Season 3 Episode 39

Fake-out: Shikamaru's Comeback!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Shikamaru continues his fight with Tayuya. She is using her flute to control the three creatures that she has summoned to attack Shikamaru. Shikamaru is impressed with her ability to control them so easily. Naruto is also facing off against Kimimaro and not faring very well. All his clones' attacks fail and Kimimaro continues to taunt him. Shikamaru is now facing a new kind of attack. The three creatures are now emitting some kind of ghost that feeds on chakra and cannot be effected by weapons. Shikamaru is able to evade and hide for the time being. He starts to plan out his next move. He takes inventory of what he has left and decides what he must do. Meanwhile, Kiba is still moving down the river in order to get away from Ukon and Sakon. Kimimaro continues to do away with Naruto's clones and Naruto can't even touch him. Tayuya is confident that she will find Shikamaru and finish him off. Shikamaru starts his plan of attack and knows that he must be able to complete his plan in nine moves. He begins and Tayuya uses her creature to block the attacks. When Shikamaru finally shows himself, he throws a kunai as her creatures charge him setting off a light bomb. He uses the flash to create shadows to capture her three creatures. He now can use them against her. He charges at her with the three creatures and she dispells them away. Tayuya thinks that she now has the advantage but Shikamaru has used the distraction to capture her with his Shadow Possession Jutsu. Tayuya now goes to her Second Curse State. Shikamaru realizes that he has to finish her off now, but since he is far away from her, he cannot do it. Tayuya then starts to use a genjutsu to disable Shikamaru's ability to fight. Shikamaru throws a kunai at her and misses badly. She uses her genjutsu to paralyze Shikamaru and then takes the kunai and goes in for the kill. Just as she is about to stab Shikamaru, he punches her in the stomach. She can't believe it and then she sees that he used his shadow to break his own finger in order to break the genjutsu with pain. Shikamaru knew that she would grab the kunai and come closer and now he has her with his Shadow Strangle Jutsu.

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