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NaruHina vs NaruSaku


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    how about this...we just put all of this aside..and then we find out at the end...and then! we will battle! and say ha! i told you so and blah blah blah! yes..i like this...

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    I think NaruHina has a chance...I mean..I read alot of Naruhina vs NaruSaku..and they say..Naruhina has no chance..and that she doesn't know his limit..well...she does.If your talking about her worrying over Naruto..that's care, not losing faith. And Sakura knows personally that Hinata loves Naruto. Hinata can't be with Kiba and Shino since they personally notice her feels for Naruto..and agree. She can't end up with Shikamaru, Sai, or Sasuke because well, they don't like her in that sense, Shikamaru knows Hinata's feelings like Choji..and Sasuke never even said hi to her..much less really talk to her.Neji can't since he knows her feelings. Naruto can'tend up with Ino, Tenten, Temari since they are in love...Ino is loving Shikamaru..I'm the earlier episodes, liked Lee, [I'm also a NejiTen and Leeten] and Temari likes Shikamaru.Naruto can't end with Sasuke since he ain't gay So...Who's he to end with? Sakura and Hinata. But Sakura loves Sasuke still so only option is Hinata as does the same with Hinata, only him left.More NaruHina stuff the NaruSaku personally. Since Naruhina has it's own piccy drawn from's own fillers that AREN'T funny and used for laughs...and a manga chapter...

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