Season 7 Episode 19

Despair: A Fractured Heart

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • You must be frikkin kiddin' me.

    Bust out every single shounen action cliche in existence in a single episode now will ya? I've just seen about everything! The "why are you helping me despite me being so horrible to you?" line, the whole villain revealing every single ounce of his plot before the heroes, the kyubi coming at such a deus ex mechanica convenient time. I really don't want to go on anymore, but other than the fact that this episode used characters from Naruto, there isn't anything really going for this episode. The story sucks, the animation was very choppy, and the fights are just pretty lackadaisical.
  • Um... wow

    OK, so just how many fishy people are there?!? That's what I would like to know. 'Cause first there's Isaribi, the fishy girl, and then there's Amachi, the fishy man. Yeah, I don't like Amachi. He weirds me out. :( Anyway, Naruto gives another one of his many infamous speeches that start to get really annoying after a while. However, Isaribi doesn't listen. At first. She listens after Amachi traps Naruto in a water prison and threatens to drown him if Isaribi doesn't finish him off right then. So now the fishy girl is stuck between Naruto and a hard place. :P I'm sorry that was lame. :( Anyway, will she chose Naruto and be nice to people from now on, or will she chose Amachi and become human again?!? WHO KNOWS?!?
  • Naruto, Shino, Ino, and Anko escape the trap.

    Naruto, Shino, Ino, and Anko escape the falling caves that were designed to trap and kill them. They head for the ships carrying the tribute. The ships have already left. It seems that Amachi sent them a note and tricked them into leaving early. The ship near a reef and try to steer clear. Isaribi ties the ships ability to steer to where they cannot avoid the reef and they all wreck on the reef. Then Yoroi uses an illusion jutsu to make the sailors think that the ships are on fire. All the sailors jump overboard. Yoroi starts to drown them all in a whirlpool when...
  • Not bad

    Basically at the Beginning Anko and that guy start fighting but the guy knocks her out with some gas. Preety lame but w/e. Meanwhile Naruto and Isaribi are talking about stuff. Then Amachi joins them. Also Shino is fighting Yoroi not much to see there. And Ino was helping the ship people. At the end naruto is about to get owned by what Amachi summoned. Then Naruto gets mad and gets some power from the nine tail fox. Then Anko explains to Isaribi that naruto is the same as her. Both of them have monsters inside. Not much of an episode but hopefully the next one will finish the filler saga.
  • Still not that great.

    This episode wasn't as high up as I expected it to be either. There were a few flashbacks and such, nothing major. Not that much action. Poor Anko, nothing happened for her that much except getting knocked out by some gas thing. Still not seeing Shino and Yoroi's fight. Ino didn't do much either. A bunch of talking between Amachi and Naruto though. And that was pretty much it. It was still ok though. Err, nothing much more to say. Naruto and Isaribi would be cute if not for Naruto and Hinata, cuz there awesome together yay well that took up some space yeah nothing to say about this episode so that's the review.
  • What a monster really is....

    So we find out who is a monster and thanks to Naruto, what a monster is. I wonder what Tsunade could do to help that girl...probably not much.
    I'd have to say that the best thing about this arc is Anko's flashbacks. As she was regaining her memory this entire time, she found out the truth about her past. Her flashbacks were the most enjoyable part of it all. The last one with Anko finding out that she could have gone with Orochimaru but chose not to was the most awesomest one. So now we know that Anko wasn't abandoned but actually chose her own path. She chose the right path and Orochimaru targeted others who lived for revenge and chose hatred over goodness. Sasuke should've been like Anko. Go Anko!
  • Just flashbacks and talking.

    Yes kyuubi is back. I thought He'd never make an appearance. I have no idea what type of monster Sea Boss is. I thought it was a jellyfish but its mostly made out of water. I wasnt surprised that Amachi was a monster too. Looks like Isarabi is learning what her actions have done.