Season 9 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Apochairetisms Naruto!

    The conclusion of Naruto, and what a beautifully way to do so. A conclusion with Gaara's fight and being able to maintain control of Shukaku with his own will and signalling that he will also grow to be a fine shinobi in the future and what he will become in the future. Gaara and Naruto both have some serious training to do over the 2 years as do everyone else. Ino to be a medical ninja and Tenten who also was left out of the whole thing. Loved how she was angry at Lee for this, she should be smacking Shikamaru.

    Hinata and Neji getting along great as they train together. Ino goes to study to be a medical ninja under Tsunade as a junior towards Sakura. Naruto and Iruka have their last father-son outing before leaving. Such goodness! (And even Tanor noticing his departure sees him off at the gates, a marker for Naruto to get stronger so the two can properly fight since the Chunin Exams). I'll give this a perfect score as Gaara was able to keep his word to his pupil and defend his friends, and control Shukaku too as a transition from this to when Gaara becomes the targeted once again heh.

    These filler were long and adventurous for me, and I loved a handful of them, not all were bad. Especially towards the end of Season 8 and a handful in Season 9. Now I'm off for my own training. Hehe, so I'll say Apochairetisms to Naruto and Charete to Naruto: Shippuden!