Season 7 Episode 25

Encounter! The Boy with a Star's Name

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 28, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The Tunguska Event of Naruto!

    A strange meteor falls from the sky and blows up before reaching the ground annihilating everything in its wake. It has strange energy that affects those around it. The villagers take upon themselves to grow with it and become powerful shinobi using it. Though it seems there might be something wrong with this. Though it is an artful type of chakra, able to be created into what the user wants it to. Whether its a peacock, a badger-like beast, even wings to fly! Quite an awesome way to get around.

    This Arc was one of my top favorites in the series. Subaru (dub name is Sumaru, but he's named is an interesting guy, comparable to a normal Sasuke though friendlier it seems. I liked him and his concept, wished he could appear in the later series. Come on Masashi, he deserves proper recognition!
  • *sigh* here we go again.

    The first Naruto filler arc that actually opens up halfway decent. Although it has Naruto in a three man team to some ridiculous sounding village name, at least the concept of the star giving the entire village supreme power is a bit interesting; much more interesting than the crap that has been fed to us in the past. As usual we go through our daily course of Naruto getting to know some misunderstood emo child of the village, they get attacked and Naruto engages in a low budget fight that also ignites some deadly, yet predictable conspiracy. The only difference? The star chakra thing is at least a bit interesting, and if it weren't for that, this watch would have been a whole notch lower.
  • Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Tenten journey to Hoshigakure...

    Forgive me if the Japanese name of the Village Hidden in the Stars is not Hoshigakure. I thought I would see if I could get it right without looking it up. OK, so this Star Village sends a message to Tsunade saying they want her to send shinobi so they can protect their star thingy. So she sends Guy's team. Naruto wants to go too, so he bribes Tsunade with a candy bar, and he gets added to the team. Some Hokage she is! *rolls eyes* Well anyway, Naruto goes on ahead of the rest o the squad and nearly gets killed by poison gas leaking out of a ravine. He is saved by Sumaro, some Star brat. But a very CUTE Star brat!!! ^_^ Team Guy catches up to Naruto, and Sumaro takes them across the ravine to the Star Village. Naruto and Sumaro spend some time together, and apparently they share equal dreams. Naruto wants to be Hokage, and Sumaro wants to be Hoshikage. There really is no such thing as Hoshikage, but them Star brats is darn stubborn. Forgive me, it's my Hoosier accent come back to haunt me. Anyway, then some goon comes along and kidnaps the Star Village's star. And he uses some jutsu that can only be obtained from studying in the Star Village!!! :O How will Naruto figure this oen out?!?
  • Naruto, Neji, Lee, and Tenten go to the Land of Stars.

    Well another filler, but it doesn't seem too bad. Neji, Lee, and Tenten are assigned a mission to protect a star in the land of stars. The star was said to have fallen 10 years ago and gives off some special chakra or something. Of course Naruto tags along and they all go to the Land of Stars. While Naruto is about to cross over a canyon that leads to the Land of Stars, a guy in a gas mask attacks him. Naruto fights back but then discovers that the guy didn't want to hurt him but was protecting him from the trench below that was filled with poison gas. The guy later unmasks himself and says his name is Sumaru. They enter the Land of Stars and talk to the leader of the village (I think). He further explains things to them, but then Sumaru interrupted him and said that he was going to be HoshiiKage one day, then he was told to go out and train. Naruto meets up with him and tells him that he wants to be HoKage one too! Later, the star they were supposed to protect was stolen by a mysterious person, who had the same technique that the ninja from the Land of Stars had. Naruto tried to stop him but he got away.
  • Another new mission begins, this time in the Village Hidden In The Stars.

    Naruto learns from Sakura about a mysterious star that hit the Hidden Star Village about 200 years ago. Naruto doesn't believe it a first, but Sakura tells him that it is true. After bribing Tsunade to go on the mission, Naruto catches up with Neji, Lee, and Tenten, who were already assigned the mission. Naruto then meets an enemy who has the power of the Ninja Art: Kujaku. After Neji and the others catch up to Naruto, Naruto learns that the masked enemy was a ninja of the Hidden Star Village named Sumaru. The team then meets up Akihoshi, the deputy to the Hoshikage. Their mission is to protect the star from other enemies. After a while the meet up with another enemy who had the same power as the other Star Ninja. This enemy stole the star, defeated Naruto, and made his escape. It there seems to be more to this village than meets the eye. And who's this mysterious thief? What will happen next? Another 10 out of 10.
  • A new mission begins.

    Tsunade assigns Neji, Lee, and Tenten to a mission to the Village Hidden in the Stars. Naruto bribes Tsunade and he is on the mission as well. Naruto takes off ahead of the others and in his haste almost goes into a valley full of poison gas that guards the Star Village. A Star Village ninja named Sumaru stops Naruto and saves his life. Sumaru is wary of the Leaf ninjas. He thinks that everyone who is not from his village is after the star. After Neji, Lee, and Tenten get there, they head for the village. But something happens while ....
  • New Filler ARC?

    This episode begins the Star Village arc, my favorite filler arc. This episode has a misleading title. There's no guy named Hoshi! Anyways, I enjoyed this arc. The way it ended was dissapointing, I wanted Kyuubi to be used. This arc is sad, and the plot is exciting unlike all those other boring filler arcs. Naruto goes after the guy who stole the star, and he uses the same ninjutsu that the village of star ninja use. So obviously it's some 1 from that village. At the end The guy sees that some trouble and grew some wings and flew away!
  • Beggining of another filler arc.

    This episode marks the beggining of another filler arc. Basically the Star Village needs help from Konoha to protect there star. Although at the end it get captured, but whatever. The episode itself wasn't that great, Naruto makes friends with this guy they talk and then lose the star to someone form the Hidden Star Village itself. Not that much action. Although I liked the part where Tsunade was like choking on that chocolate thing and Zune' was like "Was that from Naruto?" lol. So it was only ok, I hope the future episodes in this arc are better than it.
  • New mission, new filler.

    I wish these filler's would just end. Although it was funny seeing Tsunade choke on that chocolate thing. The hidden star village has untalented ninja but they posses this meteor that everyone is out to get. And yet their is another kid who wants to become hokage. I guess every village has one of those.
  • This episode sucks this season sucks and pretty much all of these fillers suck

    Ok so i am watching naruto see and I come across the first filler ok i said i will watch it how bad can it be I mean i hate fillers more than satan but i can take one *two months later* ok what the F**K is going on i seem like the fillers have not ended and then I saw this one "OMFG" what is this bull i never watched a filler since the end.

    p.s. This episode sucks this season sucks and pretty much all of these fillers suck
  • The beggining of the Star arc.

    This episode begins the Star Village arc, my favorite filler arc. This episode has a misleading title. There's no guy named Hoshi! Anyways, I enjoyed this arc. The way it ended was dissapointing, I wanted Kyuubi to be used. This arc is sad, and the plot is exciting unlike all those other boring filler arcs.