Season 9 Episode 4

Genjutsu or Reality?

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The gang heads back to Konoha to seek medical attention for Kurenai and Yakumo. When they arrive they find Konoha village demolished. Hinata searches for survivors with her Byakugan but finds nobody in the village. They hurry to hospital to find medicine for the sensei and her former student.
Once safely in a room Naruto and Sakura go in search of the medicine, while Shino, and Hinata search the city for signs of anyone remaining in the village. Kiba stays behind for a little while and seems rather fidgety. When Kurenai asks Kiba what's wrong, he says that if anyone is going to give orders then it should be Kurenai. He then leaves to catch up to Shino and Hinata, and Kurenai smiles, happy that someone like Kiba who doesn't like being told what to do is telling her that she should be giving orders. Naruto goes off into his overthinking while walking with Sakura to the medicine room and they notice someone else in the hospital. After a shuriken attack Naruto heads after the attacker while Sakura returns to check on her patients.
Hinata searches the Hokage mansion with her Byakugan again finding no one, as the whole village starts to tremble. Shino quickly alerts Hinata to stop using her technique, and for Kiba to block his and Akamaru's sense of smell. His bugs have reacted to the events differently than the three of them have. Rather than being disturbed they are quite calm about the entire situation. Shino explains that the bugs sense only respond to minimal influences while the human mind takes everything in and leaves room for mistakes.
Naruto cornered his prey on the top of the hospital to only find out it was the leader of the Kurama Clan, Unkai. He is told that if they fight then everyone will die for they are all trapped in Yakumo's genjutsu, and none of what they see is real.
Putting Naruto in a strangle-hold, Unkai jumps into an illusional magma pit and returns to reality with Naruto. Naruto awakes and wakes the others and found Unkai severely burned. The gang races towards the mansion where Yakumo originally is after they couldn't find Kurenai. They enter only to find themselves in a trap of Yakumo.