Season 1 Episode 28

Eat or Be Eaten: Panic In the Forest

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura face wild animals and enemy ninja.

    After Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura stop for a rest, Naruto has to answer a nature call. Sakura gets on to him and tells him to go behind a bush. When Naruto returns, Sasuke attacks him. It's one of the ninja from the Village Hidden in the Rain who has disguised himself as Naruto, but Sasuke saw a couple of things that were wrong. Sasuke and the ninja fight. As Sasuke takes off after the ninja, he sees Naruto tied up and cuts him loose. After another quick fight, the ninja gets away. Then a strong wind blow through and seperates everyone....
  • I like the episode name more then anything lol.

    This episode was very interesting. Sasuke does make a point in this episode that they can't trust anyone. Sasuke as always is clever. He saw the foes immediately and as always Sakura had to be clued into what was happening. Sakura did nothing at all just as I expected from her. Naruto is swallowed by a snake but gets out because he remembered his dream to be Hokage. He went just in time to duel with the grass ninja. At this moment I thought that it was good that the team is once again together. Overall the episode had a lot of action and that was great. It was a very good episode.
  • Naruto is swallowed by a snake meanwhile Sasuke and Sakura see a vision of their own deaths that paralyses them, Sasuke runs with Sakura and Naruto gets there just in time to help out.

    This episode was very interesting. Sasuke does make a point in this episode that they can't trust anyone. Sasuke as always is clever. He saw the foes immediately and as always Sakura had to be clued into what was happening. Sakura did nothing at all just as I expected from her. Naruto is swallowed by a snake but gets out because he remembered his dream to be Hokage. He went just in time to duel with the grass ninja. At this moment I thought that it was good that the team is once again together. Overall the episode had a lot of action and that was great. It was a very good episode.
  • A new threat makes it's appearence.

    With all the genin teams entering their new examination grounds Naruto Sasuke and Sakura start facing trouble right from the beginning. An enemy captures Naruto and infiltrates the team but thanks to Sasuke's great perception the outsider transformed as Naruto is recognized and is taken care for. After that incident Sasuke decides to make up a password to avoid further confusion. Thanks to that new password when a new enemy tries to infiltrate their team in the disguise of the for one more time trapped Naruto Sasuke is able once more to see through the enemy since even though the new enemy remembers the password because he was eavesdropping Sasuke states that the real Naruto would never remember such a long password. What Sasuke soon realises about that new shinobi is that he is out of their league and that they need to run. With Sasuke and Sakura on the run Naruto makes his appearence once more having before that defeated a giant snake and goes on the rescue of Sasuke and Sakura.
  • Ha, Naruto gets eaten by a snake

    Sasuke beats up the Rain ninja and to prevent further problems, invents a password only he, Naruto, and Sakura know. Someone is listening through a tube, and Sasuke knows. He has a plan. The password was like reaaaaaally long and something about when does a ninja strike or something. Then they split up and Naruto ends up getting eaten by a snake and Sakura finds Sasuke and he makes her tell him the password. She gets it right. Then Naruto shows up. Sasuke asks for the password and Naruto gets it right and Sasuke attacks him. Sakura freaks out and Sasuke tells her it's OK because this person was another imposter. Naruto could never remeber the password. The so called "Naruto" transforms into this creepy Grass ninja kunoichi. Meanwhile, Naruto decides he has better things to do than be digested by a snake so he uses his Shadow CLone Jutsu and blows it up.
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  • awesome episode

    Sasuke makes up a password so they can identify each other" but when "naruto" says the full password correctly they know he is an enemy pretending to be naruto, sakura cant understand why sasuke attacks "naruto" but he tells her naruto wouldnt have remembered the password!! meanwhile naruto has been eaten by a giant snake! he manages to get free and get back to his friends and rescues them from a giant snake creature which is attacking sakura and sasuke!! they carry on in to the woods!
    this is an awesome episode that actually got me into narutoi had watched others but this was the best at the time!
  • Naruto is eaten by a huge snake leaving Sasuke & Sakura to face a mysterious female ninja who is far from normal. With the glare of the ninja's eye Sasuke & Sakura find themselves paralysed in sickening fear as daggers come shooting towards them.

    This ep was dark & creepy & i loved it. The strange behaviour of the female ninja & Sasuke's unexpected reaction of sheer fear of her, kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked how Sasuke showed vulnerability as it brought more realism to his character & more realism to how dangerous his situation was.

    Even though Sasuke was scared he still acted smart and through incredible will power broke away from his paralysed state, saving himself and Sakura. I'm only disappointed about Sakura's reaction as her fearless reaction after being rescued by Sasuke made her look unrealistic.
  • Sakura and Sasuke deal with who they later find out is Orochimaru

    Again the team gets seperated and Sasuke comes up with a password for them. Another fake Naruto shows up and Sasuke figures it out again. Turns out their enemy is a wierd grass ninja with a long tounge like a snake. This is the infamous Orochimaru.

    Orochimaru-rogue ninja.One of the legendary Sennin who are three legendary ninja. He has the power to summon snakes.

    Anyway the grass ninja uses a technique to make Sakura and Sasuke see their own death in their eyes which paralyzes them. The ninja decides to just finish them off with a simple kunai. Sasuke dodges by overcoming his fear by pain.
  • The second stage of the chuunin exam begins.

    The second stage of the chuunin exam begins. The second stage consists of obtaining two scrolls. To pass they need to get these scrolls into the tower in 5 days.

    I really liked this episode because we see that Sasuke can also loose his cool too. At first he was totally fine but when he fought against the grass ninja he just totally lost it and he became afraid of the ninja. This is the first time we see Sasuke that scared. I also liked when Sasuke used the Phoenix Flame Jutsu. I thought that was a pretty cool jutsu.

  • Sasuke's a genius, enough said.

    After Sasuke discovers that someone is posing as Naruto, he quickly assaults him, and as soon as he finds Naruto, the two work together to defeat the poser. In order to not confuse each other's identity again, Sasuke created a long password. Shortly after, that weird long tongue guy appears, and delivers a punishing wind attack. Sasuke and Sakura rendevouz, and Naruto perfectly recites the password. Sasuke finds it fishy, realizing that Naruto could never remember such a long password. The two engage in battle with the ninja, but his pure intent to kill shocked them so badly, they created images of themselves being killed. They lost their will to fight. Sasuke injured himself in order to overcome fear. Naruto on the other hand, is eaten by a snake, and uses shadow replication to break free of it. The weird tongue guy crawls up to Sasuke, but was halted by the real Naruto.

    I can't help but feel that this could have been what Dragonball Z was if it weren't for all the filler in between, and nonsensical talking to dragged scenes out. This episode was really interesting, and it didn't let up. Just so many things happened, and it maintained its quality so well throughout the whole episode. The pacing was just so well done, and it was also pretty cleverly plotted. You weren't really expecting them to pull the same thing twice regarding Naruto being a fake two times in a row. Though Sasuke is just a genius, and this episode portrays his smartness. Though I thought I'd never see the day when Sasuke would ever run and lose his composure, though those frightening images would scare the crap out of anyone.
  • I admit I\'m not really a \"very\" huge fan of the series. I think the show is alright, and the characters are sometimes very cliched. But this was probably the best dubbed episode of the series. Good ep

    In this episode Naruto and his friends continue their quest in the Chunin exam. Of the teams remaining half are given one scroll and the other half are given a different type of scroll. The object is to get 2 scrolls and report back to the tower. However things aren\'t as easy as they seem first off, Naruto gets lost inside a giant snake\'s belly while Sasuke and Sakura have to face off against a powerful snake like creature. Sasuke himself stands no chance, and finally when Naruto arrives in the scene he starts to transform into a demon to topple this powerful enemy but even Naruto himself isn\'t enough. Now it\'s up to Sasuke to continue the fight where his teammate left off. Great ep!
  • Another Anime King review. This episode was funny!...

    this episode was funny! Yet cool. Sasuke gets punked(unfortunately) by this grass ninja. ewww! She is ugly as a mug!!
    And she can turn into a snake. And summon one 2!! Naruto taps into a small part of his fox demon. He saves Sasukes life! (that's a change!!)
    cuz usually sasuke is savin' his!
    Anime King out.
  • This episode has way too much cut scene.

    This episode contains too much cut scenes like the blood part and the death scenes of sasuke and sakura. also it didnt show the blood part, like when sasuke beat up that sound guy. and other parts woth kunai. all this cut scene made the episode kind of shorter. exept for those the episode is okay, as naruto episodes should be.
  • That\'s the way to do it.

    Ninja tips for busting out of a giant snake.
    1- Try to give the snake something else to eat.
    2- Assess the situation and cry.
    3- Use your clone jutsu to copy yourself to the point where the snake rips open.

    That the way any ninja can and should bust out of snakes or any other giant creature.
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