Season 2 Episode 1

Clone vs. Clone: Mine are Better than Yours!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 03, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ambush!!!

    Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kabuto are ambushed by ninja from the Rain Village. The Rain Ninja use a special jutsu that creates illusions of themselves. Every time one of the illusions is hit, it just comes back. They also are using real weapons and using the illusions to hide where their attacks come from. Naruto of course charges at them and Kabuto has to intervene to save Naruto from an attack. Naruto then performs his Multi Shadow Clone jutsu and he and his clones attack. The others join in and soon everyone is tired out. Now the Rain Ninja show themselves and .....
  • awsome

    In this episode we see how much stamina Naruto has because even though he is exhausted he was able to punch a Rain Genin. Like Sasuke, I also thought that there was something I didn't like about Kabuto. He and I were correct. Kabuto in the end of this episode it is reviled that he is one of Orochimaru's spies or subordinates. In this episode both Kabuto and Sasuke's team get to the tower. I did like the episode. The episode had a lot of fighting because of the clones. The tricks that there were in this episode was also a good part because we see the trick that team 7 had making Naruto's clones seam like team 7.
  • Team 7 VS the Oboro, another Rain Genin

    Okay, now that the figured out that they have been spotted, it's time to battle the Rain ninjas. There were a lot of them. They attacked Team 7. After a while, they Team 7 was able to work together they beat all the Rain Ninjas. But those were the clones. The real ninjas were hiding behind the clones sending out attacks. Now the real battle starts. Kabuto save them a few times. With hard work from Sasuke using his Sharigun and Naruto using his Shadow Clones, they were able to defeat Oboro. This episode is was a very good episode .
  • Kabuto is a big fat liar poopy doo doo head!!!!!

    Kabuto and Team 7 realize that the Rain Genins' clones are just illusions. Naruto sets up a trap. He disguises his own shadow clones to look like Kabuto, Sasuke, and Sakura. They fight all night, and the Rain Genin think that their opponents are too tired to move. Then the real Sakura, Sasuke, and Kabuto corner them. Naruto struggles, but manages to take down the Rain Genin team and take their scroll. At one point during the battle, Kabuto's eyes turned red. It was cool!!!!! Anwayz, after the battle, the four of them head towards the tower and meet up with Kabuto's team. Team 7 goes in their gate. Kabuto's team goes in their too, except Orochimaru is inside. Kabuto gives him all the information he collected on Team 7. He was lying to them the whole stinkin' time!!!!!
  • Awesome episode, was very exciting

    Naruto and the gang realize they have been caught in an illusionary technique and then they are attacked. Several Clones appear and Naruto tries to get rid of one, but is attacked when he isn't looking. He then uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu and the others join in to help him fight. The real Rain ninja come out when the group is tired and realize they have been tricked when Kabuto, Sasuke, and Sakura appear behind them. They all cloned themselves so that th real Ninjas could come out and show themselves, and Naruto came from the side of them and kicked them and they all died, and Naruto took their heaven scroll.
  • naruto is a ninja

    naruto finle shows what he can do and all with out useing the demon fox, he proves to sasuke that he is not a loser at all, and that he is a true ninja he dose all of the work on his own and he never sayes he is tired. i think it was great in this episode and the ones before to show that naruto is the stronger and most determined of him and sasuke, and that saskue has a real rival in naruto that he will have to really work at if he is ever going to stand a chance agenst naruto.
  • Nice!!

    Naruto and the others take on a group of Rain ninjas. After Naruto formulates a plan, Sasuke offers to finish them off because Naruto has done more than enough. Naruto steps in the way and says that this is his battle to finish. Sasuke wonders how Naruto still have the power to do so. Kabuto and his squad turn out to be spies for Orochimaru. Kabuto is a spy and that means he sneak in to be a Konoha ninja just to get information of other ninjas like Naruto. This episode is not bad and not so good too. But very interesting to know that a weaklooking ninja like Kabuto is actually very strong.
  • The slacker transforms into a ninja.

    This episode finally made Naruto into the character i was hoping he would be. He was building up to it in the 3 or 4 episodes leading up to this one as well as a few glimpses of him in earlier shows aswell. He show un-rivaled determination to prove he is strong enough to be a shinobi. Never once does he admit he is tired, and tho it may be seen as stupid by some it shows me that he is willing to go to almost any length to protect his friends and show sasuke he can handle things himself.
  • Mine are better than yours, indeed!

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat. I like clones. :D They're cool, and we saw a lot of them in this EP. I think what Naruto does is great, how he tricks the other clones. Anyway, Kabuto was great in this EP ... well, until they showed that he was bad. Humph. I liked him. He's cute.

    Anyway ... back to the EP.

    I like this episode mainly for the action. It's actually one of the only ones I saw in The Forset Of Death. I was away at camp while the earlier ones played. I had read the manga, but it was better seeing it in the anime. I got to see Naruto ... lots of Naruto's fighting.

    Anyway, good EP. But I still with Kabuto wasn't a bad guy. :P

  • Average.

    It seems like Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kabuto, were walking in circles thanks to a couple of ninjas illusionary technique. After they realized they were set up, the opposing ninjas did a replication technique to confuse their prey. Naruto used his shadow replication technique to beat all of them down. The ninjas finally revealed themselves, but were set up themselves. Naruto created replications of all of his comrades in order to draw the three ninja out. They did a last ditch effort to save themselves by creating replications, and hiding themselves within it. They were successful, until they got Kabuto mad. Naruto knocked them all out, and took their scroll of heaven. Kabuto and his two comrades entered the tower, and gave Orochimaru a card collecting Sasuke's abilities.

    This episode felt insignificant. In fact, for those of you who are updated with Naruto, it sort of reminds me of the current horrid Naruto fillers; unncessary things are getting too much spotlight. This episode felt like if it was shorter, it'd be so much better. I mean, these ninjas are small fry, yet it took half the episode. Well, it was all because of the style of fighting the illusionary ninjas used, but it just felt a little dragged out at times. Though it most definitely finished strong with the revealing of Kabuto's true colours of being a right hand man to Orochimaru. Plus, it did a good job of creating suspense with Sakura and Naruto opening both scrolls at the same time. We saw the consequences of what happened before, but will it be different because they have both? Who knows, only way to find out is if you watch the next episode.
  • Holy crap Kabuto is.....

    Another great installment in the Naruto series. I really liked the twist that they added in the end of the episode. They revealed that Kabuto is actually a spy for Orochimaru. Now, Orochimaru has information about the fighting style of Naruto.

    This episode shows how much better Naruto has gotten since the start of the show. We see that his chakra is so great that he can pull off a multiple shadow clone technique and transform three of the clones into his companions. Also he was able to hold the jutsu until dawn. Even after fighting overnight he still had the energy to defeat the enemy ninjas which was incredible. Also in the episode we see the effects on the curse mark that Orochimaru gave to Sasuke. Whenever Sasuke uses the Sharingan he gets a sharp pain.

    This is a great episode because we see the growth of Naruto. Even his own teammates couldn't believe that it was the same guy.
  • The episode sounds so cool, I can't believe I'm going to miss it.

    I can't believe I'm going to miss this one when it's on tv! it sounds so cool! I wish I could see it but my grandma watches tv at the time when it will be on! It's so upsetting! I want to see it so much but I can't! Maybe I'll get lucky and catch it when it's on on a week day. I hope I get to see it. Naruto is the best show ever! Hinata is so cool! I can't think of anything else to type. Why do these reviews have to be so long? I don't wanna type a lot.
  • Well I had my suspicions all along that Kabuto was no good.

    Well I had my suspicions all along that Kabuto was no good so it didn't come as a surprise at all that he was a spy. Naruto has got all this power in him from a nine tailed fox demon if only he could learn to control it. It's amazing how goofy he acts with somebody who has that much power, which really sets this anime from the norm where in most other animes people with a lot of power would gloat a lot and are very uptight about. I guess Naruto can gloat too, but it seems more goofy, not villainish-like. I wish I could jump as high as those ninjas, maybe if I work out my legs then I can. Also I think Naruto is set in another dimension like "Full Metal Alchemist" because we don't have Chakra, or giant trees and insects and animals.
  • Wow I can't believe Kabuto turns out to be a spy for Orochimaru!Naruto kicked a** and finally people are starting to notice how powerful he is especially Sasuke.

    this was one of my favorite episodes because Naruto was awesome and He did all the work without having to get saved by sasuke and he had the smart plan with the shadow clones.Naruto really showed his potential and powerful chakra, even Sasuke couldn't believe that this was the same Naruto.Can't wait till the next episode.
  • One of the best episodes

    This is one of the best episodes to me because Naruto finally shows off some of his power and destroys those ninjas trying to take their scrol. The other ninjas have shadowclone jutsu, but there shadowclones are illusions which can grow back after being destroyed. They recieve some help from Kabuto, but little do they know that he is working with Orochimaru and has recorded the battle on one of his cards.
  • I like this episode because Kabuto... An Anime King review.

    I like this episode because Kabuto is in it.It had one of my 2nd rate favorite characters. That new character was Kabuto. (SPOILER) But sadly he turns out to be evil. He was just a spy from the sound village. He is working for Orochimaru the dude that gave Sasuke the seal. (I hope he dies). I am mad that Kabuto is evil but ol' well.
    This has been an Anime King review.

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