Season 1 Episode 22

Chunin Challenge: Rock Lee vs. Sasuke

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 04, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a one-on-one fight. Naruto grows angry and attacks him, only to be beaten in one attack. Sasuke realizes the challenge and eagerly accepts. But will Sasuke be defeated just as easily by this mysterious ninja? Sasuke's only advantage seems to be his Sharingan, but what happens when not even that will work?moreless

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  • Saskue had it coming

    Yeah that was pretty good Saskue beatdown. That arrogant guy had it coming for awhile. Saskue beatdown is always good, they should sell it on dvd. Anyways Rock Lee beat Saskue up so badly it wasn't even funny. Saskue tried to make it look cool, but Rock Lee just owned him. I wish Rock Lee beat up Sakura too. It was also cool, how he just put Naruto out like a light. This is one of the best beatdown besides his fight with Itachi. I liked seeing Saskue squirm in pain, i wish Rock Lee beat him up more but Gai Sensi stopped him.moreless
  • Really cool how Rock Lee battles Sasuke

    This was really cool how Rock Lee wanted to battle Sasuke. Rock Lee also develops a crush on Sakura but she isn't into him at all until future episodes she starts to like him and being nice to him. Rock Lee seems stronger then Sasuke because he beats him like crazy and he is injured pretty badly poor Sasuke. Naruto wants to challenge Rock Lee but he also looses and Naruto can't even make a scrath on him. Overall this was a really cool episode with the fight agaisnt Sasuke and Rock Lee and let say Naruto also. This episode gets a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight.

    Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight before they register for the Chunin exams. Naruto has to fight Lee first to try and prove he is better than Sasuke. Lee easily knocks Naruto into the wall. Now Sasuke charges at Lee. Lee blocks Sasuke's attack and knocks Sasuke back, much to everyone's surprise. Sasuke now activates his sharingan so he can see what Lee is about to do, but Lee does not seem concerned about Sasuke's sharingan. Sasuke attacks again and once again Lee knocks Sasuke to the ground to everyone's amazement. What trick is allowing Lee to knock Sasuke around like that......moreless
  • Wow...

    Wow this episode was pretty boring for me. So basically Rock Lee beats Sasuke Uchiha very easily with just his taijutsu. The first time I watched this episode it was a little suprising that a guy that has a crush on Sakura could beat Sasuke. But now it's not that really interesting. The only part I liked about this episode really was when Sakura catched Sasuke when he was falling. I like Sasuke and Sakura a lot (People yell duh in the background). Yeah so basically it was real boring and the only reason why I give it a good score is that Sasuke and Sakura forever so yeah. That's my somewhat review.moreless
  • Sasuke and Rock Lee fight.

    Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight. Naruto gets mad because Sasuke is getting all of the attention so he makes one move and he is instantly defeated. Obviously, Naruto is so foolish that he did get defeated. Sasuke seems like he is getting beaten so he uses his Sharingan. His Sharingan doesn't work so well because Rock Lee is using taijutsu and Rock Lee is really fast. Even though Sasuke can see Rock Lee's moves Sasuke's body can't move so fast. I didn't know what Sasuke would do because his position did not seem well. Rock Lee gets ready to use a big move to defeat Sasuke but his teacher shows up to end the fight which freaked Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto how he dressed. Sasuke couldn't believe he lost to such a weird person as Rock Lee, even Naruto couldn't believe it and neither could I but at least that Sharingan didn't go to waste.moreless
Skip Stellrecht

Skip Stellrecht

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Danielle Judovits


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Liam O'Brien (V)

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Richard Cansino

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