Season 2 Episode 38

Forbidden Secret Technique! Reaper Death Seal!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Shino finally gets another fight!

    A good overall episode but what marred this episode, much like a lot of the episodes before, is the feeling that it is prolonging certain scenes in order to make the overall episode a tad longer. It doesn't seem like such a bad thing to be really annoyed over, but it creates this overall feeling that really pisses you off sometimes. The second half of this episode delivers more than the first half does though as Jiraiya finally takes action in the battle for Konoha by finally summoning an animal that will be able to match those damned snakes, and the third most interesting character after Rock Lee and Shikamaru in Shino finally appears. That alone makes this episode exciting.
  • The battle between 3rd Hokage and Orochimaru heats up.

    The 3rd Hokage decides that he must use a forbidden jutsu called the Reaper Death Seal. He make two shadow clones and begins the jutsu. It take a little while for the jutsu to start and while it is getting ready the Hokage is under constant attack. Once the jutsu is ready, the 3rd Hokage sends his clones out to find the other Hokages summoned by Orochimaru. They find the Hokages and begin the jutsu and pull the spirits out of the bodies. Orochimaru used Zaku and Kin to perform the Reanimation jutsu and they are now dead. Now Enma attacks Orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage grabs Orochimaru and begins the jutsu on him....
  • Darn you, Orochimaru!!!!! Oh well, if it weren't for him, Lady Tsunade wouldn't have become the 5th Hokage. There's an up and a down side to this.

    The battle of Konoha rages on!!!!! Lord Hokage and his clones use the Reaper Death Seal to seal away the souls of Hokages 1 and 2 that Orochimaru had resurected by using two of his followers, Kin and Zaku, as human sacrifices. Lord Hokage himself turns to Orochimaru and prepares to seal his soul as well. Unfortunatley, Orochimaru isn't ready to die quite yet. He stabs Lord Hokage in the back with Kusanagi, but he doesn't die. Enma grabs the sword so it doesn't slide in any further, but Enma can't get it out either. Staying alive through the will of fire, Lord Hokage says that the Reaper Death Seal he is about to use on Orochimaru requires a human sacrifice, and Lord Hokage would die anyway. Meanwhile, after beating Temari, Sasuke catches up with Gaara and Kankuro. Kankuro gets worried that Sasuke might have killed Temari, but she shows up and takes Gaara, leaving Kankuro to fight Sasuke. Then Shino Aburame shows up, offering to fight Kankuro for Sasuke. Shino wants to see if he can really beat Kankuro. Kankuro forfieted the match before it even started. Sasuke agrees, and pursues Gaara and Temari.
  • This is the episode that the 3rd uses the 4ths secret move "the Death Reaper Seal jutsu" on orichmaru,and the 1st 2nd clone hokages.

    I rank the episode in my top 10. Its sweet how uses the jutsu too take the souls of the 1st,and 2nd hokage. In a struggle Orichimaru sends his sword into the back of the 3rd. For an old man the 3rd doesn't want to quit! Thats what I call the will of the FIRE!!!

    This is probably one of the coolest moves in naruto i really really really really thought that who made this move up is the coolest... i can not believe that i was actually cheering for the third to win and kill orochimaru when i watched this episode. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . . . .. . .
    I M U S T B E A T O T A L I D I O T T O D O T H A T
    O H W E L L O R O C H I M A R U W O N A N Y W A Y S H A H A H A H A H A
    H A H A H A H A
  • The truth behind the Reaper Death Seal technique.

    Sarutobi uses the 4th Hokage's jutsu, the Demon Seal, in order to remove the souls of the 1st and 2nd Hokages from the undead puppets, along with the soul of Orochimaru. The Hokage pulls the souls of his former commerads from the summoned imposters using his shadow clones. Then goes after Orochimaru with the same technique. The truth behind the jutsu's effects are soon revealed after Orochimaru attempts to kill the Hokage before he can take his soul. By using the jutsu, the user must give up his own life in order to take the soul of the enemy, leaving his soul and that of his enemy's fused in a dimension of hatred and locked in eternal combat. This was the same jutsu the 4th Hokage used in order to seal Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox demon, inside Naruto's body as a baby.

    Back in the forest, Sasuke catches up to Kankuro and Gaara while Naruto, Sakura, and Pakkun are still trying to catch up to Sasuke. Before Sasuke can go in for the kill, Temari comes back in the picture, insisting that she will take on Sasuke, but Kankuro tells her to take Gaara and run. Shino drops by in order to take on Kankuro and let Sasuke run after the two fleeing Sand Ninja.
  • The battle with Orochimaru and Third Hokage Sarutobi still contiues! And Sasuke caught up with the Sand Siblings.

    It was great! Orochimaru is sick for using Kin and Zaku for the jutsu and Shino finally speakes again! I forgot how cool he sounded in the English dubbed. OHHH I can't for that battle with him and Kankuro! I feel sorry for Sarutobi! It was very well written though! The ending of the episode was so good! I just hated that Sarutobi is going to die by his sacrificed! Orochimaru needs aome serois therapy to sacrificed Kin and Zaku for the reviving jutsu! I understand Zaku because he's useless. But Kin? He cound have gave her another chance!

    Great episode tho!
  • The Battle Continues and the sacerfise is made

    The battle between Orichimaru and the 3rd hokage continues on.Even though he used an forbiddon jutsu to prepare the final blow.One peice of an flashback of when the first and second hokage was alive.Who told him that he was the hokage.As Ibeki tried hard to defeat the snakes.Jiraiya comes and help out.In the end the hokage used the jutsu to give up his life to make it work.Altough it seemed that he was about to destory Orichimaru.But Orichimaru has something plan.Sasuke continue to chase right after Gaara and Koukou.Pakkun,Naruto and Sakura are finally catching with Sasuke.Unfortunelly there is someone else tracking Sasuke down.Now is Konkouro turn to battle Sasuke.Altough Shino appears and tells Saske to go after Gaara.Now the battle between Shino and Konkoru is about to begin.

    Well the episode was cool.I feel sad for the hokage who sacerfise his life.
  • Not bad

    This episode was mostly a continuation of the previous few. We found Sasuke chasing after Kankoru, Temari, and a wounded Gaara. Then right behind them was naruto, Kakashi's tracking dog, and Sakura. After Sasuke caught up to Gaara and his family Temari stopped and tried to hold him off while Kankuro took Gaara away. Sasuke beat her very easily and went on. Then, back in the village the battle between Orochimaru and is old sensi (the hokage) was getting more intense. In the end the Hokage used the same jutsu that the 4th used to seal the 9-tailed fox on Orochimaru. This meant that the hokage would have to give his life up though. back in the forest Sasuke once again caught up to the fleeing sand nin. Kankuro stepped up to fight Sasuke while Temari (who had caught up again) would take Gaara. Until Shino appeared out of nowhere and offered to fight Kankuro and told Sasuke to go catch Gaara.