Season 2 Episode 13

Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 19, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Rock Lee and Gaara of the Sand Village face off.

    The pool of competitors is now down to four. Rock Lee, Choji, Gaara, and Dosu. Choji doesn't want to fight in the next match. Ino and Shikamaru get onto him for acting like a chicken. Lee acts like he doesn't care if he gets picked next. As the computer chooses the next two, Gaara transports himself down to the arena. The next match is Lee versus Gaara. Lee is excited. He just acted like he didn't want to go next because he thought if he acted that way he would be sure to be next. The match begins and Lee immediately starts to attack....
  • Start of an amazing battle.

    Rock Lee and Garra battle. Rock Lee in this episode had to remove heavy leg weights so that he could be so fast that Garra's sand wouldn't be able to protect him. It is learned in this episode that if one is fast enough, the sand protecting Garra wouldn't be fast enough to protect him. Rock Lee gets very confident as always and beats Garra up. Rock Lee uses his primary Lotus to defeat Garra but that only works on Garra's sand clone. This episode was good because I learned something about the sand that protects Garra and because I learned that Rock Lee is a really fast runner.
  • Lee vs Gaara

    There are only four ninja left they are Lee, Gaara, Choji, and Dosu. Before the selection is made Lee uses reverse physiology by saying he doesnt want to fight. However he is chosen to fight Gaara. When the match begins Gaara releases his sand from the gourd. Lee uses only taijutsu against Gaara. When Lee has a moment to rest Gai tells him to take them off. Lee than removes weights around his legs and can then move twice as fast. Lee finally gets a hit on Gaara but Gaara has used a sand shield to protect himself. Lee then uses the Lotus and gets Gaara in the air and smashes him into the stadium. Everyone thinks Lee has won but when the shield begins to break away nothing is left. Who will win? This is one of my favorite fights in the series. It shows how strong Lee actually is and the power of Garra.
  • This fight I would say is the best episode so far. If there was a cpntest for best naruto fights this would be one of them.

    Like I said before this is probaly the best fight in the entire series so far in my oppinion. I think the writers and developers of the fight put alot of work in it. The fight is just plain awsome the attacks are exiting. The kid who can only use his fists and the kid who has never been touched in battle. From that a kid that can only use fists and the one whos never ben hurt makes it exiting. I cant even explain because its so aswome. I would say the best way to find out how good it is that you would have to see it.
  • Over the top. Explosive!

    The stage has been set for what will be a most memorable and explosive fight. Rock Lee finally has his time to shine, and bursting with enthusiasm. The much feared and mysterious Gaara has been chosen as his opponent. Will Lee be able to step up to the challenge? You're about to find out.

    Now considering all we know at this point of the story, Gaara will prove to be a very difficult opponent for anyone. It appears that Gaara has frightening power and ruthlessness. Lee on the other hand, has shown some weakness, but a strong will. What cane we expect from this battle? Prepare to be amazed. Lee's intensity fuels the fight; on the other hand Gaara is quite the opposite with a total disregard. This soon becomes a battle against the odds. For Lee the deck is stacked against him and it would seem that his lack of abilities make him the worst opponent against the ultimate defense of Gaara.

    Gaara's technique is explained remotely but still leaves some mystery to his limits. Naruto, Sakura, and other Konoha nin cheer for Lee and watch closely as Lee gives it his best attempt. Meanwhile Lee’s Sensei smiles with pride, as if only he knows what Lee is truly capable of. At this point any story telling is done so through action instead of dialogue. Narration does not interrupt the exciting attacks and evades performed by Lee with fluid succession. The camera rotates, zooms and pans to continue giving you the best angle and interesting perspective. Lee's arsenal of back flips leg sweeps and thrusting punches filled with intensity, are so wonderfully animated. Lee comes off as highly motivated and inspirational character. His determination for overcoming obstacles and handicaps shows no limitation. Then there’s Gaara, a villain you love to hate, and a rather complex individual. Gaara's sand is key to his survival but more importantly why is everyone, even his teammates so afraid of him? It’s all about suspense.

    For a moment I’d like to talk about the soundtrack, which tends to capture the mood and
    transitions from scene to scene very nicely. For instance when Lee demonstrates his blinding speed, the audio kicks it into high gear. It’s as if each character carries there own theme music. When things are focused on Gaara we switch to a low key, slow and echoing sound. It reminds me of impending doom, and the fear of a no escape situation. Let’s not forget the well placed sound effects help liven things up.

    The ending is a definite climax, surprising no doubt, and maybe even a little disturbing. I believe this episode raises the bar for action oriented animation. I’ve rarely seen martial arts presented so dynamically. This is the kind of action that generates fans from all over the world. I simply couldn’t get enough. You absolutely must see this episode to call yourself a fan.
  • Ugly bushy brow bug eyes vs. hot blood-lust red head!

    Naruto has won his fight against gangster Kiba. Now it's time for a new match. The resaults are Rock Lee vs. Gaara. Lee is overjoyed and starts going beserk. Gaara's all whatever and they both go into the arena. The match begins. Lee starts throwing punches at Gaara, but Gaara's sand armor blocks it. He doesn't even have to lift a finger! It just moves on it's own! They say Gaara's never been injured and now everyone knows why. Lee jumps onto a tall pillar and Guy tells him to take off his leg weights. Temari and Kankuro scoff and comment that a few dropped pounds will never be enough to take down Gaara. Lee takes them off and drops them off the pillar. They are so heavy that they make a big bang and crack the floor. Everyone is in awe. Now he can move faster than the sand. Lee begins his Front Lotus.

    taijitsu is not something to be over looked. rock lee does not have genjitsu and ninjitsu skills, but his taijitsu is beyond superb. speed has been his key against gaara's sand sheild. the gaara and rock lee match is my on of my favorite fight scenes.
    this episode and the fight scene made rock lee may favorite character in this series.
    using his supre speed, i believe rock lee is the first ninja to injure gaara. this is also the episode that we learn that gaara does not have a sand sheild but he also has a sand armor that wraps him making it look like an ordinary skin.
  • This was a great episode

    The Next match finally arrives! Rock Lee must face down the mysterious and dangerous Gaara, a ninja who is said to have never been truly injured in a fight before. So then Lee started punching and kicking him but never got past his Sand, which protects him automaticly without him doing anything, so then Guy sensi told Lee he could take off the metal thing on his feet, and Lee was really fast, he took Gaara down with his punching and kicking and finnaly kicked him in the air, wraped his bandage around his arms and body and droped him on the ground, his face was sattered but that was his armor, the fight was still not over.
  • This is the one of the three evenly matched best episodes of Naruto ever!

    This is one of the best Naruto episodes that I have ever seen! For all of you who want to watch this episode again, just follow this link: Also, there are many episodes that are not out in English on as well. Just search for a Naruto Episode # and you will find it! Unfortunately, they are in Japanese, but there are English subtitles!
  • Awsome

    Just like my classification this is why I watch this show. It is probaly the best episode in the whole entire series. A few episodes before this episode I'm talking about Gai said "Neji doesn't use the same blinding speed and humungus strength and awsome to watch tai-jutso that me and Lee use." And boy was Gai sooooooo right. Lee and Gai both have such blinding speed and humungus stength. And Gai was right there tai-jutsu is so so very very very very awsome to watch. During this episode only my eyes couldn't look the other way until it was a comircial and it was over.
  • An epic battle: Lee vs Gaara

    First, a little epilogue of the last battle is shown. Naruto vows to defeat Neji, while Kankuro comes over, telling Naruto that Neji was definitely holding back on the last match.

    The next match is between Gaara and Rock Lee. Gai gives Lee words of advice, pretty much telling Lee to do his best. Gaara lets out the sand from his gourd, and Lee begins with taijutsu. However, Lee is at an immediate disadvantage, since Gaara's sand automatically protects Gaara from any physical attacks. Gaara then uses his sand to pummel Lee. Sakura wonders why Lee doesn't use any genjutsu and Guy reveals that Lee has absolutely no skill in genjutsu and ninjutsu. He admits that he had to teach Lee everything and based his style solely on taijutsu to make up for the lack of skill with the other two.

    Gai then allows Lee to take off his weights, telling Lee that even though it was supposed to be done only to protect somebody important to him, Gai doesn't care anymore. Lee gleefully takes off his weights, which he lets go and they smash into the ground, creating a mini-explosion. Lee's speed has increased so much, Gaara cannot see Lee anymore, and even the sand cannot keep up with Lee's speed. This is the first time that Gaara has been hurt. Lee has been using the normal Lotus up until now.

    Lee tries to use Primary Lotus to finish Gaara off. Lee binds Gaara with his bandages, and then performs a whirlwind dive into the ground, head first. However, just before executing his move, Lee winced from the pain of the Lotus, which gave Gaara enough time to replace his body with just an armor of sand. Therefore, after the smoke clears, and the armor falls off, Gaara is not inside.
  • Gaara and Rock Lee are next to fight. The fight starts with Lee attacking Gaara. But each time that Lee hits Gaara, his attacks are blocked by Gaara's sand shield. Finally after alot of tries Gai sensei tells him that he can remove his weights.

    This episode is cool. When I first saw Rock Lee I yjought that he was kind of goofy and silly looking. He also didn't look like a good fighter, but then in episode 23-Genin Takedown! All Nine Rookies Face Off! I thought that he was funny so I didn't really think that much about him. In this episode though he really comes out and shows just how serious he is about the tournament. The flashbacks were touching and really showed what Lee went through alot just to pass school. What was really cool is that Lee can only do ninjutsu, and that he had a forbidden attck. Gaara is really weird, but cool at the same time. He uses his sand as a shield and that makes the match more exciting. The entire episode had me glued to the TV, and I was mad that the flashbacks took alot of time. Some of them weren't even necessary. But overall it was action packed:)
  • Rock Lee and Gaara have just been chosen to fight...A review from an Artist.

    Rock Lee and Gaara are about to fight in what I think will be the Greatest battle yet. Rock Lee has Started and Gaara stands their as his sheild won't let him in. Rock Lee jumps out of the way and lands on the hand. When he does a smile comes on his face as Gai sensi tells him he can take off his leg weights here is where it gets intresting. He is so fast that no one can see him he penatrates his sheild and is sent up and the primary lotis is done to Gaara but he escapes. This is my masterpeice.
  • Well Rock Lee is known as the ultimate teijustsu he's a master. At first Lee couldn't get through the sand barrier, but then he did a triple quaddrople kick on to the transformation hand sign and took of these weights and started running real fast.

    This is was a good epsiode. After Lee did a leg slam to the head i thought garra was dead from head trauma. You know. Right. OMG. An then Lee lossend up his bandages in the kept kicking him up to the celing and then twisted him through the ground. But Garra had an armor made of sand and it caved in he rose againt him that was so sweet. For real. Good thing theres an encore.
  • Arguably the best fighting scene ever, finally starts.

    There's only four fighters left; Chouji, the sand guy, Gaara, and Rock Lee. While it seems like the latter three are strong, Chouji really isn't. Luckily for him, the next two fighters are Rock Lee and Gaara. As soon as the match starts, Rock Lee tries delivering a series of kicks and punches, all of which were blocked by the sand guard. Only Lee was receiving damage at the time. Gai then tells Lee he can take his weights off, in which he does. No one expected much, but after he rebegan his assault, the sand guard could barely keep up. Rock Lee then finally hit him, and was able to get him a couple times more. However, Gaara has a second defense, the armour of sand. Lee decides to use his secondary lotus, though Gaara was able to use a substitution technique before he was able to be finished off.

    While I personally think this fight is a tad overrated, it does so many things right. The first half of the episode makes Rock Lee look like the complete underdog with no ability to win. No matter what taijutsu techniques he used, the sand guard appeared out of thin air to repel it. What added to this effect was Lee's unability to use ninja or illusionary techniques. It seemed like the only thing that could have remotely worked against Gaara, was ninjutsu, but he was unable to do that. Then the second half starts, and Rock Lee suddenly gains a burst of speed. The tables turned as if Gaara had no chance of winning. This was the point that really made you feel so hotblooded; the underdog that appeared as if he had no chance of winning, now has a chance.

    What adds to this fight even more are the productions. Lee's movements were just so fluid and amazing. It was just so entertaining, seeing him circle around the sand guard, trying his best to break through it. While it didn't seem as nice, since you can hardly see it, it was equally great afterwards, when he takes off his weights, and suddenly makes everyone believe he has the upper advantage. Honestly, there's no other fight that I have seen that gave me this sense of hotbloodedness, rushing through me, as much as this fight.
  • Totally awesome!

    This was a great ep. I really wasn't expecting any of it, even though I got a bunch of spoilers. I was actually laughing when Lee took off those leg weights and they crashed to the ground so hard...that part was incredible. Then he went superfast and Gaara couldn't keep up with him at all. But what really creeped me out was that totally crazed look on Gaara's face and the sand falling off of him like that. Freak! (Though I still think Gaara is cool) Then when Lee used the Lotus I actually thought he got Gaara there for a minute. But, of course, he didn't. (I already know that Lee loses) All in all, though, that episode was just fantastic.
  • This is one of the best episodes i've seen!

    Well I used to dislike Lee and everything because of his hair and bushy brows and stuff. But, when I watched this episode Rock Lee was pretty amazing! Now I think Lee ROCKS! The action was pretty good, very good. No bad animation drawing or anything! I really loved this episode and i bet it gave Lee character development.

    It was kinda surprising that Lee was probably the first in the world to touch Gaara. He kicked, kicked, punch! YEAH! Right on his face! My youth was exploding alright :lol:

    Well this is why Naruto is like the best of the best! I'm so glad Masashi Kishimoto exist. Naruto wouldn't be here right now if he wasn't here. Lol.

    This episode ROCKED!!!! Like ROCK Lee!!! xD
  • This is by far the best fight in the prelims. Rock Lee vs. Gaara. What isn\\\'t amazing about that?

    This episode has great animation and dialogue no matter what language it is in. The action in this episode is breath-taking. I loved how sand could be used as a shield. I also liked the part when Rock Lee took off his weights. At the end of the episode you think that Gaara was defeated, everyone finds out that really he isn't. I suggest people who haven't seen this episode to watch this! Episodes like these leave you wanting more Naruto everytime. That's why I love Naruto so much. :D
  • Gaara Vs Rock Lee

    This was another tense episode! I mean where Rock Lee,goes up aganist the mysterous Gaara.At first it seemed and looked liked that Rock Lee attacks were weak.But for the few times he was strong.He was cleaver for an second in beating Gaara.But it seemed that Rock Lee,was no match for him.Even though everyone thought that he would win.But at the end Gaara somehow was able to survive the attacked.Now it seemed that this is an endless episode.We will see the final conclusion of part 2.Where Gaara and Rock Lee fight with each other.But to me I think I know who would win in the end.Anyway this episode is an tensed episode.
  • Wow, this is a great one. This is why Naruto is one of the best shows around.

    For those who are watching Naruto weekly on Cartoon Network like me, you might agree that this is one of the best episodes so far. The action in this episode is different than anything I've seen on this program before. Rock Lee faces Gaara for the first half of what looks like one of the best battles in this season. Not only was it action packed, but it gave insight to some of the secrets of two of the most mysterious characters of the show. We learn of Rock Lee's special training and why Gaara has never been hurt. The epsode ends with an unexpected twist you never saw coming after Lee uses one of his most powerful attacks.
  • Rock Lee the very hard working ninja takes on Garra, the toughest genin of the hidden sand village.

    I think this episode was awesome. Good animation, a great plot, but the fighting idea could have been better. The entire fighting part of the chuunin exam has no interesting figth match-ups. Only 1 or 2 are really worth watching. This being one of them. But Rock Lee and Gaara just isn\'t a good fight idea. If it was Neji versus Gaara, that would be a fight I'd watch. However this episode delivers.
  • We have established that Gaara has this supposedly formidable strength... and now... Rock Lee must fight him!

    This episode, basically in one word...


    But unfortunately I have to make a 100 word minimum review so I cannot leave it at that, although that explains the quality of the episode well and truly enough.

    This episode starts off with a nice comedic taste- Lee claiming to trick a computer and the show making it look like Chouji must go against Gaara... that was funny.

    With another twist in the show, it pulls harder on one of its three genre strings- the action string (the other two being drama and comedy). Lee, one of the strongest in his village and Gaara, presumably the best in his village, duke it out!

    You simply must watch it as Action and Comedy blend together perfectly to make a great episode.

  • wow

    This episode has one of the best fights every! Rock Lee vs Garra one of the coolest fight in the entire Chuunin exams arc! The episode begins with the next match begining Rock Lee vs Garra. Which i have to say is one good fight. The fight begins and it doesn't seem like anyone is winning. But the match soon begins to heat up and Garra has the upper hand then till the very end of the episode Lee takes off some weight bands he has been wearing during the fight and fights again and moves super fast and Garra's sand can't keep up with Rock Lee's speed and then the episode ends.

    This was a amazing episode i think i'm starting to like Rock Lee now.
  • Rock Lee must face the dangerous Gaara.

    Wow. Rock Lee has speed, and a special move. Gaara has a desert coffin, and the power of sand.

    Rock Lee has to do hand-to-hand combat, because he doesn't have enough Chakra for special jutsu.

    Gaara controls sand, can kill some of the weaker enemies without getting a scratch. Whenever he is attacked, a wall of sand protects him. He can create sand replicas of himself to fight the enemy. In otherwords, he is incredibly powerful.

    The fight itself was awesome. They are both very powerful, and the graphics were cool. This episode had a ton of action, and I really enjoyed watching it. I hope other fight episodes are just as good.
  • Rock Lee is fast as a bullet...An Anime King review.

    I swear this is one of the best episodes of Naruto ever created!!! Rock Lee and Gaara are sparring partners!! But obviosly my boy Rock Lee crushed Gaara and made him loook like an idiot, seriously Gaara gets crushed. Rock Lee was amazing, his speed was incredible. However there was something suspicious about the sand ninja talking to Naruto but still one of the best episodes ever! This has been an Anime King review.
  • The speed, the spirit and the love of being a ninja are all wrapped up in this very well done and very cool episode.

    Basically, one of the reasons I was so enthralled with this one in particular was because of the speed of Rock Lee. I know that all of the ninjas always have some sort of surprise with them, but this one was one I did not see coming at all. It was well done all round and very surprising because things did not go the way I expected them to until the very end when it was done. This is a great example of why someone should watch Naruto and hope everyone likes it as much as I do.
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