Season 7 Episode 5

Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 19, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Haha, this episode was better than all of the Raiga arc.

    It's unfortunate we're not going to be seeing these little rascals a lot more since this episode was just a single episode instead of an arc. This episode was just really cute and adorable; we get to see the future generation ninjas doing missions with some of the chuunins. All of the leaders were getting along really well too, like Chouji who stopped one of his students from eating a poisoned plant, Neji who teaches his students about direction, Lee whose students admire him, etc. Naruto on the other hand wasn't having a great time, and it was just a really fun watch seeing him operate with his group. Although I'm not really a fan of ecchi so the whole boobies scene wasn't all that amusing, but the other things were just fun to watch. If anything, this was a good slice of life piece.
  • The hokage training that led to cheating?

    Honestly Naruto was not paying attention to the rules. He was rude to Granny Tsunade(don't blame him for doing it). Her bribery of Hokage training made him do it. However, he was stuck with Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. Then they're off. Choji is smart and Neji knows good directions. They're great leaders. Also, Hinata is too for she puts them in a tent. For Rock Lee, I got to say, "yes Lee-Sensei." made him cry and made me laugh my head off. As it goes further, some like Shino and Tenten do well and some like Kiba and Ino do bad. Bug bridge, excellent. For Naruto, buying Ramen and cake was so bad. They go for a shortcut and cheated. In the end, they use teamwork and Naruto gets chased by mean Tsunade. Well so much for honesty.
  • A pretty good episode.

    A ll the genin in konoha get asigned academy student squads and go on a mission to make it to the top of a mountain. Naruto gets assigned to team konohamaru. Everyone but Narutos team does well. When they finnaly reach the base of the mountain all the chunin instructors totally pwn them. As Naruto and his team began to climb the mountain a storm hits and causes them many problems. Naruto tries his best to help and does pretty but the chunin then save them from the worst. I thought the plotline was goood and it also had good humor. Also I think its weird that you have to write 100 words for a review. Bye!
  • Team Konohamaru, its been eons since we last saw you guys...

    To be honest, this wasn't one of the best episodes of Naruto I've seen, but it was still a good episode. Naruto must lead a group of three ninja academy students, and they have to compete to get up to the mountain. Naruto winds up with Team Konohamaru and the gang winds up getting lost. However, a storm approaches, and Naruto does not know that the competition is cancelled. Determined to win, Naruto decides to take a shortcut in order to get to victory, however, a giant rock comes down on to him, and its Team Konohamaru to the rescue! And everyone (except Naruto) finally lived happily ever after at the end of this episode. A 9.2 out of 10.
  • Naruto displays his determinedness once again

    OK, so this one's not really in an Arc. It's an Arc all by itself. Which isn't really fair, considering then we only get the first episode of the next Arc, which was kinda cliff hanger-ish. Well, Iruka assigns all the genin, save Sakura, who is training with Tsunade, and Sasuke, who, of course, has fled the village, to escort a team of Academy students to some mountain to obtain some document. I agree with Naruto, STUPID!!! Whatever. Unfortunately, Naruto gets stuck with Konohamaru, Udon, and the bratty little Moegi, who is like a Sakura Jr. No, no, I'm sorry, Sakura "changed". *rolls eyes* Well, at least they said something to her, instead of making her find out on her own that she was annoying. OK, so Team Naruto is a complete screw up, and they even get caught out in the rain, which is like, the storm of the century or something. So Iruka and Shikamaru call back all the other teams, but can't find Naruto's team, who is already halfway up the mountain by now. It was a typical Naruto deal. They came out on top, no surprise there.
  • Naruto is in charge of a survival mission.

    Naruto and the other Leaf Village genin are to take 3 young trainee's out and teach them survival skills. Naruto is in charge of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. Their mission is to reach Mount Takamuri in two days and one night. The other genin show their groups certain things to help them survive in the wilderness while mayhem reigns in Naruto's group. They get lost and each one takes turns trying to find the right way. Night falls and all the other groups have made camp and prepared for the approaching storm. Naruto's group has issues getting camp set up, so Naruto decides that they must go ahead to the mountain. Something is up and all the groups must be contacted and sent back to the village, but Naruto's group cannot be found.......
  • I liked it.

    Yeah, I liked this episode for some reason lol. I liked seeing all the genin with there squad (well except for Naruto and the fact that Sakura didn't have a squad) but it was still good. I liked seeing the Hinata and Neji moments the best for some reason lol. The story was ok to me, Naruto seems a little off to me. His squad was annoying haha. It's cool seeing Shikamaru as a chunin cuz he's awesome and stuff. That pervy jutsu that Naruto's squad used wow Naruto is a bad influence. So yeah it was a good episode poor Naruto at the end. Ha.
  • Even though this was a filler episode, I really enjoyed it.

    Well, the genins are assigned to take a squad of three acadamy students and lead them during a type of "exam". I don't know what it was about this episode that I really liked, but I think that it was the fact that the genins we all have come to love are growing up. If you've been following this show since the beginning, you know that all the genins started as acadamey students in the first couple of episodes. But now when you look at them, you see that they've grown up, have become responsible, and have gotten stronger both physically and mentally. This episode made me realize how strong the connection is between the viewers and the characters and the bond that you share with these beloved characters. Great Episode! :D
  • Filler. Konohamaru and gang get lost in a storm.

    This was episode was such a filler. Basically Naruto had to lead a team to a mountain. This cause being Konohamaru and friends. But fighting erupts within the group. But it was nice to see Naruto teach them a little about teamwork. Without teamwork a ninja squad will be unsuccesful.
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