Season 2 Episode 30

Dancing Leaf, Squirming Sand

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 09, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Goes back to its usual course of nothing happening in an episode.

    With Shikamaru's brilliant fight against Temari, this episode follows up. No one knows where Sasuke is yet, Kazekage keeps on urging Hokage to delay the match, and more of Naruto's constant gibberish. It's a variation of Dragonball Z's fillers, just not as bad. Finally when Sasuke does appear, which is the second half of the episode, the most anticipated match between Sasuke and Gaara STILL doesn't start. It mostly revolved around a feudal lord wanting to win a bet by sending out two ninjas to assassinate Gaara, which ends up failing hard. Though despite my ranting, this episode wasn't as bad as the past couple filler episodes. Rock Lee and Gai entered the stadium and because Rock Lee has become one of the best characters in the show, his flashbacks and reminiscing isn't as bad as say, Neji's.
  • Sasuke returns just in the nick of time.

    The crowd is getting extremely restless waiting for Sasuke to show up. Naruto is getting agitated too. The Sand Village Kazekage insists on giving Sasuke ten more minutes to make it. The 3rd Hokage agrees and they wait ten minutes for Sasuke. Just as time is up and Genma, the match proctor, is about to call the match; Kakashi and Sasuke show up in a whirlwind of leaves. Sasuke has just made it in time. Naruto tells Sasuke that he has to win because Naruto wants to fight him in the final match. Gaara makes his way down to the field....
  • He is back!

    The Hokage had given Sasuke a time limit to come to the arena because so many people were anxious to see the fight. I was even anxious to see the fight. I knew Sasuke would be there on time and well I was right. Sasuke did show up at the last minute with Kakashi. I was glad that Sasuke had finally come. Garra killed a pair of ninjas on his was to the arena. Shikamaru and Naruto were both shaking when they saw what Garra had done. I don't blame them. Overall this episode went very well. There were moments of suspense with the coming of Sasuke and the thing that Garra had done.
  • Eh, it was OK. But I like to give all Naruto episodes a 10 to make them feel special.

    Shikamaru and Temari's match is over, with Shikamaru actually being the victor, but forfieting the match, so Temari actually won even though she didn't defeat him. With Naruto beating Neji, Genma postponing Sasuke and Gaara's match, Kankuro forfieting to Shino, and Temari beating Shikamaru, it is now time for Sasuke's match to start, but there's still no sign of him. The spectators are starting to get restless. Lord Hokage is about to call of the battle, but Lord Kazekage convinces him to allow Sasuke 10 minutes to arrive. Lord Hokage agrees. in the last 5 seconds, Sasuke and Kakashi show up in the arena, and Gaara goes down to start the match.
  • Waiting...

    It's time for Sasuke's match against Gaara, only Sasuke has yet to show up. Normally they'd disqualify him, but everyone's anxiously awaiting the match. Therefore, they give Sasuke a time limit before disqualifying him. Anyway, this episode is just waiting. It is boring and is without a plot. Nothing happens. Sasuke shows up and with Kakashi and A new powerful move called Chidori . The above is true but the match between the two strongest don't begin until the middle of the next episode. Basically, this episode is mostly all very much filler zone, like the pre time skip episodes.
  • Ok that was a BAD one and I mean a BAD one!!!!!!!!

    I like to wach Saska fight. I love to wach Graar use his sand. But this it was just sad. Saska did not fight half as good as her dose most of the time and Graar used his sand to much. In my mind Saska and Naruto should fight (Both have slimer stiles so it would be a prety invoved fight.) and Graar and Negi should fight (Both have anger probels so they would be going head to head alot and a lot more spelial moves). In my mind if they had put all of a neosecend of think this throgth this would be ALOT better then it is now.
  • Nothing happened, and Sasuke isn't "All That" if you ask me.

    Seriously thought, this episode pretty much had me and my sister laughing so hard! Mainly because we're not really Sasuke fans. Not to say we're against him, but we just dont see what the big deal is. So you should have seen how badly we were making fun of him when he was all "I'm Sasuke UCHIHA" we were like "oooooooooh" WHO CARES! Seriously, he's lost my interest, especially since he's been MIA for the last million episodes. All and all this was really just a filler episode, we were kinda disappointed there was no fight, but after seeing the previews for the next episode we have reason to believe we may start supporting him. Its not like we'd ever support Garra after what he did to Lee! Of course, Sasuke will only have our support until he fights Naurto at which point out support shall go back to its orginal party. I did feel really bad for Lee, just because he really wanted so much to be were Naruto and Sasuke are now, it really makes my heart acke for him, but his fight with Garra will still always be a favorite.
  • This episode was boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnng.

    This episode was the most boring thing on TV I have ever seen, aside from the part where Gaara crushed those 2 lowlifes in the corridor. I was expecting a big battle, not a big bore. I hope this show does not have any more episodes like this again. This episode stunk.
  • why did i wait a whole week to see this... you go from a personal favorite episode to an episode that should only be 5 minutes long.

    If I could decribe this episode in as few words as possible i would say "Zzzzzzzzz..... what a drag...". its episodes like this that i gave the naruto series a 9.8 instead of a 10. The entire episode was built around the fact that the next episode is going to have a fight between two main charecters. I mean come on the most interesting things that happened was talk about shikamaru's great stratigic skills, Rock Lee making it to the arena just in time to see sasuka's and Garra's match, more of Garra's emo blood baths (dont get me wrong Garra is a personal fav but come on..), oh and yes chojis giant pile of potato chip bags. If you missed this episode id say you didnt miss much and you'd be better off just skipping this episode unless you like seeing sasuke's new look or more Garra related deaths.
  • ok the guy with "cloud envy's" fight is finaly over and he admitted defeat, then saske is late to his own match i cant believe he would do that but with kikashi as a trainer hey you better be ready to be late

    ok i thought this was a pretty good episode even though it lacked action witch is ok i guess... and i would like to make a prediction i think naruto is going to end up fighting gaara, and i dont mean to be off topic but thats what i think it will all lead up to. but to make a long story short i am going to rate this episode a little above a 7 but it doesn\'t get my full 8.0 score due to lack of action but it does tell you a lot of important things about the characters and you get to learn about gaara a little more so i think the next episode is going to be great
  • this episode is just stupid.

    Why is this episode stupid its because they were just rushing with this episode I freakin hate this episode there was no fight man I hate this episode the next episode I hope wont be bad as this its not the worst episode but it was just boring a 5.4 out of 10.
  • Sasuke get there.

    The episode is about when Shikamaru's match ends and Sasuke's starts. But only one thing is wrong: No Sasuke! They were going to disquilify Sasuke but since everyone wants to see this match he is allowed to fight. So he comes with Kakashi. Naruto says that he wants to fight Sasuke one day and Sasuke says he wants to fight Naruto as well. So he starts his match with the scary mysterious, dangerous, Gaara. So he uses a technique that an old friend used. I forgot that Sasuke's clothes went from blue to black and he looks emo now. lol
  • where in the world is Sasuke?!?...An Anime King review.

    Where in the world is Sasuke you ask? Actually he shows up. But at the last minute. And he makes an entrance with Kakashi which makes me think that Sasuke has gotten srtonger and probaly learned a few moves too. This is the match that the crowd has been itching for, here it comes, Sasuke vs. Gaara! This has been an Anime King review.