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Season 3 Episode 30

Full Throttle Power! Choji Ablaze!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

After escaping from the dome, Shikamaru's group notices that Sasuke and the other Sound ninja, other than Jirobo, are no longer around. After many failed attempts by the group to get past Jirobo, Choji takes a mysterious pill and begins to fight Jirobo on his own, letting the others go after the Sound ninja and Sasuke. Can Choji defeat Jirobo?moreless

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  • The episode where Chouji proves himself to everyone.

    I must admit this episode made me feel guilty, perhaps it was plotted to do that. When Shikamaru assembled the teams I thought the same thoughts as Naruto, "Why Chouji? You should have gotten someone stronger like Shino!" Though it seems that Chouji is a misunderstood individual who gets mistaken for having a bad work ethic when in reality he is just a very shy person that prefers to train by himself where no one can seem him. After seeing those flashbacks it made me a bit emotional. A great episode for Chouji but what really held it back was the trash talking the fat Sound guy did. That's all he basically did this entire episode, it got annoying after a while.moreless
  • Chouji shows what he can do.

    After breaking out of Jiroubou's trap, Shikamaru's group decides that they must split up. Shikamaru decides that he and Naruto will stay and fight Jiroubou while the others take off after Sasuke and the other Sound Ninja. Just as they are about to implement the plan, Jiroubou uses his Earth Style Juutsu and finds the group. After a couple of failed attacks by both Naruto and Kiba, Choji tells them that he will stay and fight Jiroubou and takes a big green pill. The pill greatly increases his strength and he stops Jiroubou's charge at the group. Shikamaru leads the group after Sasuke knowing that Choji will do his best to defeat Jiroubou. But will Shikamaru's confidence and Choji's pills be enough for him to win the fight.....????moreless
  • WHOA!!!

    I kinda felt it would turn out this way, with chouji fighting that guy.. Kinda felt sad, like in the episode they said he was "fat" and "was always eating food". They called him the weakest link and stuff, and chouji really believed them... very sad. They said he would fight him so thathe would feel of some use( I could kinda relate...). I thought this episode waas very exciting and suspenseful, because they were looking for sasuke, and the group with sasuke might just appear out of nowhere!!Very exciting, and I could kinda relate to the group falling apart. WHEW!moreless
  • Choji vs. Jirobo!!!!!

    WOW! Choji managed to smash his way through Jirobo's mud wall! That was amazing! But now that they're out, they have to face Jirobo himself. Man, is that guy ever strong! He takes on Naruto and Kiba at the same time and beats them both! So now as the leader, Shikamaru has to make a choice. They could all stay and take on Jirobo, but if they do, then Sasuke gets closer to the border and they risk losing him. On the other hand, they could leave one person behind to fight, and the other four could go after Sasuke. Shikamaru decides on choice number 2. And naturally, Choji stays behind. ARGH! I can't wait for the next one!!!!! I already know what happens, but I still wana see it!moreless
  • Choji goes up against Jirobo, and Shikamaru believes that he can defeat him. The truth is told!

    I don't really know all that much about Choji, but this episode and the next episode will be his time to shine! Choji doesn't have that much confidence in himself, but he has his close friend, Shikamaru, who believes that he is strong. This is probally a very impressive episode for to see what Choji's real strength is, and his newest jutsu, Partial Expansion Jutsu! Will Choji be able to defeat Jirobo and head back with the squad? Or will it end up in a complete failure?.... A 10 out of 10 for being another awesome episode for the season! OK!moreless

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    • Choji: (Thinking) Shikamaru... He's always believed in me.

    • Jirobo: No one ever told ya? In every team of five, there's always somebody in the mix who's just dead weight. The guy who's the butt of everyone's jokes. And when thick comes to thin, he gets cast aside like the worthless pawn he is. That's who you are.

    • Shikamaru: (Thinking) I hope he can handle things with the green pill alone. Just don't take the red one, Choji, whatever you do!

    • Shikamaru: Any pill that works that well...always comes with side-effects.

    • Neji: Shikamaru, that certain pill we saw Choji take back there, it seemed like some last minute trump card. Do you really think he can win?
      Kiba: Yeah, he said he had some kind of secret weapon on him.
      Shikamaru: Don't worry, Choji's got a plan up his sleeve. He brought along with him the Akimichi Clan Secret Triple Threat. Pills that grant a person explosive power. There are three of them: green, yellow, and red. The amount of energy that each of those pills contains is absolutely massive.

    • Jirobo: Once I finally finish you off here kid, your friends are going to be next.
      Choji: That might not be as easy as you think it is.
      (Choji pushes Jirobo back)
      Choji: I will... (Picks up and throws Jirobo) ...stop you!

    • Shikamaru: You better catch up with us, Choji, you hear me?
      Choji: Yeah, I hear ya. Get outta here! Go already!
      Shikamaru: All right, let's move you guys.
      Naruto, Neji, and Kiba: Right!

    • Choji: Shikamaru, take everybody and get out of here. What did the five of us join together for? If we lose Sasuke, we'll be just what this guy says we are: a stupid idiot of a leader and his band of rejects.

    • Naruto: It's time for you to shut your big mouth, or I'll shut it for you.
      Choji: Naruto, I'll handle him. This guy is mine.
      Naruto: What are you talking about? This isn't the kinda guy you can take on your own.
      Choji: He's mine I said!

    • Shikamaru: More than me or Neji or anyone else here, Choji has strength.

    • Jirobou: Earth Element - Mud ball! (Lifts up a large ball of dirt)
      Naruto: No freakin' way!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jirobou: (To Chouji) You know, when there are five people in a group, there will be at least one that is useless. That kind of guy will always be the fool. When the unexpected happens, he will be used like a tool and then discarded. And that is you.

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakon: Where is Jirobou? He's late!
      Tayuya: He's probably eating all their Chakra down to the bone, that fat bastard!

      ~Japanese version

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