Season 2 Episode 17

Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode opens with the same scene as the previous episode ended with - Naruto at the hospital (in an attempt to visit Sasuke) where he finds out from Kakashi that his trainer for the next month is Ebisu (whom Naruto calls a closet pervert).

Naruto further explains to Kakashi how he feels Ebisu is unfit to train him because when Naruto's used his Harem technique… Suddenly, Ebisu manages to get Naruto in a hold and promises Naruto he will treat him to anything he wants (the inference appears to be this is related to food) if Naruto doesn't finish explaining what happened the last time they met. Naruto agrees, but still does not want Ebisu to train him. Ebisu says he only agreed to the training because Kakashi asked. Kakashi tells Naruto that Ebisu is a better teacher than he is and Naruto could use Ebisu's instructions especially on the basics. Naruto is offended that Kakashi insinuates he was inferior to Sasuke and Sakura, but Kakashi stands firm that Naruto must work on his basics with Ebisu if he wishes to get stronger. Kakashi tells Ebisu to take care of Naruto and departs.

Naruto begrudgingly admits that mastering the basics would make him stronger, but questions how effective Ebisu's training will be if he is weaker than Naruto. Ebisu tells Naruto that although he was surprised by Naruto's technique the last time, he is not weak. Seeing Naruto is still unconvinced, Ebisu proposes a challenge – if Naruto can run away from Ebisu, Ebisu will withdraw as Naruto's trainer and convince Kakashi to train Naruto. Naruto takes on the challenge and runs out of the hospital and through the village streets.

After running awhile, Naruto stops on a rooftop and congratulates himself on how great on a ninja he is, only to find Ebisu on the top of the building next to him. Naruto throws down a smoke screen, but Ebisu merely smirks at Naruto's technique. Sometime later, Naruto stops and reflects that Ebisu is more difficult to shake than he had thought he would be. As Naruto turns around he sees a huge billboard for "Flirting Paradise" which gives him an idea. Ebisu appears shortly after Naruto and when he turns to see the billboard, he is shocked but quickly sees through Naruto's attempt to disguise himself as the female image on the billboard. Naruto quickly performs his shadow replication technique and challenges Ebisu to catch him now (as he and his replications flee). However, Naruto doesn't know that Ebisu also can create shadow replications.

After a long replications chasing replications scene, an exhausted Naruto stops on a bridge only to be startled off the bridge into the shallow stream by Ebisu. An irritated Naruto yells "You're so persistent. Give up already" and Ebisu asks why Naruto is angry since they are playing tag and Ebisu is supposed to be chasing Naruto. Ebisu asks Naruto why he won't give up as Ebisu has proven his skills. That way they can begin training. Naruto refuses and decides to attack Ebisu – only to find it was a replication. Ebisu then appears on the bridge and states there is already a clear winner – Naruto gives in.

At the ramen shop, Ebisu makes good on his promise and treats Naruto to miso-pork and salt ramen. Ebisu give Naruto his evaluation about how Naruto cannot seem to control his chakra well. Ebisu explains that if Sakura were to do a replication technique, she can both mold and control her chakra perfectly without wasting energy. Doing the same technique, Sasuke cannot mold his chakra perfectly like Sakura, but can control it with only a minimal amount of wasted energy. However, since Naruto cannot either mold or control his chakra well, not only can he not produce the same number of replications, but also he cannot control them because he has forced himself to use so much more chakra to create a lower number of replications. Naruto yells that sometimes he performs better than the other two and Ebisu explains that this is because Naruto has much more stamina than they do. Ebisu thinks to himself that the source of the stamina (the nine-tails) is also the cause of his lack of control over chakra. Ebisu encouragingly tells Naruto that if they work on his control, Naruto will become stronger which seems to cheer Naruto up. As Ebisu gets ready to head out he is shocked to see than many bowls of ramen Naruto has consumed. The ramen shop proprietor thanks Ebisu for the business.

The next scene is at a natural hot springs town. Naruto asks why they are there and Ebisu yells at the in attentive Naruto that he is heading to the women's bathing area (the red flag is for women's bath, the men's is blue). After getting to the correct area, Ebisu explains that Naruto will use a technique similar to the tree climbing one Kakashi has Team 7 do before to walk on water. By not only concentrating the chakra to his feel, but also releasing the proper amount into the water to maintain buoyancy, Naruto will learn how to better control his chakra usage. Ebisu demonstrates the technique, but when Naruto tries, he falls into the very hot water. Unwilling to be satisfied until he can get this, Naruto keeps attempting and failing, but then begins to get more of a handle on it. Ebisu is impressed and thinks to himself how Naruto has shown his wisdom at there being no easy or quick way to learning.

The training is interrupted when Ebisu notices a man peeking in where women are bathing and he attempts to put a stop to such shameless behavior, but suddenly the older man summons a large toad/frog (about the size of VW Bug) which wraps its tongue around Ebisu and is knocks him senseless. The episode ends with Naruto surprised that the closet pervert (Ebisu) was beaten and wonders who the open pervert is.

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