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    I do not know how you but I was very disappointed watching the last Naruto Shipuden series. I disappointed directly about how Paine fell out of his image, he was different than the previous episode, of course I can not deny the effects of fight, which were really nice and cool, but even despite the fact I was very satisfied with how was drawn Paine during the battle, it simply fell out of the image. He was a much simpler and, in spite of the excellent capabilities, such as that looked a bit weak, even when he was standing just above he looked much more stylish and more stronger. I do not know how to tell you differently, but this series fell out of the total scene where naruto fighting against Pain.

    And what do you think?


    In end too was something not write! 4 th Hokage just stoped naruto just stoped, you now even the music didn't change, it was just to slow and too like say no suprise moment, offcourse I read manga and I was't suprised at all !

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