Season 2 Episode 31

Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 16, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!
Sasuke's match against Gaara finally begins! Gaara seems to have the upper hand at the beginning, until Sasuke shows off his newly found taijutsu techniques. Gaara is reliving the battle against Rock Lee all over again, only this time he's facing an opponent who can use more than simple taijutsu attacks.moreless

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  • Sasuke begins his match with Gaara. Pretty good fight so far. Although the only thing i dont like about it is that they keep on going to dumb flashbacks. But so far this has been one of the best fight scenes in the series so far.The other one was Gaaramoreless

    vs Rock Lee. Good music to support the tension seen by the characters in the series. Although I am kinda supprised to see how scared that Naruto is of Gaara. I mean the only other person he has been afraid of was Zabuza in the beginning of the series. And Kakashi doesnt even seem to be scared of Gaara at all. But it is really unfair to the other characters that Gaara has such a hard defense to get by. But other than that Sasuke is such a best at hand to hand high speed Taijutsu. Sasuke is so awesome.moreless
  • They finally fight...or do they?

    This has becoming a trend now, delayed fights, nonsensical talking, a lot of flashbacks, but the flashbacks are all right since they concern Rock Lee who is by far the best character in this anime. There just doesn't seem any point to adding all of this talking that really contributes to nothing except pissing people off that the match has still yet to start. For this episode, at least they finally do fight, ten minutes into it even when it was supposed to at the start of this episode when they're eyeing each other down. It delivers on aesthetic value and Sasuke possessing the same speed as Rock Lee by copying his movements with sharingan was surprising.moreless
  • Sasuke begins his match with Gaara.

    The match between Sasuke and Gaara starts. Kankuro notices that Gaara is acting strangely and Temari knows that it is not a good thing. Sasuke begins his attacks. He is using Rock Lee's techniques. He uses his greater speed to get around Gaara's sand shield and hit Gaara. Gaara's sand shield around himself starts to crack. Naruto is worried about what is going to happen. He has a flashback to the hospital where Gaara said his purpose in life is to kill people. Naruto rushes off to find Kakashi and to stop the fight. Gaara has used his sand shield to completely cover himself....moreless
  • gaara vs sasuke!

    sasuke finnaly arrives for his battle with gaara and the audience is very pleased. the battle begins and gaara creates a sand clone and sasuke defeates it. then sasuke reveales his speed has increased by like, ten thousand times. he begins pummeling gaara but gaar has sand armor so he isnt injured. after many more blows, gaara needs a defense cuz his sand armor is peeling off. he makes a dome of sand, and sasuke cant break through it. spikes shoot out of it and badly injures sasuke. this episode rocked! this is a perfect example of a great naruto episode. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!moreless
  • Sasuke VS Gaara

    In this episode the officials are about to disqualify Sasuke. But he comes 10 minutes later the time they give him. Sasuke has new wardrobe. The match starts and Sasuke uses a familiar jutsu. Rock Lee's speed is what he uses. It is to fast for Gaara's sand to block. So he keeps doing this and suprizes many people ecspecially Lee considering it's his power. gaara makes a huge sand ball stopping attacks. Several moments laters, Naruto insists that Kakashi stops the match because he is worried. This was a pretty good episode to watch . Better than the last episode. 10/10moreless

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