Season 3 Episode 27

Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Shikamaru being brilliant as always!

    Even though not much happened in this episode, everything that built up to the fifteen minute mark was great. With such little time to form a team and only genins available in his selection pool, it was rather intriguing that he came up with such an excellent plan. Though what killed it was Sakura's crying. I dunno, at least in this anime crying has just become way too normal. I thought I was going to see the last of it with Sasuke and Gaara, but it carred on to Sakura. Spent way too much time wasting time on Sakura wanting Sasuke back so badly.
  • The team is formed

    Another great episode in the show. Sasuke has left the village with the four Sound Ninjas. He has knocked out Sakura after she tried to persuade him to stay. Izumo and Kotetsu come across Sakura on a bench where Sasuke had left her. They report to Tsunade what has happened. She calls for Shikamaru to come to her office since he is now a Chuunin and tells him about the situation. She tells him to form a team of Jounin and make sure to include Naruto. After several funny scenes, the team is formed and include Naruto, Kiba, Chouji, and Neji.
  • The Sasuke Retrievel Arc Begins...

    It is a full moon out tonight on a dark clear sky. Sasuke is having a flashback to when the Sound 4 tried to capture him by using force. Sakon was in half of his Stage 1 Curse Mark form. Sakon tells him them he mustn't lose sight of their purpose. They have Sasuke corned and Sasuke's Sharingan eyes widden with worry and probably fear. Then the flashback moves to a picture lying down on a drawer, the flashback moves onto a totally different scene. Sakura is behind Sasuke as he walks down the path that leads out of Konohagakure. Sakura pleads to him, "Don't leave me!" and Sasuke speeds behind her. He thanks her but then knocks her out. It it now the next day and two Leaf Village shinobi are carrying paper taht the 5th Hokage forgot to get earlier, at 4 in the morning! One of them spots Sakura sleeping on a stone bench on the same path Sasuke left. The ninja wakes her up and tells her if she stays like this, she's gonna catch a cold. Sakura still thinks Sasuke is there and screams, "Sasuke NO!" she realizes there is no one and remembers that he had said thank you, to her. The two ninja lead Sakura to the 5th Hokage's room in the Hidden Leaf Village. The camera stays on the monument of the Hokage faces, then shows the 5th sleeping in her office with paper sprawled all over her desk. The two ninja carrying the books and papers knock on the door waking Tsunade up, and the man (who woke up Sakura) is outraged taht they ahd to go get documents while she just took a nap. The other ninja butts in and tells Tsunade what happened. After the explaination, Tsunade is outraged. The man reasures her that this is no joke and from Sakura herself. Yeah Sakura... like she's some help. Tsunade is mad at herself for not seeing this coming. "He's making his move, NOW!" she tells herself and then remembers what Orochimaru had told her back in the village when Jiraoya was looking for Tsunade. She realizes that Orochimaru is after the Uchiha's powers. She orders the two shinobi to get her a special person. The scene changes and it is now at Shikamaru's house in the morning while Shikamaru and his dad are eating breakfast. Shikamaru's mom nags Shikamaru into eating his food quickly due to the fact that Shikaku has to get to a mission and they have to do morning training fast. The doorbell rings and shikamaru's mother wonders who could be here at such an early hour. She goes to answer it, while Shikamaru asks his father why he married a crab like his mother. Shikaku tells him its a good question and explains that even a crab like her has her gentle moments and those are the times when Shikakau fell in love. Shikamaru's mom returns to the table and tells Shikamaru that a messanger from the Hokage came to see him. Shikamaru is shocked. In the 5th Hokage's room, she tells Shikamaru what his mission is. to retrieve Sasuke. Shikamaru is shocked to hear he was abducted. Tsunade explains that Orochimaru wants himin his clutches. Shikamaru doesn't get why Sasuke would go to someone like Orochimaru. Tsunade just tells it straight, you need to retrieve Sasuke. Shikamaru thinks this is easy and believes that Sasuke isn't with any of the enemies. Tsunade adds taht Sasuke may be with Orochimaru's Sound 4. Shikamaru still wonders why Sasuke would do this, sicne beofre Shikamaru thought Sasuke was great. Shikamru realizes this is serious and wants a group specifically if Chuunin and Jounin. Tsunade denys that order since there are not much Jounin and CDhuunin for missions. She tells him to get a group of skilled Genin. As Shikamaru leaves he syas this whole thing is a drag/troublesome, but he'll do it because Sasuke is a comrad. That's when tsunade suggests he bring one specific Genin. Shikamaru is in Naruto's room and Naruto is shocked to hear what Sasuke did. Shikamaru complains that he's annoying. Shikamaru questions why Tsunade wnated him to take along Naruto. Meanwhile Naruto is questioning why Sasuke left. He calls him a jerk for doing something like that. He storms out of his bedroom and goes to get dressed. Shikamaru groans. When Naruto is ready, they go out to search for more Gnin. They arrive at a teammate's house and Shikamaru knocks on the door. Naruto questions whether this is a skilled Genin's house while shikamaru takes out a bag od chips to eat. Naruto is puzzled, but eats along with Shikamaru. As Shikamaru reaches for the last one, the door slides open and choji dashes out and shatches the potato chip from Shikamaru's hand. He syas he won't people have the last bite. Shikamaru explains to Naruto taht Choji has been on his team for a long time so they work well together. Naruto is outraged and believes they should've chosen someone better like Shino! Shikamaru complains that Naruto complains too much, what irony. as CDhoji is about to take his bite a shadowy figure races at him intending to bie his finger off or something. Choji won't let it take the last bie, so before it reaches him, he takes a bite. The figure was Akamaru, and it groan as it watches Choji eat the chip. Kiba is not far behind when there's Akamaru and he explains taht Shino is on some special mission with his father, so he can't make it. Shikamaru adds the two to the fleet of the Sasuke Retrieval Team. Kiba counts himself lucky since he was walking the dogs when they met him. Naruto asks if there are any more people, but Shikamaru says they're already late so they better go with what they've got unless they find another Genin on their way out. Meanwhile Neji is talking to Lee about his surgery. Lee explains that he will be okay in a few days and he need to take it easy for now. Neji understands and looks down to see Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji and Kiba & Akamaru. He walks down the stairs with Lee on his back, and is told what is going on. Shikamaru says, the more, the better. Lee looks down and is sad, why now of all times, he said to himself. Neji tells him to do what he wants to do. Everybody is shocked to see Lee walk away from this mission. Lee says that tomorrow he will try to walk up all the stairs by himself, Neji worries about Lee. But Lee reasures him that he's fine. The STF (Sasuke Retrievel Fleet) open the door that leads out of Konoha. Shikamaru says its time to go and is grateful that he has 5 of them. Naruto storms to the front of the group and tells everyone to follow him, but Shikamru reminds him that he is the leader. Naruto doesn't believe that Shikamaru is the best one for the job, but Kiba is tired of hearing this. He says he doesn't like Shikamaru as a leader, but its better than nothing. Choji adds that Shikamaru is the clear leader. After Neji talks as well, Shikamaru makes the group places. He tells the group that if they don't follow his orders then they're all gonna die. Kiba freezes in fear. Now he calls out the group places. He places Kiba and Akamaru in the front to smell out enemies, he is in second place to recieve notes from Kiba & Akamaru and to order the group from that area, next is Naruto since he can attack from in front and behind, then its Choji for a powerful assult after the front group's sudden moves. Lastly its Neji who will scope out the surrounding back area using his Byakugan. He also tells them what area they are responible for looking out for. Next Shikamaru checks all of their equipment. After he does that, Lee is amazed how fast he made a formation for a team he just picked up. Shikamaru also admits that he is not that close with Sasuke and he sort of dislikes him. But he will do anything to get him back safetly because Sasuke is a Konoha comrad. He is also responsible for the life of everyone of his teammates. Kiba and Choji are haoppy with Shikamaru and his decisions. Nehi checks all of thier equipment and Naruto continues to question why Sasuke left to go with Orochimaru, since Sasuke is already powerful. He doesn't get it. That's when Shikamaru tells the group to move out. Just as they are about to leave, Sakura comes in. Naruto asks her if she's okay. Shikamaru tells Sakura that she can't come along with them due to what the 5th Hokage said. The entire group is shocked to hear that she couldn't even stop Sasuke. Sakura cries down in the middle of the group and asks Naruto one thing. Bring Sasuke Back. She tells Naruto that he can only save Sasuke. Naruto brings out his happy side and says taht she must really care about Sasuke. A flashback rears its ugly head and shows the time when Naruto as Sauke was talking with sakura. Sasuke/Naruto asks her what she thinks about Naruto. Sakura says he purposely tries to make her feel bad because he toys with her emotions. End of flashback. Sakura is still crying but a smile with teeth on Naruto's face reappears. She once again asks him to bring Sasuke back and Naruto sticks out with thumb and syas he's gonna bring Sasuke back for and he bets it on his life. Then the Team leaves the Village on their way to get back Sasuke. Lee reasures Sakura that Naruto will get Sasuke back because he gave him the thumbs-up. Meanwhile Sasuke 9with the Sound 4) is told he has to do somthing. he repeatedly asks what it is, but everybody just smirks. Sakon finally tells him that he needs to die, just this once.
  • Thunder's Review!

    What happens in this episode of Naruto is when Sakura awakens, she informs Tsunade of Sasuke's defection. Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru Nara to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke. He selects Naruto, Neji Hyuga, Choji Akimichi, and Kiba Inuzuka, and quickly devises the optimal formation for the group. Before they leave, Sakura pleads to Naruto to make sure to bring Sasuke back. Naruto promises to do so, and the group sets out. Great episode it was don't you think? I don't like to see Sakura cry, but that was the only part I didn't like. This review is over! Thunder was here!!!
  • The Sasuke retrieval squad!

    Two of the leaf village ninja find Sakura lying on a bench in the early morning. They ask her what had happened. word quickly gets to Tsunade that Sasuke has left the village in search of power from Orochimaru. She requests Shikamaru to come to her office for an important mission. She gives him 30 minutes to gather the best genin in the village to retrieve Sasuke before he gets to his destination. Shikamaru brings Naruto, Choji, Kiba and his dog Akamaru, and Neji. Rock Lee is upset that he is unable to go but wishes them good luck anyway. Sakura pleads for Naruto to bring Sasuke back. Can Naruto keep this promise?
  • Shikamaru First Mission

    In this episode Sasuke left the village and the 5th has Shikamaru take the mission to get Sasuke. This is Shikamaru first mission and he Naruto,Choji,Kiba and Neji are put in the team. And they all see why Shikamaru was made a chunin. When they are on there way out Sakura comes with Lee and starts talking and then Naruto makes a promise of a lifetime to her to bring back Sasuke. Overall it was like a filler but not if you get what i mean. But it was funny when Naruto and Shikamaru were eating chips and there was just one left and Choji comes running out and grabs it then Akamaru comes and tries to eat it but Choji eats it. The end
  • Hm, I was sad at first, but now I'm kinda enjoying this!

    I was one of those people when the Sasuke Retrieval Arc started that didn't want him to go. I still don't, but this is really good stuff! I'm starting to wish he left at the beginning of the series! And after this, we have Shippuuden to look forward to! Well, first we have to go through the anime filler arcs, and then Shippuuden. Anyway, here's what happened. Two jonins were walking and they found Sakura on the bench where Sasuke had left her after raping her...I mean, knocking her out! :P She tells them about Sasuke leaving, and they go and tell Tsunade. Since the jonins who aren't on missions are guarding the village, she calls for Shikamaru to round up some top notch Genin and to bring Sasuke back. Although she does request for him to take Naruto along. In addition to him, he also takes Kiba and Akamaru, Choji, and Neji. He was going to take Shino too, but he was called away on a mission with his dad. As they get ready to leave, Sakura catches up to them, but Shikamaru tells her that they can't take her along. But instead, she makes Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back.
  • Shikamaru has to find some other talented genin to become an great sqaud in retriving Sasuke.

    Sakura is find sleeping on the bench,with the last words hearing Sasuke is "Thank You" Shikamaru is requested to see Tsunade.Tsunade gives Shikamaru an assignment that he has to retrieve Sasuke.She tells Shikamaru,that its possiable that he is guarded by Orchimaru,henchman.However he has 30 minitues,to gather the best talented genin.Tsunade suggested that Naruto will be one of them.He chooses Chouji,Kiba and last but not least Neji.At first thought to be Rock Lee.But Rock Lee,tells him to go without them.Now Shikamaru has his 5 man team.Shikamaru tells Naruto,that he's the leader.Shikamaru tells Naruto that he's the leader and of course he's the only one who's chouin.Shikamaru begin to work up an plsn.Sakura tells Naruto to please bring Sasuke back.

    This was an awsome episode.It was funny with the last potato chip thing which is to get Chouji up.
  • Beggining to an awesome arc...

    This episode leads to one of the greatest arcs ever. I love it. Everything was great. The whole plan was amazing- Shikamaru was amazing, as Lee said. He just put together the team and in like 15 minutes gets this whole thing together. Wow. The whole thing with Sakura was really sad, hearing it in English only made it sadder! She really loves him, y'know? So therefore Sakura and Sasuke will happen. It has to. HAS TO! Ok, back to the review. The ending was also very suspenseful, the whole thing with the four laughing is was very... criptic. Or however you spell it. Well, good episode.
  • pretty good accept for the constant jumping from tree to tree ---- wait that was last episode huh oh well i am on ep 247 can't wait for 248 read this if you are watching the show in english

    this was an awesome epsiode and to all you people who watch the show in English you are making a mistake
    watch the show on youtube just type: Naruto episode 110 or Naruto 110
    read the subtitles
    when they convert the language it is way worse. they change stuff and it becomes different
    mostly the swearing but that keeps the show alive
    they sound way better in the japanese version too
    the american version makes sakura sound like a princess
    which she isn't and rock lee sounds like a woman
    in other words watch the episodes on youtube the other advantage is that you can watch more episodes and you can watch the best anime whenever you want to this episode was good and i like the part when neji gets stabbed sort of
    nvm hope you find this useful
  • THe Greatest Naruto arc begins

    In my opinion the Kohona five arc is the best bacause we get to see all the underestimated Shinobi at their best tring to rescue sasuke the a** whole an way this arc shows the true power of the kohona shinobi and whoes that sound is just uber cheapos also it gives Chouji his own little episode to show viewers that he is a tough little fatty.
  • Shikamaru gets his first mission as a chuunin.

    This episode starts as Shikamaru being told his first chuunin mission. Shikamaru is told by Tsunade only genin are avalible to take on the mission. Shikamaru then seeks for genin to take on the mission. Shikamaru goes to Naruto to tell him about the mission. Naruto agrees to come. Naruto is suprised to hear Kiba is also coming. Shikamaru explains Chouji is coming also because of their friendship. As they head to their destination they see Neji and Lee. Lee can't come in his condition. Neji then decides to go with them. They then start their journey. A great episode overall.
  • A new friendship for the five nin, Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Chouji, and Neji.

    In this episode Shikamaru get orders from Tsunade to rescue Sasuke, she says to find the best ninjas that are able to help. When Shikamaru goes to find Neji, they find out about Lee's condition and he wants to help, though he is unable at the time. Instead Lee begins to train to get his condition better from the Gaara fight. The five leave Konoha out to find Sasuke and the Sound 5. This episode told quite a bit what was going to happen next in this part of the series.
  • Shikamaru finds Genins to help bring Sasuke back. In this episode, it says that Shikamaru is a Chunin.

    One of my favorite episodes. The fifth told Shikamaru to find as many genins as he can to bring Sasuke back. After Shikamaru made the plan, Sakura came. Sakura told Naruto that he was the only one that can bring Sasuke back. This episode was funny when Shikamaru was telling Choji to come out. Choji ran out when there was only one potato chip left. It was sad to see Sakura cry.