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Was Itachi stronger than Sarutobi, while he was still in Konoha *Spoilers*

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    i dont think the fact that Itachi > Oro means that Itachi > Sannin &/or SarutobiOro just sucks against sharingan users cause of his greed. i dont think itachi's stronger than pein, so i think pein still would've destroyed the village. I wonder how strong Sasuke would've become had he not left? cause that means Naruto & Sakura wouldn't be as strong either...

    no i dont think itachi could beat sarutobi while he was still in konoha. not w/o the ms @ least. w/o the ms itachi's as good as kakashi w/ his sharingan, except he's a full uchiha so he doesn't tire as easily using it.

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    Tskyonmai07 wrote:
    firefox59 wrote:
    I'd have to say no. I'm sure the 3rd could fight without looking at Itachi's eyes and with Enma I think Sarutobi would have beaten Itachi. It's really hard to say though.
    u forgot the finger genjutsu thingy
    Naruto was still looking in his eyes.
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