Season 9 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • This was THE best way to begin Naruto Part 2. Besides that, it was the best filler saga.

    After all of the filler episodes that have dragged on, this one made me sit on the edge of my seat! I am a diehard Naruto fan and I commend the writers on this last filler. They really did wrap up a lot of things all in one. I think it is genius to transition into the rescue Gaara Arc in this manner. They end with a filler of someone trying to steal Shukaku, and Gaara overcoming that, and now they move into the Rescue Gaara Arc where Akatsuki is involved with trying to get Gaara's demon. The anticipation is finally over, however and now Naruto is back from his 2 1/2 years of traning. I cannot wait to see the new characters. Excitement is running through my body right now!