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Another Music Question

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    I'm pretty sure this song appears all over the place, but I just listened through all three soundtracks and couldn't find it. It plays in the episode "A Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed" when Orochimaru basically puts his face back on. It starts off as some slow strings, and then when something intense happens it suddenly goes into a really fast string section. I think it also came when Kabuto attacked Naruto at the end of that episode "Attack: Fury of the Rasengan" or whatever it was called.

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    Is the op. theme before or after the Time Skip? In the Summary they have the songs and what eps. they were used for. I got it: Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni, by Little by Little (Episodes 54-77). When Cartoon Network ran the series they did not use this song. They just stuck with using the second opening theme song Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Go!! by FLOW was used for number four; (or three). I'm sure it's all explained here somewhere already.

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