Season 3 Episode 13

Deadlock! Sannin Showdown

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 14, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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With Tsunade in her current condition, and Jiraiya still under the effects of the drug, Tsunade and Jiraiya must work together to defeat Orochimaru. With all three ninja having summoned their signature beasts, it's sure to be one heck of a battle!

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  • Three familiar friends battle each other.

    One of the more underrated fights in Naruto, just like Orochimaru vs. Sarutobi, this is a high level fight fought between true elites. What heightened its experience is how each of the Sannin ninjas summoned their strongest summons. The battle was tight and all, one thing I didn't get was why Orochimaru was never blown into a million pieces from Tsunade's punches. They didn't answer that, maybe we are to assume the body Orochimaru used is invincible to physical attacks? Whatever the case, it pushes the story forward with Tsunade accepting the role as the Fifth Hokage and even closed out pretty humorously with the whole sequence between Tsunade and Naruto.moreless
  • A fight scene worthy of appreciation!

    This episode concluded the Sannin battle, which both started and ended with a great, big bang!

    Though the episode's ACTUAL ending gave of a soppy, happy, 'oh joy,every thing's all right again' sort of feel (which just destroyed it, really), it was a great episode, with a great fight scene. Despite that Orochimaru is notably my favourite anime character ever, I love this fight, which consists mainly of him being beaten almost out of consciousness by Tsunade, who I don't particularly like. You should have to pity him, even if he IS a psychotic killer, because, with his arms sealed, he can't really do much, and was basically rather pathetic nearer the end of the episode. I loved it all, the tongue strangling, Manda's making Kabuto upset (Hah! In HIS face :P), Gamatatsu's idiocy and the whole Oro vs Tsu fight scene. Just a great episode.moreless
  • Katsuyu and Gamabunta team up and fight Manda while Tsunade fights Orochimaru. Finally Orochimaru flees.

    The episode was good. The fight between Katsuyu and Gamabunta against Manda was good and very interesting to see how they fight and especially teamed up. The fight that took a lot of strength to complete was with Tsunade and Orochimaru. It was hard to believe that Orochimaru was still standing up with all of those punches that Tsunade was giving him. Even if she needed some time to get stronger and heal she still fought as if she had a lot of strength left. At the end Tsunade won the fight and Orochimaru with Kabuto flead. The fight was the only thing happening in this episode which had to be a good part of the episode.moreless
  • The 3 Sannin battle it out.

    This episode starts out with the 3 Sannin (Jaraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru) with their signature animals (Katsuyu, Gamabunta, and Manda). Katsuyu starts the battle by spitting an acid ball at Manda who dodges it and attacks Katsuyu by wrapping himself around her to squeeze and crush her. Gamabunta charges in with his dagger, but Manda catches the dagger with his mouth. Tsunade jumps off of Katsuyu in order for it to split into smaller versions of itself and escape Manda's grasp. Gamabunta then releases his hold on the dagger and dodges when Manda spits/throws it at him. It lands in front of Katsuyu and Tsunade uses it to get back up on top. Manda charges at Gamabunta. Jaraiya asks Gamabunta to spit an oil ball at Manda and uses a jutsu to ignite the oil into a fireball. Jaraiya thinks they have won until he noticed that Manda shed his skin to avoid the fireball. Manda then comes up from under the ground and is about to bite Gamabunta when Tsunade uses Gamabunta's dagger to stab Manda in the mouth and pin him to the ground. Orochimaru then uses his tongue and wraps it around Tsunade's neck to strangle her. She gets out of his grip and uses his tongue to pull him to her in order to pummell him. This fight lasts a while. Orochimaru gets away and swears he will return to destroy the Leaf Village. The episode ends with Tsunade accepting the Hokage title and Naruto challenging her to another fight which instead of like last time, she kisses him on the forehead and says he will be hokage some day....moreless
  • Jirya, Orochimary, and Tsunade battle it out in the open field. Orochimaru slammed down Jirya with his snake tongue. Tsunade was beating the mess out of Orochimaru. Naruto almost died from a recoil of the rasengan from Kabuto; but didnt' cause of tears.moreless

    This epsiode was so fun to watch omg. it was so exciting. I loved the way Tsunade was punchin the mess out of Orochimaru she kept on hitting him in the mouth in the face and everywhere. And my cousin pointed out something that i haven't relized when i did watch that orochimaru wasnt getting really damaged. because of that immortaility jutsu. Then you could really see his makeup coming off. but this epsiode was really good. and another thing tsunade slug like omg that things was just addorable like whoa.... i am so serious!!!. it was just as sweet and plump and everything.moreless

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    • Tsunade: Give my regards to Hell!
      (Tsunade punches Orochimaru)

    • Naruto: Unbelievable, I'm out of it for a few minutes and I wake up to find out that she's the Hokage!
      Jiraiya: Is something bothering you Naruto? What's wrong?
      Naruto: Come on. Shouldn't the Hokage be kind and wise and everything like the old man used to be? And she's, well, mean and greedy. And with a nasty temper. And she's not all that smart. Nothing personal or anything, but it's a big job and I'm not sure she's up to it.
      Shizune: Right, well, Lady Tsunade, are you ready to order something?
      Naruto: On top of that, she's a fifty year-old lady who uses jutsu to look like a twenty year-old woman. I just wonder if we want a Hokage like that? You know, someone who's living a lie?
      Tsunade: You want to take this outside, kid?!
      Shizune: Aieee!!
      Jiraiya: (Thinking) Here we go. It's deja vu all over again.

    • Manda: He made me clumsy and careless. I'd eat you both right now, but I won't be eating solid food for weeks thanks to this hole in my mouth. But if we meet again, well he better hope we don't.

    • Manda: I'm going to pop you like a balloon, you stinkin' dirty toad!
      Gamabunta Then please go ahead and try it. I've always wanted a snake skin wallet.

    • Kabuto: (Thinking) If Manda finds out that his master can't use any of his jutsu, he's more than likely to betray us. This is a mistake! No matter how hopeless things looked, he shouldn't have summoned Manda. Not in his condition.

    • Gamabunta: Manda and Orochimaru... Katsuya and Tsunade... The dear old faces reunited once again. Did you bring a hankie, Jiraiya? (Sarcastically) I think I'm going to cry.

    • Gamatatsu: How ya doin', daddy?
      (Manda looks at them)
      Gamakichi: Uh oh! He's looking at us! Watch out! Gamatatsu, time to skedaddle! (Runs off)
      Gamatatsu: What? But it's just getting exciting.
      Gamakichi: Shut up and get moving!

    • Manda: Hey, do you want to become a dried toad, eh?!
      Gamabunta: I just happened to want a snake skin wallet, you know...

      ~Japanese version

    • Manda: Hey, Orochimaru! Prepare at least 100 sacrifices for me later!
      Kabuto: (Thinking) Even if he is here at Orochimaru's call...if Manda found out that Orochimaru can't use his techniques, I'm sure he will betray us.

      ~Japanese version

    • Manda: I wanted to kill and eat you all, but I can't even open my mouth... The next time we meet, be ready to face the consequences!

      ~Japanese version

    • Manda: (To Kabuto) Since when do I talk to you kid? Don't talk to me like you know me you little punk!

      ~Japanese version

    • Manda: Hey, Orochimaru! Don't summon me to such a troublesome place!
      (Orochimaru remains silent)
      Manda: Hey, you bastard, I'm talking to you!

      ~Japanese version

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