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  • Season 9
    • Naruto: The Cross Roads
      Naruto: The Cross Roads
      Episode TV MOVIE

      Team 7 is sent on a mission to search for a missing man named Genmai from the Inaho Village. While going on recon alone, Kakashi goes missing and Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke get ambushed by a group of rogue ninja and their leader known as Kajika. Sakura gets kidnapped by the group and Naruto and Sasuke must team up to save Sakura.

    • Departure
      Episode 18
      The time has finally come! Now that Jiraiya's returned, Naruto says his goodbyes and prepares to leave Konoha to begin his training.
    • The Ultimate Weapon Reborn
      Even with his chakra so low, Gaara fights the Shitenshounin leader. When he fails and is trapped, Naruto arrives to try and rescue him. But when the leader of Takumi Village, Seimei, is revived, can Naruto save Gaara before Shukaku takes complete control of him?
    • Sealed Sand: The Counterattack!
      Shikamaru and Ino arrive to help to help out Temari against Kyaku, while Kiba and Choji are helping Kankuro fight against. However, Naruto and Lee find that Gaara is doing okay by himself. All seems to be going well and the gang seems to be winning. Shitenshounin unleashes an attack that shoots out a light beam which hits the others swords. This is when Neji notices that they are forming a water barrier. The water effects Gaara as it destroys all his sand and weakens him, everyone else is okay. Everyone resumes there fight with the Konoha and sand wining and Gaara continues after Matsuri. Everything seems to be going well, but what is this ultimate weapon that is about to be released?moreless
    • Sand Alliance With the Leaf Shinobi
      Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro are after the people who kidnapped Matsuri. Along the way, they are attacked by the enemy ninja. At the same time, the Konoha ninja try to pay back the favor they owe.
    • The Targeted Shukaku
      A Sand shinobi, Matsuri, has been abducted by a mysterious ninja. In order to bring them bring back, Gaara must accept the mystery ninja's challenge. Can Naruto prevent this challenge ending in catastrophe?
    • A Past to Be Erased
      Ran wants to kill Menma, upon seeing the mark on his arm, but Neji stands in the way, saying it would be unfair to kill a criminal without any memories of his crimes. Ran finally agrees and performs surgery on Menma, saving his life, but the villagers aren't as happy. Are they prepared for when foreign shinobi group comes for a second attack?moreless
    • Bringing Back Reality
      Naruto and Menma manage to get Tsunade to let them go find Menma's memories. However, they are forced to go with Neji and Tenten guarding them. On the way, they come across a burned-down village. There, they greet the villagers and ask them what happened. Unfortunately, the villagers aren't too happy to see them.moreless
    • Vanished Memories
      Vanished Memories
      Episode 11
      Naruto rescues an injured kid who is an outsider to Konoha. Tsunade assigns Naruto to take care of the kid until he gets his memory back. What was this boy doing outside of Konoha, and why can't he remember anything?
    • To Each His Own Path

      To Each His Own Path from the TV Tokyo anime series Naruto aired originally on February 21, 2009 and is the 128 episode of the ongoing anime. Naruto and two companions enter the Ninja Dropout Mansion, leaving Sakura to watch the kids and Lee to fight off the Ninja Dropout members. While his companions try to rescue Akio, Naruto has to face the leader of the Ninja Dropouts.

    • Memory of Flames
      Memory of Flames
      Episode 9
      Todoroki wants to avenge his family and kill Gantetsu. The only problem is Naruto will not allow this because it is their mission to get Gantetsu to the capital. While Naruto and Todoroki fight, the Shinobazu named Monju takes the opportunity to take Gantetsu. Elsewhere, Lee and Sakura are surrounded by children who demand they give them Gantetsu. Can Naruto and Todoroki get Gantetsu back? And what are the reasons the children want Gantetsu? And why is one of the children, Akio, Todoroki's little sibling?moreless
    • The Bewildering Forest

      The boat which the group is in falls over the waterfall. Naruto, Gantetsu, and Todoroki escape into the forest, which turns out to be a ninja dropout hideout. Traveling through the forest, they defeat one of the ninja dropout members, and find a group of orphans in the forest. Then Todoroki reveals he plans to kill Gantetsu to avenge his family, and then kill Naruto so no witnesses are left behind.

    • 1/31/09
      Naruto, Sakura, and Lee are sent to escort a prisoner shinobazu named Gantetsu to the Forest Country capital. Their job is to back up the escort group in case the other shinobazu Gantetsu was partnered up with come to try and free him. When they get to the boat Gantetsu is being transported on, they meet Todoroki, who seems to hate Gantetsu and thinks he is guilty no matter what. Will the three ninja be able to fend off any attacks if Gantetsu's friends come to save him? And what is Todoroki's connection with Gantetsu?moreless
    • Naruto and Kiba must help to protect the Beauty of Nature, but they are having trouble with the client. Will they be able to make it through the mission, or will they turn on the client?
    • Yakumo's genjutsu is getting stronger, Kurenai is starting to disappear and Naruto can't use his any of his jutsu within Yakumo's genjutsu. Will Naruto be forced to use his "hidden" power?
    • Genjutsu or Reality?
      Naruto and the group take Kurenai and Yakumo back to Konoha, but when they get there, the entire village is in ruins. After dropping Kurenai and Yakumo off at the hospital, everyone leaves to investigate. After looking around, Shino figures out that what they are seeing isn't real. Elsewhere, Naruto is told they are in Yakumo's genjutsu. Can everyone escape from Yakumo's grasps, and what is her purpose for all of this?moreless
    • Naruto gets to talk to Yakumo about Kurenai and her. Yakumo then reveals that Kurenai didn't want her to become a shinobi, but she wanted to prove to her parents that she could become a jounin. Naruto then learns that the Third Hokage and Kurenai planned to seal her powers.
    • 8.7
      Yakumo is threatened to be captured, but uses her genjutsu to avoid capture. Kurenai helps fend off the bandits but what is Yakumo and Kurenai hiding? Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Shino, Kiba, and Gai are on the way to find out!
    • When a mysterious girl paints a picture of Konoha, Naruto notices and realizes that the picture is under a stormy sky. He points out that the sky is clear, until clouds soon cover the sky. When the girl shows lightning striking the Hokage's place, it happens! The girl is soon apprehended by the ANBU, who tell Naruto that what he has seen is not important. Meanwhile, Kurenai announces that she is leaving Team 8! For what reasons has Kurenai decided to leave, and how are the current events involved?moreless
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