Season 7 Episode 25

Encounter! The Boy with a Star's Name

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 28, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a star falling from the night sky. It lands making a huge crater. It's now day time and its back to Tsunade who is writing something then turns around and sees a pigeon. Shizune is called by Tsunade and when she enters the pigeon is on Tsunade's head and picking it. Shizune tries to stop herself laughing and Tsunade shows Shizune a note. Tsunade says that it's a guard note from the hidden star village. Tsunade says that they can't ignore them because of something (she doesn't say what right away) but it shows Shizune face shocked.

Naruto and Sakura are sitting together eating. Sakura tells Naruto that Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten are on a mission to the hidden star village. Naruto wonders why they are going when the star village is a ninja village. Sakura says it's because they are small village with not many ninja. Naruto asks why it's being targeted and Sakura says it's because a star fell to the village. Naruto almost chokes Sakura then explains that the star influences chakra and has mysterious powers. Naruto laughs as he doesn't believe her. Sakura says that the village has been targeted many times by foreign ninja. Naruto thinks it's something Orochimaru would be after and says he will join in the mission. Naruto says he has a trump card to get Tsunade to let him join Neji, Lee and Tenten.

Neji, lee and Tenten are jumping through the forest when Naruto appears in front of them and goes ahead not realizing the dangers. Shizune enters Tsunade's office and says that Naruto has joined Neji and his team. She says she knows and Tsunade makes up an excuse but she then starts choking on the food Naruto gave to her. The forest is empty and there's a big valley with yellow gas in it and everything at the bottom is dead. There is a giant crater as well with a building in the middle and ninja are sitting around a rock in a circle and purple energy is surrounding them. A girl named Mizure is in pain and a man enters and tells them to take her to the infirmary and said Sumaru has a mission.

Naruto is the first to arrive he is standing on a tree just behind the yellow gas and said he wants to cross the valley to enter bear country. Naruto runs down the side of the valley but hasn't entered the gas 7 arrows are shout in front of Naruto and he uses them to jump back to the top. Naruto thinks he's being attacked a masked ninja is on the other side and has a cross bow. The ninja shoots another arrow with rope tired to it and runs across the rope. Naruto attacks but the ninja deflects the attack and beats Naruto's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu using chakra. Lee, Neji and Tenten appear in between Naruto and the masked ninja telling Naruto to stop. The masked ninja takes of his mask his name is Sumaru from star. Naruto wonders why Sumaru attacks and Neji tells Naruto to look at a bird and as soon as it reaches the yellow gas it died. Naruto looks into the Valley and sees all the dead animals. Sumaru says that the valley is filled with poisonous gas to stop foreign ninja. Lee makes a joke about how Sumaru is Naruto's saviour and it may start a friendship between Konoha and Star.

Naruto and co are sitting in front of the substitute Hoshikage Akahoshi. He tells them that he is substitute because the village hasn't chosen a Hoshikage. Neji wonders why they have a Hoshikage and says that he thought only the 5 main leaders of hidden villages could chose a kage. Sumaru says it doesn't matter and that star won't lose to the other villages and become one of the 5 main villages and that he will become the true Hoshikage. Akahoshi sends Sumaru to go do more training Naruto follows Sumaru. Akahoshi says that with the power of the star they may be strong enough to elect the sixth kage he also says that other villages are after the star.
Naruto looks for Sumaru and finds him he follows and catches up with Sumaru. A mask ninja watches the training camp in the middle of the crater. The ninja inside are training and the star is glowing as normal. They get ready to protect the star against the intruder. Naruto and Sumaru arrive near the training grounds and Sumaru says no foreign ninja are allowed near the star. They see the mask ninja leaving the training ground, Naruto followed the masked ninja while Sumaru went to check on his friends. He sees that they have all been beaten and wakes up Hokuta she says he couldn't protect the star. It's to Naruto and he is running after the masked ninja and attacks. He gets beaten by the masked ninja who also had techniques similar to Sumaru, and the mask ninja flew away. Sumaru arrives and Naruto tells him that the masked ninja was using the same technique as Sumaru. Sumaru is shocked and Naruto and Sumaru figure that the ninja must be from the star village.
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