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TOS Policy - Clarifying

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    There seems to be some confusion concerning the Terms of Service. To clarify:

    1) There is no such thing as an "insignificant" TOS violation. Except for extreme cases such as death threats and porn, which cause an immediate ban, all TOS violations are treated the same.

    2) It doesn't matter who reports your post. If your post is a TOS violation, it will be moderated accordingly.

    3) Off-topic posting in a thread is not allowed. If you feel the forum needs a pinned thread for more wide-ranging discussion, contact the editor. He's the only one who can set up such a thread.

    4) limits games to four per forum. At the site moderator's discretion, any new ones may be either deleted, or moved to the TV.Com Fun & Games forum. If your game is no longer here, check your posting history, and check the Fun & Games forum.

    5) Believe it or not, many people in the forum are not interested in off-topic discussion about users' personal lives, histories, etc. They're on the forum to talk about Naruto, the forum is for talking about Naruto. We encourage people to discuss personal matters on their personal blogs.

    6) Excessive quoting is unnecessary and disruptive. If you're responding to the post immediately preceding your own, it's almost always unnecessary to quote it unless you're citing a specific part of it. Also, if someone else has a TOS violation and you choose to quote it, you'll also be in violation of the TOS. Play it safe: quote as little as necessary.

    7) Trolls are like a computer virus. They want you to copy what they say and spread it round. Don't give them the attention or the satisfaction. Report them and ignore them.

    8) For questions about how users are suspended and banned, see here.

    9) For specific questions about the TOS, read here first.

    And finally...

    Q: Why are there so many rules? How can anyone possibly follow them all?
    A: There are really only about eight basic things you can do to violate forum policy. And they all pretty much boil down to basic netiquette - "play nice, don't do anything illegal." The extra explanations are provided for the users' benefit and so no one can plead ignorance. We have hundreds of users making thousands of posts each day, and the vast majority of posters handle the rules just fine.
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