Season 9 Episode 4

Genjutsu or Reality?

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • It seems that everyone is caught in Yakumo's genjutsu.

    Naruto can't believe what Yakumo has told him. He refuses to believe that the 3rd Hokage would be behind her parents deaths and her situation. They make it back to the Leaf Village and find it in ruin. They enter the village and no one is there. What would have caused this? They make it to the hospital and put Kurenai and Yakumo in beds. Shino, Kiba, and Hinata want to scout things out in the village. Naruto and Sakura go and search for some medicine. Sakura sees someone run by and tells Naruto. Naruto runs after him and finds out that it's Unkai...