Season 2 Episode 38

Forbidden Secret Technique! Reaper Death Seal!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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    • Pakkun: Smells like we're not the only ones tracking Sasuke; there's something else out there.
      Naruto: Really? Where?
      Sakura: Who is it, friend or foe?
      Pakkun: I don't know, but...
      Naruto: But what?
      Pakkun: It isn't human.
      Naruto and Sakura: Huh?!

    • Kankuro: You clueless fools, you don't know what your in for. Imagine something more monstrous than your worst nightmare, only it's real.
      Shino: Hmm, having a little trouble picturing it. Why don't you go ahead and show me?
      Kankuro: Oh, it's not me. If you're ever unlucky enough to catch up with Gaara, that's when you'll see it, but first you'll have to get through me.

    • Sasuke: Shino? How did you find us?
      Shino: I planted a beetle on you as you left the arena, a female beetle. She gives off a very faint scent, nothing you could detect, but the male of the species can. He has a very strong sense of smell, and he'll follow her anywhere.

    • Jiraiya: (Thinking) So that pain in the neck, Orochimaru, has started.

    • Jiraiya: When it comes to dealing with strange, otherworldly freaks and monsters, no one's better than a strange hermit ninja. Thank goodness that Jiraiya is here. Now, unless you want to make this frog really mad, you'll never bother us again.

    • Ibiki: But that jutsu...
      Jiraiya: Long time no see, Ibiki. My, my what have they been feeding you? You used to be just a little squirt.

    • Jiraiya: (Speaking of Sarutobi) Don't die on us old man...

    • Jiraiya: Ninja Art - Summoning: Bringing Down the House Jutsu!

    • Kankuro: (To Shino and Sasuke) You two must not know the horrors of this world.

      ~Japanese version

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