Season 8 Episode 19

Crisis: The Hidden Leaf 11 Gather!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 13, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto meets an old man, a construction worker named Gennou. However, when Gennou steals plans for some of the building in Konoha, he is pursued by the ANBU. It turns out Gennou is actually an expert Trap User ninja and was listed in the Bingo Book. After Gennou blows himself up with exploding tags strapped to his chest, the plans go missing. Fearing an invasion of Konoha from whoever hired Gennou, Tsunade asks Shikamaru to have himself and the ten Konoha Genin to keep an eye on things. When they can't find information from anybody, there is only one person who might be able to give them the information they need...Naruto.moreless

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    • Naruto: You need to loosen up a little bit, Sakura. (Eats some ramen) You've been hanging around too many crabby people. Grandma Tsunade, Shino, Ino, Kiba, Kakashi-sensei, you're all crabs.
      Sakura: We wouldn't be so crabby if you weren't such a jerk!
      Naruto: See, you're doing it again! Just what I'm talking about... (Sakura hits him) Ow!
      Sakura: You need to learn some manners.
      Naruto: Hey!
      Sakura: That's nothing compared to what the others are going to do when I tell them what you said.

    • Shikamaru: This assignment sounds like a drag.
      Tsunade: Nonetheless, I'll be counting on you to handle it. That's why I'm asking you to remain stationed in the village.
      Shikamaru: But in order to get this job done, I'm going to need more men than you've given me.
      Shizune: We haven't got a single man to spare, so you'll just have to make due with what you've got.
      Tsunade: Under the circumstances, they're the best I can do.
      Shikamaru: The best, huh?

    • Naruto: Doesn't it seem kinda deserted around here?
      Sakura: This place is like a ghost town. They must all be inside because of the special security alert.
      Naruto: What?! Special security alert?! How come nobody told me about it?!
      Sakura: As a ninja you should notice these kinds of things.
      Naruto: But if we're under a special security alert, that means the village is in a state of emergency. Why didn't anyone tell us about it?
      Sakura: Maybe that's why Lady Tsunade wants to see us.

    • Sakura: Would you quit pacing around like that? Calm down.
      Naruto: It's already past the time we were supposed to meet.
      Shino: Not quite. To be accurate, it's still twenty seconds till.
      Neji: Guess he made it.
      Choji: (Shows up eating some chips) What's up? You guys waiting for anyone else?
      Ino: Can you tell me why you're always the last to arrive?

    • Shikamaru: As I'm sure you're all aware by now that the village has been placed under an S-level security alert. You're probably wondering why.
      Kiba: Last night's smokescreen, right?
      Naruto: You guys knew that was a smokescreen?
      Neji: Of course.
      Shino: My insects made quite a fuss over it.
      Choji: Really? That's funny, I didn't notice anything.
      Ino:(Yelling) Maybe you should stop eating and open your eyes!

    • Naruto: It's impossible. Old man Gennou didn't have a mean bone in his body. He's just a sweet old man who loved the ramen at Ichiraku. He's not the kind of person who would do that; he wouldn't destroy the Hidden Leaf Village.
      Shikamaru: Come on, Naruto. You thought he was a nice guy, but it was all an act. He wanted us to let our guard down, so when he got here, he played the part of the harmless old carpenter to avoid suspicion.
      Naruto: You can't love ramen that much and be bad.
      Choji: No, bad guys like ramen. They love it.
      Shikamaru: Choji, maybe if you try and talk some sense into him, he'll listen.
      Choji: Though I've got to admit, I've never seen a bad person eat at Ichiraku's, ever.
      Naruto: Told ya!
      Shikamaru: (Sarcastically) That's great, thanks for helping me out, Choji.

    • Shikamaru: I guess I never really expected this guy to leave any clues laying around the place he lived.
      Choji: Found it!
      Shikamaru: Huh? What did you find?
      Choji: A lovely variety of Udon Noodles. He's got sweet, savory, and super thin.
      Shikamaru: We didn't come here to look for food.

    • Gai: So then, you think someone is planning an attack against the Hidden Leaf Village, right?
      Shizune: For now that's all we've got. It's the only possible explanation. Why else would they want those plans? Besides, Gennou's last words support that theory.
      Tsunade: Even with the blueprints, it should take time to plan their assault, but we can't gamble our lives on that. We must assume the enemy can attack us at any time. I'm going to authorize an S-level security alert. Leave only those necessary to guard the village and send every available man to secure the borders.

    • Chouji: I didn't notice it.
      Ino: You're so slow!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Sheesh, you're too strict, Sakura! It's probably because there are annoying people like Granny Tsunade and the others around, you know there's Shino and then Ino and then Kiba and Kakashi-sensei... but I wonder if Sakura is one as well?

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: There sure are a lot of new buildings around here.
      Sakura: This is part of recent construction efforts, I hear.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shikamaru: If the blueprints have already been delivered to the enemy, then Konoha could be destroyed again. To avoid this, the special guard status was announced this morning.
      Kiba: So what's our mission?
      Shikamaru: To investigate the room from which the blueprints were stolen and to retrieve them. That's our mission.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Oh yeah, Shikamaru, did you see that weird fog last night?
      Sakura: Stop it! You were just dreaming!
      Shikamaru: There was no fog.
      Sakura: See? Just like he said.
      Shikamaru: That was a smokescreen.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: There are no bad people among ramen lovers!
      Chouji: No. That is incorrect, Naruto.
      Shikamaru: Chouji, tell him the way it is.
      Chouji: There are no bad people who love Ichiraku ramen.
      Naruto: Chouji!
      Shikamaru: Damn it! Those two...

      ~Japanese version

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