Season 6 Episode 8

Deep Cover: A Super S-Rank Mission

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

This episode begins with medical ninja's running around the ramen stand searching for Naruto. As the medical ninjas run past the ramen stand, a person wearing a black hood reveals to be Naruto.
Naruto finishes his bowl of ramen and asks the chef for more. Shizune appears behind Naruto and says that he snuck out of the hospital and he is probably thinking of sneaking out to train. Naruto smiles and asks the medical ninjas if they want some.
A second later Naruto is on the ground and tied up. Shizune pays for the bill as Naruto struggles at the rope. Naruto says that he is fine. Shizune replies by saying that Naruto may look ok on the outside but he is still beat up. Naruto says that he is not and he needs to train to become stronger.
He also says he needs to keep his promise to Sakura. Sakura is standing on a bridge and says that she is pathetic right now. A flashback is shown now when Sakura told Naruto to bring Sasuke back. She also says that she could not do it and she was not able to stop Sasuke.
The flashback finishes with Sakura saying that the only person who could bring Sasuke back. Back in the presence Sakura says that she only cried and relied on Naruto and that she could not do anything.
Sakura also says that Naruto could have lost his life; he would have brought Sasuke back. Sakura is then shown at her house packing a large pack and saying what she could do for Sasuke right now.
She says that this time she will risk her life to bring Sasuke back. Back in Naruto's hospital room he tries to free his hands from a rope. Shizune says that it's pointless that he can't break those ropes.
Naruto tells her that she should check up on him more often. He says he needs to start training so he can become stronger. Shizune says that he should listen to the medical team and rest quietly. Just then somebody knocks on the door.
Shizune tells the person to come in. Sakura is the one at the door. Naruto waves to her and says he is sorry about him being tied up and if he could he would be moving a lot sooner. Shizune says that his regenerative powers are amazing but he can't over do it.
Naruto says that he is fine. But Shizune tells him to bear it a little longer the Shizune leaves. Naruto asks Sakura if she could just wait a little longer and says that he will keep that promise no matter what.
Sakura says that it is fine and that all she did was depend on Naruto and she did nothing. Naruto ask if anything happened. Sakura says no and also states that now that she has seen Naruto's cheerful face she is relieved.
Sakura goes to the door and opens it and says that this time she will do her best then she leaves. Jiraiya appears on Naruto's bed and says that he heard Naruto suck out of the hospital.
He also states that Naruto wants to train that badly. Naruto is surprised to see Jiraiya there and he says that he is eating his apple. Jiraiya says that Naruto seems to be doing fine. He also states that Naruto is doing better then he thought and that he could untie those ropes right away.
Naruto mentions the training and those they could wait a little bit because he has something to do. In the 5ths office Jiraiya appears and the 5th asks if he was peeping, Jiraiya says he does not peep on old women and the 5th gets mad. Jiraiya says it was a joke and has a favor to ask of the 5th.
Later at night, Naruto remembers when Sakura came and said that this time she will do her best. Naruto says that she might be going after Sasuke. Naruto struggles with the ropes and finally rips them off.
Sakura is then shown running though the forest. Sakura looks back and that village and jumps down from the branch she was on. She says this might be her last farewell and Naruto appears behind her.
Sakura says that she knows what Naruto is thinking and that no matter what she tries she can't do anything. But she was always just sitting around doing nothing on depending on everybody else. But this time she will do things by herself. Naruto says he won't stop her but he is going with her.
Naruto says that even though it is only he and Sakura there are a three man team! Jiraiya appears and Sakura says that he is one of the legendary Sannin.
Jiraiya says that if Naruto and Sakura leave the village they will be considered missing-ninjas and will be hunted down Naruto says that it is useless to try and stop them. Jiraiya says that he will not stop them and that they have a mission form the 5th.
The mission is to investigate The rice filed country where the hidden sound village is located, the mission requires a 3 man team and Jiraiya accepts both of them as his students from there on out!
Back in the 5th's office. She remembers what Jiraiya told her and that he wanted her to issue a special mission. Jiraiya says that he will protect Sakura and Naruto with his life.
Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya run though the forest and Sakura sees Sasuke running though the forest in front of them.
The team arrives at the county in the morning and Jiraiya says that this is Orochimaru's stronghold. Naruto says it disappointing because he though Orochimaru's men would rush out.
Jiraiya says that they are not in the hidden village they are in just another country. Naruto asks where the hidden village is.
Jiraiya says that he does not know and that is why they were sent to look for it. Jiraiya says that they will go looking for people and where there is people there are women.
Naruto say that Jiraiya's bad habit is kicking in. The team arrives at a deserted street. Sakura and Naruto say that it looks like nobody is there bur Jiraiya senses people.
Jiraiya tells Naruto to give him his wallet and Naruto does and Jiraiya heads off into the town. Jiraiya look around the town and a bunch of red eyes are glaring at him but he does not seem to notice.
He goes up to an old building and says he smells face powder and goes in. Women greet him and some of the girls call him a sucker and are going to get all of his money.
Jiraiya goes and sits at a table and asks for women and sake. Naruto is sitting on a rock and Sakura standing next to it. Naruto says that even though they gave him money he won't gather information.
Back in the building, Jiraiya says that countries differ but he is glad there are pretty young girls everywhere. One of the women asks him if he wants to move into a different room.
The other says that they want a more in depth talk with him. The owner comes up and gives Jiraiya the bill.
Jiraiya asks if she is drunk because the bill has too many zeros. The woman says that it is a joke and rings a bell on her skirt. A door opens and a huge group of men are there.
The three girls run and Jiraiya looks over and the men all have huge weapons! The woman says if he wants to live he will leave his stuff here and run. Jiraiya laughs and says that is what it is about.
Back with Naruto and Sakura, Sakura says that Jiraiya is late. Naruto says that he is sick of waiting Sakura hears a sound in the bushes and multiple kunais come flying at them. Naruto dodges and throws some of his own kunais at the person in the bushes.
The person jumps out of the bushes and pulls out more kunais. Naruto lands and asks the person if he is one of Orochimaru's students. The person says he got it wrong and pulls out a smoke bomb and throws it at the ground below and disappears in the smoke.
When the smoke clears spikes cover the ground below. Jiraiya screams and runs out of the town. Naruto asks Jiraiya what he did. Jiraiya says they will discuss it later but they should run!
Naruto says that he will use his Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) But Jiraiya tells him that the people are just bodyguards and there is no point in using ninja arts!
Naruto and Sakura run and Sakura says how they will find Sasuke this way. The person that attacked Naruto and Sakura before is seen running though the forest. The person is running to an entrance!