Season 2 Episode 17

Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Jiraiya makes his first appearance!

    Dissatisfied with the selection of his teacher, Naruto sets out to prove that he is stronger than Ebisu by out running him. Unexpectedly, at least to Naruto, Ebisu catches up to him no matter what trick he pulls. Ebisu goes on a long and in depth lesson on the difference between his ability to control chakra compared to Sasuke and Sakura, telling him he needs a lot of work. He takes him to the hot springs for his first lesson, until they unexpectedly run into Jiraiya.

    Like the previous episode, this is more food to make the chakra system in the Naruto universe even more deeper and complexed. While it does a great job of this, it is pretty hard to award an episode when its main objective was to teach chakra science. Nothing wrong with learning something as deep as chakra, but to judge it on an entertainment level, it is just not up there. It would have been better if it incorporated some other elements. The one minute of that heart warming moment with little Konohamaru was nice, but not enough to change my opinion of this episode.
  • Ebisu is to train Naruto.

    Kakashi tells Naruto that he cannot train him. He tells Naruto that Ebisu will now train him. Naruto is not happy about it. Ebisu tells Naruto not to underestimate him and offers him a challenge. If Naruto can get away from Ebisu, the Ebisu will get Kakashi to train Naruto. Naruto eagerly accepts the challenge and runs off. Ebisu tracks him down easily. Naruto the tries his shadow clone jutsu and runs off in different directions. Ebisu knows how to make shadow clones too and he and his clones take off after Naruto and his clones. After a brief chase, Ebisu once again catches Naruto.
  • I hate Ebisu so much.

    Naruto and Ebisu make a bet that if he, Naruto, can get away from him then he, Ebisu, will make Kakashi train Naruto. A good bet I see but I still can't believe that Naruto didn't consider the fact that Ebisu is a Jonin and he is still a Genin. Naruto made many shadow clones and yet Naruto lost. Naruto should think that other people can make shadow clones although it was still clever. Naruto should have probably used another jutsu. Ebisu won the bet so now Ebisu is Naruto's teacher but not for a long time at least. Overall, this episode is very good because I can see Naruto surprised at how Ebisu won the bet. It was a good episode.
  • T_T I don't blame Naruto for running away from Ebisu. He reminds me of this annoying teacher at school.....

    Naruto refuses to let Ebisu be his sensei. He claims that no one but Kakashi will train him. So Ebisu sets up a proposition. Naruto has to run away, and if Ebisu catches him, Naruto will obey him. If not, then Ebisu will arrange for Kakashi to train him and Sasuke. Naruto thinks he's getting the long end of the stick and runs off. Ebisu catches him, and teaches Naruto to walk on water at a hot spring. Naruto falls in numerous times. Then Ebisu spots an old man peeping into the women's bath house. He starts to go over and teach him a lesson, but the old man's cool toad pops out of the ground and knocks him flat.
  • Naruto tries to get ride of Ebisu...A review from an Artist.

    Kakashi Hatake informs Naruto that he found a great trainer... Naruto thinks other wise and tries to get ride of Ebisu *cough, closet pervert* Naruto tries to out manuver him by doing shadow clone Justus but Ebisu uses shadow clone jutus too. (Obviously! alot of ninja's their can use least all Joinin can.) Ebisu catches him but Naruto is persistent. He won't go down without a fight but it all ends when Naruto is out of Chakra and out of luck. Naruto begins training with Ebisu at a hot spring but then Ebisu spots something wrong. This is my masterpeice.
  • Seemed like a filler but whatever!

    Ebisu returns!What a jip. He gives Naruto what seems like a simple task but isn't. Naruto, thinking just because he beat Ebisu by turning into a bunch of naked women covered by smoke, thinks Ebisu is weak which sounds stupid. Naruto uses every single trick in the ninja book but can;t avode this guy. So after that Ebisu teaches Naruto how to walk on water. Big woop!Then they see Jiraiya the perverted monk spying on women and Ebisu trys to stop him and gets creamed. HAHA!HILARIOUS!Oh well.
  • Ebisu has return

    Naruto seeks for Kakashi.Altough Kakashi told Naruto,that he can't trained him and he had find someone better.So in the end Ebisu becomes his trainer.Which Naruto isn't thrill about.So Ebisu tells Naruto if he could outrun him than he will tell Kakashi that he could watch over the team and have him train Naruto instead.But Ebisu is too good for him.He start to explained about the charka and who can hold it more.So when they end up in the Hot Spring.Its an werid encounter.And Jiraya makes his appearance! Yeah this episode was pretty funny.I liked the part where it was unseen where Ebisu finds six bowls and the bill he has to pay.Altough it was seen of the many bowls of roman noodles.I assume Naruto ate an lot and left the bill for him.
  • eh...

    it was ok Naruto wants Kakashi to train him but Kakashi says he has better things to do and says he got some one else better than him to teach him. It turns out it's Ebisu and Naruto refuses to train with him Ebisu then says if Naruto can run away from him he will tell Kakashi to train him. Naruto tries for awhile but fails everytime and they both go for ramen and Ebisu explians Naruto about his chakra. Later they go to some springs and train a little but are interppted by soe guy peeping at some girls and Ebisu goes to stop him but gets defeated.

    Good episode but kinda boring but still good
  • Naruto tries to escape Ebisu so Ebisu would convince Kakashi to train Naruto.

    This episode was one of the most funniest ones ever! I liked it because Naruto was trying to escape from Ebisu. Every where that Naruto was trying to hide, Ebisu always found him. Naruto calls Ebisu a closet pervert for some reason. I dont know why. Kakashi didn't train Naruto because Kakashi was going to train Sasuke. Naruto got jealous of that because he is always jealous of Sasuke. Naruto asked why Kakashi picked some one that Naruto had beaten at the beginning of the season to train him. Kakashi was suprised that Naruto had ever met him. I would like to see this episode again.