Season 9 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • The Gaara fight starts and ends, with Gaara on top. Naruto and Gaara are both sent to the Konoha hospital, without any severe injuries. Now Naruto is setting out for his journey with Jiraiya.

    The fight between Semei and Gaara rages on. Gaara's inner demon was taking control, but he supressed it back into here. Even without his demon and a low amount of chakra Gaara is very strong. He defeted Semei, and left himself hurt. He had a few cuts and was low on chakra, but not severe. Naruto also had a few bad cuts. So they rushed to the Konoha hospital. After Naruto healed he got ready to head out to train with Jiraiya. Naruto and Iruka ate two bowls of ramen, before Naruto left. They said their goodbyes, then Naruto headed out. He stopped a second to look at the fourth hokage's statue. He asked him in his thoughts, to watch him.