Season 6 Episode 8

Deep Cover: A Super S-Rank Mission

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 02, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Finally, they are calling Sakura out.

    I have long known that Sakura was a completely worthless Shinobi... it's about time that they finally addressed it. It was nice that it was her coming to terms with her own lack of abilities, though. I mean, she has excellent chakra control, but she doesn't use it for anything. Seeing as how Inner Sakura doesn't really surface anymore, she really has nothing, and I always wondered why she was on Squad 7.

    It's nice to finally hear someone in the show voice how worthless she is as a shinobi. Sure, she may be a key character to Naruto and Sasuke's characters, because they try to impress her and protect her and everything, but she really has no jutsu of her own. Sasuke has his Sharingan and Chidori, as well as the Cursed Mark... Naruto has Shadow Clones, Rasengan and the Nine-Tailed Fox... And then, you have Sakura... as far as I recall, the only thing I've seen her actually DO is break a genjutsu when the Sand/Sound Villages attacked the Leaf Village.

    As far as the episode is concerned, it's pretty much the same old Naruto episode... Naruto calls Jiraiya "Pervy Sage," Jiraiya protests, then takes Naruto's money to go scam on chicks. Nothing really new or impressive, story-wise.
  • Decent

    Although this could be described as one of Naruto's downfalls because of all the damn filler, at least this episode was pretty decent. Its transition from post rescue Sasuke arc to finding Sasuke went pretty well for a filler, although all the nonsense that went on afterwards will make you go wtf. Jiraiya, like when he went off to find Tsunade, prefers to go partying with girls instead of actually focusing on his mission, and some of the scenes in this episode seemed like it was made from amateur flash users. What I liked though is that Sakura's character was developed a little bit. For about the entirety of the anime, Sakura has never been assertive of herself, but that changes quite a bit in this episode.
  • Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura go on a mission to find the Village Hidden in the Sound.

    Naruto sneaks out of the hospital to get his daily fix of ramen. He gets caught and is dragged back to the hospital. They pass by Sakura and she reflects on how Naruto took it on himself to bring Sasuke back. She feels that she has to do something. She packs her backpack and goes to see Naruto in the hospital. Naruto figures out what Sakura is about to do and breaks out of the hospital again. He confronts Sakura as she is leaving town, but instead of stopping her he insists that he go along. Just then Jiraiya shows up to tell them...
  • read for more...

    Jiraiya, Naruto and Sakaura go on a mission to investigate the sound village.So Jiraiya takes Naruto and sakura's money and goes into town to get info about the sound village.While Naruto and Sakura are waiting for Jiraiya outside if the village, they get attaked by a mysterious ninja, then the ninja runs off. After that, they se Jiraiya running frm the village by some tough gys because he couldn't pay the tavern bill. My favorite part of this episode was when Jiraiya shook the heck out of naruto to see if he had any more money. i really liked this episode! Fianl grade:A! ^_^
  • May the Fillers start with Sakura and Naruto leaveing the Leaf Village!

    This episode is not in the manga, meaning that this is a FILLER! YAY! This is the first of meny fillers in the season. Well any way, the episode starts with Nartuo at the ramen bar after sneaking out of the hospital and Shinzune comes and takes Naruto back. She ties him to the bed that most ninja can't even get out of. Sskura descides that she needs to send things into her own matter of saveing Sauske and descides to go find the Hidden Sound Village. Before she leaves though, Jariya talked to Tsunade into sending him, Naruto, and Sakura to find the Hidden Sound Village as a mission. Sakura is almost at the gate out of the village but Naruto shows up ready to go to. He was able to break out of his room again but then Jariya comes and tells them if they leave the village not on a mission, they would be rouge ninja. So Jariya tells them he has to take them to the Land of Rice Patties. Is Jariya really gonna help them, or just be up to his old tricks?
  • Sakura does something drastic. Again.

    *rolls eyes* Well, Sakura decided to change. Again. Will it work this time? Who knows. Anyway, Sakura decides to try and go after Sasuke on her own. Naruto goes after her, and the two are stopped by Jiraiya, who has special orders from Tsunade to take them after Sasuke himself. So they're going along, and they come to a town and Jiraiya goes off looking for women, leaving Sakura and Naruto on their own. The two are soon found by a ninja that is CLEARLY a girl, I don't know why they think she's a guy... Anyway, they ran around and did stuff, your typical episode, the end.
  • Filler enough said

    Well welcome to the filler arc well this episode is not really like a filler but is if you catch my drift. See this episode is a filler because it has no meaning sure stuff happens but nothing to make or break a series or arc/season. In this episode Naruto is teamed up with Sakura and Jiraiya. Jiraiya has some info on Orochimaru and Sasuke. So they go and blah blah blah. I mean come on some on please skip this and go to shippuuden please. America listen to your people skip the filler arc and go to Shippuuden please. Everyone agree right?. Any way this episode is good and I guess the filler arc is ok but not great some characters grow like Hinta. The end
  • First filler episode.

    It was nothing too much. At the beggining Naruto had to be strapped and tied down to a bed. When Sakura came in, it was cool I guess. When she left, the look she had kind of scared me(in a good way). It kind of made me realize what she was going to do. When Naruto ripped out that was also cool I guess. I kind of can't believe that Tsunade would assign a mission like that to them, they are genin. I guess she felt sorry(in a good way I guess). This episode was great, nothing too much happened, but I expected much worse from what other people have been telling me.
  • Sure it was a filler but still good.

    Though this episode might have been a filler it was still a very very very very very very very very exciting episode for me to watch. It showed a lot of the Sakura Naruto pairing my favourite Naruto couple. It also shows Narutos strength and determanation to save Sasuke and to protect Sakura. So id say it was a good episode for people who want to see Sakura and Naruto get together.