Season 9 Episode 4

Genjutsu or Reality?

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • this season is just bad so far i did not get it i wished i did but i did not understand it ....

    i wished what i say is not true but it is i am a naruto lover and i love tv and out of a 150 show i watch this is my favorite but it was just bad now you know naruto other season were more then great but its just this season is not what i want from naruto to be better i belive every show has a bad episode you just dont like but a season like this will drop some favorites a bit now what this season need is a really good movie were something big happens now check tvrocks06 updates over all naruto rocks but not this season
  • Continuing the filler arc of Kurenai and the genjutsu family user.

    Good, bad, mwew ... That's some word we can use to describe this episode. The first good thing that come in my mind is the prominent aspect of the genjutsu and how it can goes when you got great power with it. Naruto and friends are trap in the genjutsu of Yakumo, a very powerfull one that can trepass the boundary of the usual genjutsu. As the story goes, everything's follow the last episodes : we find more about why Yakumo power was sealed, what is happening between Yakumo ,Sarutobi and Kurenai. Good to watch in my opinion. It is a good filler arc. Not great, just good.

    Enjoy !
  • Just a continuation of the filler, but...

    ... it had that awesome turn of events that this series is (or at least should be) knows for.

    Many alliances are shifted, and they cause a large shift in opinions. Get ready to become surprised. There's a lot of good foreshadowing, and while you have an idea of what's coming, the conclusion just can't be completely grasped. It's just that good. I still wonder how the writers manage to pull of things like this so often.

    Other then that, Sakura is still not playing the huge roll that should be givin to her soon, and Naruto is STILL the only one doing much of the work. Gai is still believing he's helping so much... I love Gai's personality. :-)

    Overall, episode is a must see if you watched the previous episode. It really fills you in.
  • So elaborate that I'm having trouble keeping up!

    Wow, Yakumo's plot is so devious and elaborate that I'm having trouble keeping up with it! So far all I've take in is that Yakumo has a beef with Kurenai and is dealing with it in an unhealthy way. Seriously, I'm completely lost. I've had to many other things on my mind lately to pay attention to Naruto. The only reason I keep writing these reviews is because my goal is to write one for every episode of Naruto. OK, I guess I should talk about predictions. Um, my guess is that Naruto will end up beating some sense into Yakumo, like he has to do with every other emo kid. Did I ge it right? Oh well, I'm passd 100 words, so I'm gonna jet.
  • It seems that everyone is caught in Yakumo's genjutsu.

    Naruto can't believe what Yakumo has told him. He refuses to believe that the 3rd Hokage would be behind her parents deaths and her situation. They make it back to the Leaf Village and find it in ruin. They enter the village and no one is there. What would have caused this? They make it to the hospital and put Kurenai and Yakumo in beds. Shino, Kiba, and Hinata want to scout things out in the village. Naruto and Sakura go and search for some medicine. Sakura sees someone run by and tells Naruto. Naruto runs after him and finds out that it's Unkai...
  • As the Yakumo Arc continues, things just keep getting stranger... and all the more suspenseful!

    After hearing the story of how the Third Hokage planned to get rid of Yakumo, Naruto, unbelieving, as well as Sakura, Kiba, Hinata and Shino, take Yakumo and Kurenai to the Konoha Hospital. When they arrive at the village, however, they find the entire place in ruins! The group walk through the Leaf, now seemingly an annihilated Ghost Town, and bring Yakumo and Kurenai to the hospital, which is also in bad shape.

    While searching for medicine for Kurenai, Naruto comes across Unkai of the Kurama Clan, who explains that everything they're in; the destroyed village, the buildings, everything, is all a part of Yakumo's Genjutsu! Meanwhile, Shino also makes that discovery thanks to his bugs. Suddenly, a giant snake rises out of the destroyed Hokage's Mansion! There's a sea of magma in the hospital! What will become of Naruto and his friends... and Yakumo, who supposedly has a demon inside of her?... You'll have to see the episode, and the next and final episode of the arc to find out!

    A pretty good continuation to this filler arc, and the episodes in it keep getting more exciting! Next time: The Supposed Sealed Ability!