Season 2 Episode 25

Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 18, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Just frikkin fight already...

    All the genins that survived the preliminaries are standing firmly as the crowd looks forward to exciting matches. The bracket was changed though as Dosu was killed trying to take out Gaara. Naruto nervously looks around the stadium as people are already writing a victory of Neji. The two commence battle as Naruto tries using his shadow replication technique, but nothing gets past Neji's byakugan.

    So the first eight minutes are pointless flashbacks that we didn't need to be reminded of, again, and the fight between Neji and Naruto takes almost two minutes to start while the camera is mostly concentrating on the referees needle he's chewing on, Neji's eyes, or Naruto's teardrop. It reminded me of those horrible Dragonball Z moments where the episode starts, the fight doesn't start yet, and the episode ends, with no fight. Well the fight started here, but still, it took forever to do so.
  • The first match begins.

    Naruto arrives at the arena a little late. Sasuke still has not made it. The third Hokage speaks to the crowd and announces there are eight competitors. Do they know about Dosu? The first match of the finals is Naruto versus Neji. Most of the people in the crowd don't Naruto much of a chance of winning. Naruto is more confident after his talk with Hinata and Neji notices that. The fight begins and Naruto charges at Neji. Neji blocks everything Naruto throws at him and knocks Naruto back. Naruto decides it's time to use his Shadow Clone jutsu and attacks with four clones....
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  • Finally some action.

    Everyone in this episode was wondering where Sasuke was. Even I was wondering but I know that he will be there. Naruto's and Neji's battle begin because they are the first battle after it was changed after Dosu died. Naruto tries to use taijutsu but it doesn't work so he then uses shadow clones which in my opinion is not a well choice because Neji has the Byakugan although Naruto did put equal Chakra into each shadow clone to make it hard for Naji to get Naruto. Overall, this episode went well. Naruto did use shadow clone jutsu and he did make many shadow clones. I am not surprised.
  • I love Naruto and all, but all the (usually useless) talking they do drives me crazy. XD It was a good episode though.

    I love Naruto and all, but all the extra (and usually useless) talking they do drives me crazy. XD The winners of the 3rd phase of the chuunin exams are lined up, but 2 are missing: Dosu (but he died) and Sasuke. Sasuke's absense has Naruto a little worried, but he knows Sasuke wouldn't bail on something as important as this. So the first match is Neji vs. Naruto. If the show wasn't called Naruto, I wouldn't know that, duh, Naruto wins. :P It's still a good match though. Of course the episode starts out with A LOT of talking, but at least it ends with some action. Overall it was a pretty good episode.
  • Naruto vs. Neji!!!!! WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!?

    Everyone made it to the arena except for Sasuke. Naruto wonders where he is. Shikamaru scolds Naruto for being late, and Genma, who is Hayate's replacement upon his murder by Baki, tells both of them to shut up and stand tall. Then Genma starts the first match. First up, Naruto Uzumaki vs. Neji Hyuga!!!!! Everyone is betting on the Hyuga kid. Naruto is pumped for the match because of the pep talk Hinata gave him in the previous episode, and because he swore on Hinata's spilled blood that he'd beat Neji a month before in the preliminary rounds. Tai jutsu is completely uneffective against the Neji's 64 Palms or whatever it's called. So Naruto starts making clones. Neji kills them all, Naruto makes more. The battle heats up!!!!!
  • This is when finally Naruto is about to battle Neji. Neji asked Naruto did he have anything to say before they battleted. Then Naruto held out his hand; to make him remember on what he said about vowing to win because he almost killed Hinata.

    I have been waiting for this match ever since Neji was battling Hinata. I wanted to his butt get whooped by Naruto so much. This epsiode was the omg the BOMB!!!. Again Neji was talking about his destiny. The most real thing about this epsiode was that Neji was like the most strongest one out of his whole clan.
  • 7.9
    These episodes are the reason i watch this show. They were so tight. It was good cartoon network showed the whole Naruto Neji Fight in one night. I hate having to wait. It didnt really matter though because i had read the episodes in th manga so i knew what ws happening. Anyway i must write 10 words minimum so to get to it i must waffle on. If any of you guys liked the episode, you should go and review it. This will help the whole community. 11 words left, now seven, now four, now three, and 100.
  • He won but in a cool way by uppercutting Neji.

    Naruto in the begining was calm and Neji know that it was going to tuff fighting Naruto because when Neji got Naruto all tired he used the nine-tailed foxes chakara and Neji saw the fox and got scared then Naruto was quicker than ever before and when they collided toghether a big explosion occured then Naruto created a clone and burrowed undergroung by digging with his bare nails and had his clone acting k.o. but then he then did a sneak attack on neji by popping out from underground and knocked Neji out but after the match he started to change a little bit and I don't even know what happeneg to Hinata.
  • its getting really good its about naruto vs. neji and...

    suskue is not here yet and the fight starts i really like it shows what we been waiting for and we been waiting for neji vs. naruto and it gives naruto a chance to shine and show every one in the village that he not a drop out thats what i like about it this episode so much oh ya the whole fight was showed in a special now sorry it was short i really hate when reviews are short now tell me if you agree or not now make sure you see my other reviews i am trying to do one for every episode over all naruto rocks
  • The biggest moment Naruto Vs Neji!!!!!

    The final match begin.Kami Kazi begin to come and begin to asked the Hokage who's the next hokage.But the hokage tells that he will still survive.The match has been rewritten.Shikamaru discovered that Dosu has dropped out.Sakura begin to wondered where Sasuke is.But Gaara might know where he is.Akamaru begin to sense someone and Kiba notice that someone is there.Which brings suspiousn of course.So the first begins.......Neji begin to noticed how calmer Naruto was than before.Hinata's father and Hinata sister came and Hinata father tells his daughter that he is stronger than her sister and maybe stronger than her.So the battle begin He begin to see Naruto Chakara points.So Naruto uses his shadow clones jutsu.So the battle continue in the next episode.

    Pretty amazing nobody knew that Gaara killed Dosu or Sasuke is really training with Kakashi.
  • neji vs. naruto

    This episode began the exciting fight against Naruto and Neji.So Neji brings out his Byakugan to see naruto\'s chakra points. Then naruto gets the idea to use his shadow replication jutsu amd fights. Naruto having a little trouble defeating him because Neji knows when Naruto will attack so all of his shadow clones get destroyed naruto gets a tiny bit confused on what to do next. I bet naruto is a bit distracted about where in the world sasuke is. neji proves that he is to much for naruto to defeat. Can naruto winsee the next two episode anyway another review for me.
  • a good battle a good episode don't you guys agree

    the episode started with naruto being late or something, anyways i was more into the tournament. It was the battle between naruto and neji. If naruto wasns't the main character i'd be thinking naruto would lose anyways, this is just the first of three episodes of the battle. The battle started with naruto throwing three kunais and goes straight towards neji, of course all of naruto's attacks are being blocked, but come on it's neji you\'d have to know naruto would have a hard time against this guy. This episode ends with, i think he turns into a lot of clones(kage bunshin no jutsu). It's a good battle and a good episode. This battle is worth watching, so you should watch episodes 60 through 62. hope you guys enjoy the episodes as much as i did.
  • Part one of the epic battle between Neji and Naruto

    This is where we see if Naruto's training pays off. The episode starts with the anticipation of Sasuke's arrival. But while they wait, Neji and Naruto start their battle. Naruto tells Neji that he will win and Neji states that it will be fun seeing Naruto's face after he win's. Then Naruto launches an attack but to no aveal agaisnt Neji's all seeing eyes. After taking a strong hit from the Juken Naruto sends in four Kage Bunshins two attacking from the front and two from the back. However Naruto soon discovers that Neji has eyes on the back of his head. Neji tells Naruto that at this rate he will not be hokage. Naruto says he doesn't give up to easly and makes a lot of clones.
  • Finally

    Finally the time has come for Naruto to face Neji. This fight is one of my favorties naruto fights Neji frist he gets to close and gets some damage and says that was only to see how strong he was and use his clones to fight but then discovers he has "eyes in the back of his head" and then after some more fighting Neji talks about his clan and why he hates the main house.
  • Neji vs. Naruto!!!...An Anime King review!

    In this episode Sasuke still hasn't shown up, but something interesting happens. Neji and Naruto fight!!! I am rooting for Naruto because Neji thinks only of himself. In this episode the battle is just getting started (hey thats what Naruto said). Well I'm going top be honest in this episode nobody is really number one. Yet. This has been an Anime King review.