Season 8 Episode 13

Forecast: Death! Cloudy with Chance of Sun!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The End of a Fine Arc

    Renga, the last of the Janin and the strongest. He definitely shows his worth as he can turn the sun's rays into a deadly beam of destructive force. He can see 1,000 miles with his lens. He can walk on air with ice. He can melt mountains and destroy a whole forest if he could, and even take Konoha down with it and not have to be there. (Though if he did, he'd incur the wrath of Grandma Tsunade and everyone

    This wasn't too bad of an episode, but I did have a complaint about it. Normally I wouldn't have too much of an issue with deliberate low-budget, but I just want to say: Were they really just lazy with this one? It looked ok in some scenes, but when Shizune arrives, look at Naruto's face and everyone least it was just that scene that looked so wrong and fixed it afterwards. I want to know who did the art for this this one person needs improvement. Everyone else in the crew does a lot better...

    /bad stuff

    But, other than that issue, the content was great though, everything checks out except that one part.
  • Da end!

    It's finally over!!! I must say, this has to be the longest filler that includes Hinata as a main character. Usually her fillers last from a single episode to 4. I don't care for teh way Haruna's voice sounds. It's obvious she's not a guy, but she kinda sounds like one. I think Michelle Ruff would've done a better job, but of course she would, because she's Michelle Ruff. Every decent anime has included her at least once. Except for maybe Spiral. And Pokemon. Actually, there's probably a whole bunch of good animes out there that don't have Michelle Ruff. Well anyway, Naruto did some stuff, beat some guys up, ten he went home. Da end!
  • renga plans to kill haruna.he uses very cool techiniques such as a mirror that he uses to watch naruto and haruna that is made out of ice and a lense on the sun made from ice that can make a laser! renga is beat by naruto reflecting his laser back at him!

    renga is a very good and powerful enimie! i believe he is equal to zabuza or mabeye stronger in strength! his techniques are very cool! i think it wa cheap how the laser can destroy anything but can not destroy a piece of metal! i do not understand how one hit in the arm is enough to defeat renga! he is a very evil character and would even kill his own brothers! he easily could have killed naruto! but the maker wanted him to be beat! with his ice eye thing, he could have seen naruto's attacks and blockd them! plus, his shield could have stopped the blast from hitting him but they forgot about that!
  • A decent filler arc for a change.

    This arc was actually pretty ok. It had just about the right amount of humour, fight scenes, and emotions. I didn't feel like throwing my tv remote at the tv this time.

    If more fillers were like this no would complain as much. I wish naruto where a better fighter in the filler episodes though. He seems to get beaten up by everyone that he meets. He can't really be that weak and when is he gonna learn some new moves. The last move he learned was rasengan and that was a pretty long time ago and can barely even remember the episode.
  • The Land of Greens arc comes to a conclusion.

    Naruto finds Lady Haruna and tells her that he is going to escort her to safety. They head for a canyon that leads to a village where she can be safe. Meanwhile, Choji is carrying an injured Hinata with Yurinojou and they are ambushed and captured by Renga and his ninja. Renga then finds Naruto and Haruna and blocks their path. He tells Naruto that he will release his friends if Naruto hands over Lady Haruna. Naruto refuses to do so knowing that Renga would never keep his promise anyway. They begin their battle and Naruto finds that Renga is protected by an ice shield...
  • End of this filler arc.

    It was a long time ago I watched this episode. I don't think it was all that memorable. Seriously. I mean it was a good ending after all, and the whole filler arc itself was good (the Hinata episode was the best of the best frickin awesome) but still, well, it was great, forgettable though. I do remember that the Princess Haruna cries like a pig(sorry if that is offensive, but she does sound like a pig when she cries). Also, a bunch of people that I know thought that the Princess had a crush on Naruto, why do like all the girls in these filler arcs like Naruto!? That confuses me. First fish girl, then that other girl in the star arc, and now the Princess. Well, whatever. That's my review.
  • Nice ending to this filler arc

    This episode wasnt half bad. I never knew the use of a forehead protector till this episode. I have respect for it now. It seems that Haruna's father purposely gave up Haruna for the country. He realized that this was a mistake at his death. It was funny to see Haruna cry. She caved in to all that sadness
  • This filler episode is not that bad ^-^

    This episode was great! i loved it well actually i love all the naruto episodes apart for some which i really hate but any ways.... to some of you people who thought this episode werent all that good not pointing to any one Naruto will be learning more jutsu\'s and getting a whole lot better and he will be able to go into kyuubi mode #2 to show the differences in 1 and 2, #1 all you can see if red chakra and his eyes and whiskers has changed, #2 the chakra take form of the actually kyuubi more like a mini kyuubi to put it in better words and also he can have a maximum of 9 tails but only able to have 3 but 4th he cant really control
    oh just read the manga why dont you... >_>
  • I\\\'m just not sure how I feel about this.

    Here are just a few of my concerns about this episode. 1) the sun should melt ice, but doesn\\\'t. 2)this 3rd guy is suppose to be the strongest guy of the three, but a space heater could be him. 3)It only take Naruto 1 hit on this guy before he\\\'s beaten. 4)When will naruto tap into the fox again?
    Naruto things to do list:
    1) Make some progress in finding his friend
    2) Train!!!
    3) Learn a new move or two.
    4) For the Love of Pet Summon sothing, doesn\\\'t have to be boss Frog, but aleast something.
    5) !!!Learn a new move or two!!!