi is cool because he can make chakra comeout of his opponents. Sasuke is cool because he can beat Yoroi with the pain of the curse mark. It was cool that Sasuke can dodge Yoroi\'s attacks without the Sharingan.I like Sasuke\'s Lion\'s barrage because he can bash his opponent to the ground and that he copied it off Rock Lee.
  • First round of elimination: Sasuke vs. Yoroi

    The fight begins with Sasuke and Yoroi. Yoroi is able to hold Sasuke down and puts his hand on Sasuke's forehead. Yoroi starts to drain Sasuke's chakra through his palm. Sasuke realizes what he is doing and summons the strength to kick Yoroi off of himself. Yoroi then attacks Sasuke again but this time Sasuke dodges his attack, though he touches Sasuke's hair at one point and Sasuke feels the effects. Sasuke knows that he cannot let Yoroi touch him again. He starts to think of how he could possibly beat him when he sees Rock Lee in the crowd. Sasuke comes up with a plan....
  • Sasuke tore him apart :P.

    The fight in this episode was incredibly awesome. Sasuke couldn't use chakra so he used taijutsu. I was glad that Sasuke won. Yoroi thought that he was going to win but it is too bad that he got overconfident. Sasuke defeated Yoroi by his Lion Combo and he managed to suppress the cursed seal. Sasuke is clever and skillful. Kakashi at the end took Sasuke away to seal his cursed seal then he is confronted by Orochimaru. In the tower, Shino and Zaku's fight is next. The episode was great because I got to see more of sasuke's skills. He won because he is skillful and clever.
  • Lions Barrage is revealed.

    Sasukes fight continues with Akado. Sasuke is unable to use his chakra against Akado. Naruto yells down at Sasuke. While looking back at Naruto Sasuke see Lee and see a way that he can win the match and move on to the finals. Akado rushes at Sasuke because he is not paying attention to him and thinks he can get in a few hits. Sasuke suddenly vanishes and kicks Akado up into the air. Sasuke then appears to use Lees shadow dance however he than adds his own twist and comes up with the Lions Barrage. Sasuke wins the match. Kakashi than takes Sasuke so he can seal the curse mark. The next match of Shino vs. Zaku starts. Zaku appears to have one good arm even after Sasuke broke both arms. Zaku hits Shino with his slicing sound wave. After Kakashi seals the curse mark Orochimaru appears.
  • A good action episode.

    It was an exciting episode. Sasuke he is really determined or demented. "Yeah, I'm handicapped and in excrutiating pain, but that doesn't matter. I still have to fight." -_- I can understand where he's coming from because I'm stubborn like that sometimes, but I wouldn't be of I was in that much pain and it never let up. Oh well. He still one. What Kakashi said to him at the end of his match was so him. He didn't really congratualte him. He just said he did a good job. XP And of course Naruto had his little "motivational" scene during Sasuke's fight. And what he said at the end was so like him too. "You won, but in such an uncool way." :P It was smart of Sasuke to use Lee's move in his fight. (How does everyone know about dancing leaf shadow though?) But you can't really expect anything less than that from an Uchiha. :P Overall it was a good episode.
  • Curse that curse seal!!!!! Wait.....

    Poor Sasuke! He is in no condition to fight. Which explains why Sakura threatened to tell the procter about the curse seal in the first place if Sasuke didn't tell them himself or drop out. But he made her not tell. T_T Anywayz, the curse seal makes him hurt all over when ever he tries to use chakra. Yoroi has a move that eats chakra, so things are looking pretty bad. But Sasuke has a few tricks up his sleeve. He uses his new move, The Lion Combo. He also demonstrates his conrtol over the curse seal. Sasuke ends up beating Yoroi, then Kakashi shows up and drags Sasuke out of the arena. This was the only episode I ever heard Sasuke sound like a little kid. He didn't want to go with Kakashi, he claimed he wanted to see how everyone else did. Kakashi makes him go with him. They go down to an underground chamber, and Kakashi tries to seal the curse seal. Then Orochimaru finds them. In the main room, the Genin are preparing for the next match. One of the Rookies 9 vs. a Sound Genin. Shino Aburame vs. Zaku Abumi.
  • Sauske is in a knot with Akado...A review from an Artist.

    Sauske is in the midst of the battle and it is continuing horribly. When Sauskes Chakra is taken and Akado gets the upper hand because he can still use his jutus'. Then Sauske gets a brillliant idea. Sauske decides to use some taijutu. Sauske used his sharingan to use Rock Lee's move. Once he used it he made his own move called lions barrage. Sauske wins and Kakashi comes to get him to tell him to come with him to seal the curse mark. But an unexpected visitor comes to disrupt them. Will the visitor come. This is my masterpiece.
  • Five minutes of fighting, the rest all talking.

    Unable to use any ninjutsu, and being restricted to taijutsu, which seems to be a huge disadvantage against an opponent that can absorb chakra out of your body, things aren't look too shabby for Sasuke, until he catches a glimpse of Rock Lee. Using his sharingan to copy the move that Lee used on him before the first exam started, he created his own type of move, the Lion Combo. During this process however, the cursed seal was unleashed. All the jounins were prepared to enter in and stop him, but Sasuke, using his will, forcefully sealed it back in, and defeated his opponent. Afterwards, Kakashi brought Sasuke to the back room to seal the cursed seal. Though Orochimaru appears. The second match pits Zaku against Shino.

    It was kind of amusing when Sasuke caught a glimpse of Rock Lee. I don't know why myself, but that scene when he sees him almost had me laughing. I guess it's how he looks. Not only did Sasuke win, but it really portrayed how much of a genius he is from the aftermath shock, mainly coming from Rock Lee and Gai. Gai emphasized the point on how you need tons of training in order to accomplish a move such as the one Sasuke used, which really emphasizes how much of a genius and potential fighter he is. However, after the fight, they dragged it out way too much. Sasuke was practically resting in that same exact spot for like seven minutes while all the other characters were giving off their reactions. There's nothing wrong with their reactions, because it helped give more effect to the episode, but it could have been compressed to make a more satisfying viewing.
  • Sasuke reveals a taijutsu technique called "Lion's Barrage"

    Yoroi steals almost all of Sasuke's chakra but Sasuke pushes him off. Yoroi keeps trying to steal his chakra so Sasuke can only rely on the curse mark. All hope seems lost until Sasuke figures out that just because he can't use his Sharigan doesn't mean he can't use techniques learned from it. Yoroi comes in attack but Sasuke counters with Lee's move sending Yoroi flying making Lee jealous. Sasuke gets ready to perform a jutsu but the curse mark tries to take over. Sasuke stops and performs the "Lion's Barrage."Sasuke wins the match and Shino has to fight Zaku.
  • Sasuke had to fight Yoroi and he beat him by using some of Rock Lee's techniques and his own.He managed to supress the mark from spreading with his will and after he won kakashi sealed it.

    This episode was really good and it showed that Sasuke was able to control the curse mark so will not always get taken over now that he has a seal on it.The fight with Shino and that other guy will be good.It was cool when Sasuke supressed the curse and kicked Yoroi's butt,who is stronger now!Can't wait for the fight with kakashi and orochimaru
  • Exciting

    Saskue loses most of his chakra to Akado, so she cant do any jutsus, so he uses taijutsu. He kicks Akado up into the air, and jumps twords him. He then appears behind him ans puts two fingers on his back, and kicks tries to kick him, but it gets blocked. Then his cursed seal tries to take him over again but he controls it. He then kicks Akado to the ground and wins the match. Next Shino and Zaku face off, with Shino getting knocked down to the ground with one of Zakus Slicing Sound Waves. Kakashi takes Saskue to get his cursed seal removed. After completion, Orochimaru shows up and talks to Kakashi and he tells Orochimaru that he will protect Saskue with his life.
  • Sasuke remixes Rock Lee's attack...An Anime King review.

    In this episode Sasuke remixes Rock Lee's attack. He calls it the lion combo. It's a mix of Rock Lee's leaf dance. (the attack he was about to do on Sasuke). But Sasuke's is better than Rock Lee's, he uses trickery to destroy his opponent. First he disappears and launches the opponent into the air(like rock lee) then acts like he will kick on on side but when the opponent turns to block the kick Sasuke punches them down almost like a bullet and kicks them into the ground. This has been an Anime King review.
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