Season 2 Episode 38

Forbidden Secret Technique! Reaper Death Seal!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a flashback of episode 72. Sarutobi is still under a genjutsu spell so he can't see his opponents. Orochimaru taunts him and asked him to show this jutsu. Then the Death God does some weird transformations. Then he tells his clones to capture the other Hokages. He was able to catch both Hokages and he used the death god to pull the Hokage's soul. This breaks the genjutsu. With their souls gone, the bodies of the Hokages decayed. After that Sarutobi had another flashback. Then Sarutobi calls for Enma and attacks Orochimaru. Orochimaru used his sword to counter but Sarutobi was able to deflect the sword away. With his sword gone, Sarutobi used Enma to lengthen his pole but Orochimaru countered with his hidden snake hand. This gave Sarutobi an opening for attack and captures Orochimaru and Sarutobi starts to pull Orochimaru's soul. Realizing that his situation is bad he calls for his sword and was able to hit Sarutobi. Meanwhile, the fight between Leaf and Sand and sound village continues. A giant snake is destroying the village. Ibiki is on the spot and tries to hold the snake but he can't. When all hope seems lost, a giant toad appears and defeats the snake. the one that summoned the toad was Jiraiya. Back at the Orochimaru and the Third's fight, the third explains to Orochimaru the technique he is using. Then souls appeared and it looked like that the death god ate them. The children are being sent into a safe place. There Konohamaru explains to his friends that the safe place that they are going to is very tough and it will not collapse.
Sasuke finally catches up with Kankuro and Gaara. Temari arrives a couple of seconds later. Meanwhile, Naruto, Pakkun, Sakura are still on Sasuke's trail. Pakkun suddenly smelled another person tracking Sasuke. Sakura asked him if he was an ally or an enemy and Pakkun said that he doesn't know but it's not human. Kankuro tells Temari to go and take Gaara. He's the one that is going to fight Sasuke. Then Shino arrives and tells him Kankuro that he is his opponent. He tells Sasuke that he put a female bug on the only thing that could smell it is a male bug. This is how Shino was able to track Sasuke. He tells Sasuke to go after Gaara.

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