Season 8 Episode 13

Forecast: Death! Cloudy with Chance of Sun!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Naruto talking to princess Haruna by the stream where he found her in the last episode. Haruna says she doesn't need Naruto and she will go by herself, but Naruto goes anyways. He tell s her that he promised Hinata that he would protect princess. Haruna questions Naruto about Hinata and he tells her that Hinata was hurt badly in the fight with the second ninja. Haruna asks why Naruto and the others are protecting her since it was not their mission. Naruto tells her that he, Hinata, and Chouji do not like to see people getting hurt. Naruto decides that they need to get to Jyoka Village so the ninja will not chase them.
The scene then switches to what is currently happening. The third evil ninja is hovering somehow in the air above Naruto and Haruna. The ninja tells them that they will not be reaching the village, because they are going to die there. Naruto wonders why he is hovering in the air when the ninja tells him that a low-ranked ninja like Naruto could never imagine his techniques. He then jumps in the air and hits Naruto with some invisible force. After Naruto gets up the ninja tells him that he has three of his comrades captured and if he wants them back he should turn over Haruna. He asks Naruto what he is going to do and Haruna starts to think that Naruto will hand her over to the ninja. The ninja comments that Haruna is telling Naruto to abandon his friends and save her. He tells Naruto that kind of thinking is exactly like his kind and he does not hate it. Naruto asks him what he is talking about and the ninja tells him that if you have siblings and can use them for something then use them. He then says that he has one to thank Naruto and his group for. Naruto asks what it is and the ninja tells him that he thanks them for killing his brothers for him. His reasoning for planning to kill his brother was that they would be asking for money not long after they killed the princess and there could not be three Feudal Lords. Naruto asks if they could even call themselves brothers. The ninja says it does not matter and if he could use them then he would us anything.

The ninja again asks for Haruna and Naruto refuses. He then says that a guy who forsakes his brothers would not keep the deal he makes. Naruto then runs at the ninja to attack him. Haruna calls Naruto an idiot because he does not know what kind of jutsu the ninja is using. Naruto tells her it does not matter, then does the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The ninja destroys all the Shadow Clones but not before they throw their Kunai at him. When the Kunai are about to hit the ninja they suddenly bounce off as if knocked away. Naruto runs up to hit the ninja but instead hits some invisible force. After falling back to recover Naruto is hit by an attack by the ninja. Haruna helps Naruto up as the ninja says that none of Naruto's weak ninjutsu will affect him, not one. Naruto throws a smoke bomb at the ground so he and Haruna can put some distance in between them and the ninja. As they watch the smoke envelope the ninja Naruto sees the smoke go around the ninja and some weird dome surrounding the ninja. Haruna then realizes that the ninja is protected by ice crystals. The ninja tells them that he gathers tiny water particles from the water vapor in the air to create the ice crystals. Naruto then realizes that the what hit him earlier was an ice shuriken and it would be hard for anyone to see it.
Naruto sense's the blood thirst from the ninja and wonders where his technique was, since it had already started. The ninja then asks Naruto about the days weather forecast. Naruto questions him about this and the ninja then talks about it being cloudy and partly sunny which is good weather for him and Haruna to die. Suddenly a strong beam of sunlight lands directly on Haruna and Naruto. Naruto then looks up to see a object in front of the sun with the light passing through it. The object then focuses the light more on Naruto and Haruna. Naruto says it is dangerous and grabs Haruna and jumps away just before the place where they were standing explodes. The object then reflects the sun on Naruto and Haruna again. Naruto throws Haruna away and the ground where they were laying at blows up in his face. Naruto lands in the forest and Haruna crawls up beside him and tells him that the object is a lens. The ninja then comments that he turned the ice crystals into a lens and is focusing the sunlight. He then says that is why he can't hold back, that Naruto and Haruna will die quickly, and he is going to burn Greenery Country and its soldiers with the technique. He then proceeds to blow a line through the forest.
Naruto and Haruna begin running and just barely make it ahead of the blasts. The ninja continues to blow up the forest while Naruto and Haruna are running through it. The ninja then says it is pointless and that he can see where they are headed. he then performs a jutsu that creates ice crystals that go into the forest. The crystals seem to extend the ninja's range of vision because when Naruto sees the crystals, which are actually lenses, he sees the eye of the ninja.
The ninja then proceeds in blowing up the rocks that Haruna and Naruto were standing on. The ninja then blows up a part of the forest near Naruto and Haruna and Naruto gets cut on his face. Haruna notices the cut and asks Naruto why he is protecting her, while a lot of explosions go on. Naruto then tells her he does not know himself. Haruna starts to cry a little when they get knocked away by an explosion.
When they take cover under a rock the ninja appears in the opening a little ways away. Naruto tells Haruna to run while he distracts the ninja. The ninja's ice lens jutsu appears in the grass near Haruna letting the ninja see where they are. The ninja then focuses the sunlight through five lenses and blow up the rock Haruna and Naruto are taking cover under. When the smoke clears only Naruto is standing there. The ninja takes it as Naruto deciding to hand over the princess. Naruto says he is not and the ninja calls him an idiot and says that he told him if he handed him the princess he would let him go on his way with his team. Naruto tells the ninja that he made a promise to Hinata that he would protect Haruna. The ninja laughs at him for fighting a hopeless battle with his life on the line. The ninja then tells Naruto that he is just like the Greenery Country's Feudal Lord, an idiotic nice guy. Haruna then realizes that the ninja is talking about her father. The ninja then tells Naruto what the Greenery Country Feudal Lord said when the ninja and his brothers were taking over.
A flashback then occurs with the Feudal Lord on his hands and knees begging the three ninja to promise him that they would not make the people of Greenery Country suffer. The ninja then tells Naruto that he can do whatever he wants with the people of Greenery Country. Naruto then tells him that is why the country was peaceful until then. The ninja then says that peace has nothing to do with it and he can use people as stepping stones for his own glory and that the Feudal Lord's daughter was taken as a hostage because he was such a nice guy. Naruto asks him what he is talking about and the ninja tells him it supposed to be a story from fifteen years ago.
Another flashback occurs and the Feudal Lord is telling the three brothers how he used his daughter as a bargaining chip so there would be peace. He also tells them that he hopes Haruna forgives him. After Haruna's father, the Feudal Lord, says he hopes Haruna can forgive him the third ninja tells him to tell her himself and kills Haruna's father. The flashback ends and the ninja calls Haruna's father naive. Naruto starts to defend Haruna's father calling him a great Feudal Lord. The ninja then proceeds to tell Naruto that there are two people in the world: People who use other people and people who are used and that he will use anyone to rise to power. Naruto yells at the ninja and the ninja responds with an ice attack. Naruto dodges it but is hit with another attack. Before he can get up he is hit with another attack from the ninja. Twice more Naruto is hit with attacks from the ninja and is told to die as he is slammed into a rock.
The ninja tells Naruto he can't move, but Naruto gets up and tells him that it was Haruna's father who makes the country peaceful, and that his successor will be Haruna. Haruna comes out from behind the rock of which she was hiding and tells the ninja to stop. Naruto tells her she should have escaped but Haruna tells the ninja to kill her to spare Naruto. The ninja tells her that she is a stupidly nice person like her father. The ninja then tells Naruto that it is time for him to die. Naruto yells that he is not a boy and tells the ninja his name. He then tells the ninja that he will not hand over Greenery Country over to a person like him. Naruto then runs at the ninja to attack him. The lens then starts focusing the sun light on Naruto as he is running towards the ninja.
The ninja tells Naruto to die and then lens focuses the sunlight and Naruto jumps in the air reflecting the focused light off his head band through the evil ninja's right shoulder. The ninja says that it was impossible that Naruto figured to do that, and then falls to the ground. Then ninja then tells Naruto that without a Feudal Lord the country will fall into war and be destroyed. A voice tells him that will not happen. Naruto turns to see Shizune standing there with Shikamaru standing behind her. After bickering with Shikamaru about them coming to get him, Naruto notices that Hinata, Chouji, Yurinojou and a couple of other ninja standing beside them. Yurinojou says that they were rescued by the citizens of Konoha. Naruto asks Shikamaru and Shizune what they are doing there and is told that info about a coup d'état came to Tsunade and she sent them there. Shizune tells Haruna that her father is dead. Haruna apologizes for the trouble and the evil ninja complains about the seat. Naruto says that the surrounding countries weren't going to leave Greenery Country. Shizune says that the countries have already selected a new Feudal Lord and it is Haruna. Naruto comments about they would not be attacked anymore.
He turns to see Haruna standing over the ninja with a kunai. The ninja tells her to kill him so she can get revenge with her own hands and he would do the same if it were him. Haruna raises the kunai, screaming and preparing to strike, and stabs it into ground next to the ninja's head. She pulls the kunai out of the ground and tells him that she is different from him. She drops the kunai and begins to cry and everyone looks on as Haruna continues to cry. The scene then switches to a grave site where Naruto, Hinata, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shizune, Haruna, and Yurinojou are praying to Haruna's father's grave. Shizune says that they are leaving and Haruna asks to hire some people from Konoha. She then asks that Naruto be lent to her. She then says she wants Naruto to help her restore Greenery Country. Naruto says he is sorry but he cannot, by which Hinata is happy, because he must go back to where his friends are. Haruna promises to restore Greenery Country without sacrificing the people. Naruto tells her it is a promise and he and the others leave saying they will return one day. The episode ends.

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