Season 6 Episode 26

Finally a clash! Jonin vs. Genin!! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament!!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • The most out of charecter totally out of series special ever

    THIS SUCKED A** first of all u see Dosu there and Tsunade is the freaking Hokage Dosu should be dead there are so many people there that did not belong like Zaku, Rin, Kin, Obito (JK) Kazekage Gaara Temari and the list goes on I give it a one cuz I absalutly hate an episode or special or whatever the hell this was. Well i am going to go clean out m eyes now from this episode.
  • I love it.

    Tsunade is the best godaime or ruler. This tournament is a great idea. Chunin, Genin, and Jonin have to battle each other for these crystals. By he way, these crystals look just like the one that Tsunade's boyfriend, Dan, and her brother used to wear. Anyway, the shinobi who wins the tournament, get to make or change a rule. Kakashi arrogantly insults and criticizes Naruto. In return, Narto wants to fight him. Naruo and Sasuke actually join forces and use the Rasingan and Chidori in an attempt to bring down Kakashi for being so big headed. Really a good episode that you don't want to miss.
  • Everybody in Kohona is competing in a tournament, and other ninjas as well. Everbody is going to have to collect crystals if they want a chance to win.Naruto wants to prove himself he is an excellent ninja to Kakashi.

    This was a great episode. To start off Kakashi sees Naruto as a ninja who thinks hes greater than he actually is. Naruto wants to prove he is a ninja worthy of being great. To do so he sets off on a journey to retrieve crystals. Which everybody is doing to compete in a tournament. Things don't go so well for Naruto. Its not just him. Everybodi in the village seems to be dropping the crystals. Naruto has to collect crystals to impress Kakashi. Eventually, he decides to fight Kakashi. At his arrival he finds Sasuke and Kakashi. Sasuke and Naruto decide to agree to settle differences, and tag-team on Kakashi. Kakashi prevails as the winner. The episode just ends from that point. This episode was excellent despite the fact it didn't show a winner of the tournament.
  • The Konoha ninjas and Sand siblings fight to collect the crystals assigned to everyone in the village. Naruto finds this as a chance to show Kakashi not to underestimate him.

    The Konoha ninjas and Sand siblings fight to collect the crystals assigned to everyone in the village. Naruto finds this as a chance to show Kakashi not to underestimate him. Whoever wins gets to make a rule that all the Konoha and Sand villagers have to abide by. Sakura described it as "your wish coming true."

    This episode kind of leaves you hanging. Gr... That was annoying, but it was a pretty cute episode.

    Naruto goes through the village to find Kakashi, passing bunches of people who dropped or threw away their crystals. Later he finally finds the silver-haired Jounin and decides to team up with Sasuke after Kakashi told them to work as a team... again. (Yes, Sasuke didn't run off to Orochimaru, yet.) The two Genin fight Kakashi. Sasuke uses the Chidori at the same time Naruto uses the Rasengan and charge after their sensei. Kakashi uses the Sharingan and disables their attacks. Sasuke and Naruto then start blaming each other.

    Haha! Yay, Kakashi! But he was a little too arrogant in here. Sasuke and Naruto doing their strongest attacks at the same time was fun to watch, too. Gaara was so adorable in here, but Kakashi's still my favorite! ^_^
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