Season 9 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • this in fact is a very special ep becuase the fillers are finally DONE!! the next ep will be named Naruto Hurrican something i think, everyone wil be grown up and learned new moves and so on, cannot wait for it

    when we last left garra he was half transformed ready to fight against the ulimate weapon form the other village, then it goes back to the flackback of when he fought Naruto for the first time and asked why do you have so much strenght? and so on, garra then de-transformed to fight with his own power using his will to force the beast back, and well as you can guess he wins, so then everyone goes back to the village and Ino who felt "left out" during the mission wanted to be a medical ninja, ten-ten was anrgy for being left out as well and starting fight with lee and everyone said that they will have to train harder before naruto comes back so they can be stronger than him Omg i cannot wait for the new episode to come out